Subject: Re: [PW!][BBB] An Obsession With (Something Other Than) Spherical Objects Date: 24 Sep 2001 02:44:31 GMT From: (Nick -New and Improved- ) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: >Nori curls her fingers angrily, and growls, "Your insane babbling >won't confuse me--I know exactly what you're up to!" She struggles >some more, "I'm gonna rip your throat out myself! Just as soon as I >get outta this headlock..." > >Not too far away, Andy, Andrew, and Enimuram are observing this >situation, which has gone from bad to worse to rather pathetic in a >matter of minutes. Andy turns to Enimuram and says, "Think we should >help her?" > >Enimuram sighs, "Do we have to?" > >"We'd better," Andy reasons, "or we'll have to find a new navigator." > >"Good point." > >"Guys..." Andrew sweatdrops, a little embarrassed by his companions' >callousness, "Shouldn't we be helping her because she's our friend, >and because we don't want her to get hurt?" > >Enimuram shrugs, "Whatever floats your boat." Andrew and Andy charge at Splash, who is at the moment holding Nori in a headlock. As a result of this, Splash was unable to see the two boys attack, although Nori did, and prepared accordingly. Once Splash was knocked down, the lead pipe falling quietly to the ground several feet away. Of the group, only Enimuram, who had not charged at Splash, saw what ended up happening to the pipe. "Now that I'm free, Your dead Rocket!" Nori cried out, furious at Splash. Pushing Andrew and Andy away from the dazed young man, she yanked at his blue shirt collar, forcing his head up close to her face. She was about to continue when the crazy young man shook his head, clearing away a little bit of the fog that lingered in his mind. Enough fog for him to see "Murasaki" right in front of his face. So close. Forgetting about "Kiniro," "Sneakers," and the new friend they had made, Splash did the only thing he could think of when presented with such a situation. Before Nori and the others could react, Splash drew his head close to Murasaki and pressed his lips against hers, drawing her into a passionate kiss. TBC.....? --------------------- Comes crawling back to AGNP with his tail between his legs. --------------------- AIM: ncnc123 e-mail: --------------------