Subject: Re: [PW!] A Flowery Letter Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 03:56:09 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Clayton wrote: > "As if. Puff, use your Dragon Rage," Bob said calmly. This fiery, > tornadoey thing formed around Puff, then went for the thugs. All three > thugs got nailed and went flying into the night. > > Bob recalled Puff, turned around and started to walk away when he > was interruped by something. That something is a fleeing Sunkern bumping into his back, "Kern!" At first, Bob thinks that the seed Pokemon was fleeing since it's dusk and Sunkern hide during the night, but when he hears a loud "Hoothoot!" he figures that the Grass Pokemon in question is actually fleeing from a hungry Flying Pokemon. Sarah, who is still a bit jostled from the earlier Team Rocket attack that took out her Mareep and Slowpoke, gasps when she sees the nervousness apparent in the floating Sunkern's eyes and watches as the Hoothoot flies towards the Sunkern, who has been disoriented by bumping into Bob. In a sudden burst of adrenaline, before Bob can even turn around to see if he's right about his assessment, Sarah pulls her Fast Ball out of her bag and hurls it as quickly as possible. It lands between the two Pokemon hovering over the strange grasses found in the National Park and a Cyndaquil wearing a Charcoal coat materializes. "Cyndaquil?" Blazer the Cyndaquil just happens to emerge facing the Sunkern who is being attacked, and he considers attacking her, but before he can contemplate that for too long, Sarah calls out, in a loud but shaky voice, "Bl-blazer, u-use Ember on th-the Hoothoot... behind you!" Blazer turns around and presses his belly onto the grass. His squinted eyes meet the large circular eyes of the Hoothoot flying before him. When the Hoothoot flies directly over him while lunging towards the Sunkern floating behind him, Blazer releases a strong Ember attack from his back that's intensified by the Charcoal jacket he's wearing! The flames are so strong that some of them are fanned by the now-burned Hoothoot's frantic flapping onto the Sunkern, who is somewhat weakened by the unintentional attack. Unfortunately, Blazer's attack isn't strong enough to down the Hoothoot in one hit, so the Bird Pokemon continues his dive, despite his burns, towards the Sunkern! Sarah's eyes widen as the scorched Hoothoot falls towards the Sunkern who's not floating out of the way since staring at Blazer with a smile on her face, unaware that her protector did not fully defeat the foe who was, and still is, about to attack her. Sarah pulls a random Apricorn Pokeball out of the stash within her satchel and hurls it at the Sunkern, who is sucked into it right before the Hoothoot can Peck her. The Hoothoot has picked up so much momentum that he can't stop, so he crashes onto the ground! The Hoothoot faints from his burn just as the Love Ball that Sarah threw stops wobbling, signifying a successful capture. It takes Sarah a moment to realize what she's done, but when she does, she runs over to where Blazer is examining the pink Love Ball on the grass and picks it up, "I... guess I... caught a Sunkern!" Wanting to make sure that her new Pokemon is safe, she lets the Sunkern out and asks, "A-are you okay, little one?" "Sunkern!" The Sunkern nods, then notices the Cyndaquil standing on his hind legs right next to her. "KERN!" She cheers, floats over to Blazer, and begins to rub her face up against his belly. When Blazer sweatdrops and backs away, the Sunkern winks and sways around as provocatively as a round seed can. "Sunkern sure seems to like what you did for her, Blazer!" Noticing that Blazer's uncomfortable, Sarah recalls her romantic Sunkern into her Love Ball, then stares at the Apricorn Pokeball while asking, "Could the fact that this is a Love Ball have anythin' to do with Sunkern's behavior? Hmmm..." * Meanwhile, at Kurt's Forge * Kurt slams his hammer onto the Pink Apricorn that Sarah brought him a few days ago. It's almost Saturday and he feels that he must finish the Love Ball and put it on his table by then, lest it miss the stray time portal that will send it into the past, even though he's pretty sure that he'll get it there on time, considering he found it a few days ago in the first place. He slams his hammer onto the Apricorn once again, except this time he misses the spot he was intending to hit and the now-hardened fruit cracks, releasing some juices that are rumored to act as a love potion. Kurt continues regardlessly, knowing that he doesn't have time to start over. * Back at the National Park * Sarah recalls Blazer the Cyndaquil into his Fast Ball, and Luthor the Slowpoke into his Lure Ball, then tells Bob, "Th-thank you so... so much for... for s-savin' me fr-from those Rockets! I g-gotta go to the G-Goldenrod Pokemon Center again to h-heal my Pokemon, includin' my n-new Sunkern." She smiles, hefts Barbie the fainted Mareep into her arms, and runs off as fast as she can while carrying her Mareep, leaving Bob and Raffy behind in the National Park to search for Spinarak. -Sarah