From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] A nice dinner for two... (make that six) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-07-25 10:04:39 PST [Not very plot advancing, perhaps, but it seems the logical continuation.] Continue wrote: > In contrast to the Professor's reaction, and his reactions to the previous description, Dee's features > briefly showed concern. > > For those not thoroughly interested in the shop-talk, there was relief as this discussion seemed to be > winding down. "So, Professor," Hito interrupted into the pause, "about that pokeweed." "Hmm? Oh, yes, right. Well, as you know, the medical community won't accept it as a legitimate medicine until it's undergone formal study, just like any new medicine. Of course, such a study is just about impossible with the crackdown on it, but I was able to use some connections to get a supply for research purposes. I never use the stuff myself, which is, I suppose, part of the reason they trusted me to actually carry out the study rather than hijack the supply for personal use like certain other researchers..." Elm's wife tuned out her husband and looked at Sarah Jane. "So, Sabrina's trying to groom you as her replacement? Don't tell me she thinks she's getting into the Elite Four." "Well..." Sarah Jane shrugged. "Not anytime soon, of course, but I think she wants to be prepared, just in case. Any gym leader would jump at the chance to join the Elite Four, even Sabrina." "But she trains people to be psychic as well as pokemon." "Koga trained ninjas in his gym." "True. But..." Damian split his attention between the conversations, though tending a little more towards Sarah Jane's. His shirt read, "I'm with sinister." Which Dee either did not notice or deliberately ignored. TBC?