Subject: Re: [PW!][BBB] An Obsession With (Something Other Than) Spherical Objects Date: 7 Sep 2001 23:41:18 -0700 From: (Bandraptor) Organization: Newsgroups: ((OOC: Woohoo! I've finally gotten the hang of my new ISP. Now to see if my Google account is up and running...)) (Nick -New and Improved- ) wrote in message news:<>... > Nori, Andy, Enimuram, and Andrew made their way past the toll taker Sudowoodo > and soon he was out of sight, although in the distance he could still he heard > singing and dancing as he thought of the phrase it had thought was so cool. > "Meeh caheeh and geable geable goo!" > > Nori was about to make a passing commment about the dancing Pokemon's > performance when the rustling of the leaves of a large bush up ahead silenced > her. > > "Electrode?" Andy wondered aloud, staring warily at the bush. > > "It might be," Nori offered, having no idea if an Electrode really is waiting > in the bushes or not. "Are you going to check it out?" > > "... Of course." Not really sure why, Andrew slowly walked over to the bush... > > And sighed in relief when a small Pidgey flew away. "Just a Pidgey." Content, > Andrew turned around to address the others and almost fell over in suprise when > he saw Nori being embraced by a blonde haired young man, maybe a little older > than himself. > > Andy and Enimuram stood to the side, in shock, as it seemed that the young man > had come out of thin air. One moment, Nori was alone beside them, the next she > was struggling for another breath of air as the young man's embrace robbed her > of her much needed oxygen. > > After a moment frozen in shock, Andrew acted, running up and tackling the guy, > successfully getting him to let go or Nori as well, the two of the tumbling > over and rolling a few feet on the ground. > > "What are you doing?" Andrew demanded, addressing the man that he had knocked > down. > > Turning to face him, Andrew saw that the man was not clean shaven, and had > clouded blue eyes. Eyes that saw through him. Eyes that just might see > something else, other than what was right in front of him... > > "A male's voice..." Splash said aloud to himself. "I should have known that > Kiniro wouldn't be far from Murasaki. You must be the one who convinced > everyone around to dress up like Murasaki... To keep me away from her. You even > went so far as to dress up like her yourself!" > > Glancing down at his clothes, then at Nori's very not the same looking clothes, > Andrew responded, "What are you talking about? Murasaki?! Do you mean Nori?" > > "Nice try, Kiniro," Splash snapped, "Minax told me that Murasaki, code named > "Vulpix"... Oh, Murasaki, my love... was around here somewhere, and not that > I've finally found her, I'm going to do to you just what I swore to do on the > S.S. Anne II..." > > Reaching into his pocket, Splash removed a lead pipe, similar to the one he > found on the SS Anne II. "I will kill you, Kiniro!" Then Glancing at Andy and > Enimuram, he continued, "And whichever one of you is Sneakers too!" > > Minax? Nori thought too herself. Minax the Rocket? He did say Minax, didn't he? > > Once again facing Andrew, Splash said, "I didn't think you would get Sneakers > the Meowth to dress up like Murasaki, but you did. I must congratulate you for > that. It couldn't have been easy." > > Andrew was at a loss. this guy thought he was someone else. And was going to > kill him for it. "B- But-" > > "Quiet!" Splash cried out. "Now you die, Kiniro! For Murasakiiiiiiii!" The last > part was said as he charged at Andrew. Splash raises his lead pipe high in the air with the intention of using it to smash Andrew's skull open, but when he tries to bring it down again, he realizes that he can't. Something is holding him back. Splash does some quick soul-searching in order to determine what part of his subconscious is preventing him from killing "Kiniro," but he keeps coming up blank. Finally, he chances to glance behind him, and he sees the true source of his problem--a somber looking Dodrio who has the end of the pipe gripped in one of its beaks. Nori sidles up against Cerberus, and speaks with the same haughty nonchalance that she uses whenever she's really angry, "You know, I can appreciate a guy who's willing to kill in my name, but my name isn't Murasaki, and I haven't asked you to kill anyone. I don't know who you are, but if you're working with that lunatic, Minax, then you're no friend of mine. Beat it, or my Dodrio'll beat you." This last part is less of an empty threat, and more of a bold faced lie--Nori's spent the last five years training Cerberus NOT to kill people, so of course she isn't going to let it kill someone now--but she hopes that Splash won't realize this. And more than anything, she hopes he won't try to snatch his weapon away from Cerberus, because that will knock the Dodrio off balance, and leave it wide open to any attack that follows-- *CLANG!* "SQUAWK!" Nori ducks just in time to avoid the blow that KOs Cerberus, "Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me." She's barely managed to recall her fainted Dodrio, when Splash scoops her up in his arms once again. "Murasaki! I was able to save you from that vicious three-headed Pokémon! I'm so happy!" "That was MY Pokémon, you idiot!" Nori attempts to pull away from Splash's grasp, but can't, because he's a lot stronger than she is. "Who are you? And what's with the 'Murasaki' garbage? My name's--" Splash winks at her, "Don't worry. I know all about your code name." He tightens his embrace, so pleased to be reunited with his beloved, that he's completely forgotten about Andrew and the others. "I'm so glad I found you!" "Found me?!?" Nori's getting a bit frightened, because she doesn't like the idea of people chasing her, especially people who are friends with Pokémon killers, and possibly human killers themselves. "What do you mean, found me? Have you been looking for me?" Splash bobs his head enthusiastically, "Minax told me exactly where to find you! She's such a good friend." "Minax..." Nori blinks, then glowers in annoyance. "Hey, wait a minute...if you're actually *friends* with Minax, then you must be a Rocket! A really stupid, tasteless, masochistic Rocket." She nods emphatically, relieved that her attacker is not a delusional, escaped convict, but just some nameless Rocket Grunt. "It all makes sense now. Obviously, Minax wants to turn the Bashers in for bounty, so she's sent you to get me and Andrew out of the way. Well, that's too bad for you. I was going to go easy on you, but now that I know you're a Rocket, you can expect no mercy at all!" Nori removes a Pokéball from her belt, "Cerberus, WALK ALL OVER HIM!..." Her voice trails off when she remembers that Cerberus is unconscious. She quickly amends her command, "Set, Anubis..." Nori takes one look at her two low-level Pokémon, and doesn't even bother to finish the sentence. She sighs, beginning to remember why most people keep more than one battle-ready Pokémon handy. "If my Arcanine was here, I'd--" "Arcanine?" Splash needs to repeat this word, because the idea of someone as beautiful as Murasaki training a Pokémon as tawdry as an Arcanine strikes him as absurd. "You don't have an Arcanine, Murasaki! You must be thinking of the Krabby I got you for a wedding gift! And that must mean...that must mean that you've decided to marry me!" Splash takes Nori's hands in his, and stares lovingly into her eyes. "I was a little worried when you left town before I could finish my proposal, but now I see you were just in a hurry to find a good spot for our wedding ceremony. Murasaki, you're so wonderful, and you have such good taste. This spot is beautiful--but not nearly as beautiful as you are! I can't think of any place in the world that would be that perfect...unless we had our wedding in a house of mirrors, where I could see millions of Murasakis reflected back all around me..." Nori curls her fingers angrily, and growls, "Your insane babbling won't confuse me--I know exactly what you're up to!" She struggles some more, "I'm gonna rip your throat out myself! Just as soon as I get outta this headlock..." Not too far away, Andy, Andrew, and Enimuram are observing this situation, which has gone from bad to worse to rather pathetic in a matter of minutes. Andy turns to Enimuram and says, "Think we should help her?" Enimuram sighs, "Do we have to?" "We'd better," Andy reasons, "or we'll have to find a new navigator." "Good point." "Guys..." Andrew sweatdrops, a little embarrassed by his companions' callousness, "Shouldn't we be helping her because she's our friend, and because we don't want her to get hurt?" Enimuram shrugs, "Whatever floats your boat." TBC?