From: Amber Foxwing ( Subject: [PW!] Agh! The eggs! Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-06 15:16:00 PST > "Forget about it. Half isn't nearly as much as most people think. And like I > said, Miami is fine. We just need to get him to the pokémon center to heal those > minor wounds." Amber nodded, Jason recalled all his pokémon, and the two set off. > > TBC... > > (OOC: Good setup Amber. You've got a knack for creating conflicts.) (OOC: LOL! No, i just like to setup for corny drama.) "Hey," AMber said pointing to the Pokemon Center across the bridge. 'There's the Center! Let's hurry!" But Jason had stopped. "What now?" she asked in exsapseration. "My pack's wiggling!" he said, a little frightened. She realized hers was too. "The eggs!" Amber yelled. She opened her pack and picked up the fire egg and held it as it started to crack. "Falkner must have traveled a lot with it, cause it's awfully soon to hatch!" Jason took his out and waited. Suddenly a little "Vul?" was heard from Amber's egg. A little Vulpix tumbled out. "Vulll!" it whined. It had only one tail and it was severely dwarfed by Fang and Pocco. "A Vulpix?" Fang asked. He turned attention to Jason who was holding a very very tiny Lapras. <Who'reyou?> Lapras asked stumbling over its words. "My name's Jason," he replied. Amber grinned and set Vulpix on the ground. It put its paws very deliberately on the ground and walked with what looked like precise calculated movements. "Vulpix!" it grinned. It started to run. It ran faster and faster until it was only a blur. Suddenly it stopped and collapsed adoringly at Amber's feet, out of breath. "Jeez," Amber said. "I think you're a Velocity. You're very fast." Velocity got up and rubbed up against Amber. "Vullll..." Amber picked up Velocity, and Jason accomodated Lapras to a Pokeball. "Onward to the Pokemon Center!" Amber grinned. They walked over the bridge and into the center where their Pokemon were healed. "Oh! Did your Vulpix and Lapras just hatch?" Joy asked. They nodded and she carefully healed them anyways. "You need to Deposit a Pokemon in the PC," Joy said to Jason. (OOC: In the next post, say which one you deposited. Until then, we'll go on as if you didn't need to......:) ) While Miami was being treated, they sat down and had some lunch at the table by the window. Finally Miami was done, and they left, to enter Union cave. "Fang! Flamethrower!" Fang lit up Union cave for a second, but he couldn't go on long enough. Jason released Rivet and they used his tail for a light. Velocity tried to join in but Amber closed her mouth. "You're going to tire yourself." They walked through the cave until..... TBC... (OOC: HA! MORE CORNY DRAMA SETUP!)