From: Bandraptor ( Subject: Re: [PW!][BBB] An Obsession With Spherical Objects Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-11 23:18:21 PST New Haights wrote: >Andrew sighed. This was going to be an . . . interesting membership. He >turned to the woman nearby. "So...Nori, was it?" > >"Yeah." > >"Are they always as bad as that?" > >"Yeah." > >"So...they said you're their navigator...where to next?" "We're on the road to..." Nori is about to paraphrase a certain song title, but stops when she decides that it's been done to death, "...that town over there. Ecruteak." "Cool." Andrew, the not-quite-but-potentially-about-to-become-BBB-member responds, "What's in Ecruteak?" "Not much." Nori shoves her hands in her jacket pockets, "An official Gym, a dance theatre, some Eevee trainers, three illusionary beasts, a Surf-HM Shop, the Original Time Capsule Museum, a couple of burnt towers, and a bird nobody likes." "Sounds pretty dead." "Yup. That's probably why you never hear about it on television." Andrew slows his pace to fall into step with Andy and Enimuram, only to find that they're still arguing about whatever they've been arguing about since the last post: "One more time, Enimuram. He's not a he can't join?" "Exactly." "So, if he WAS a Rocket, then we'd let him join?" "Of course not! We can't have Rocket members in BBB!" "But Enimuram, you're--" "Not moving one inch!" Andrew listens to this for another thirty seconds before deciding that he's better off talking to Nori. "So. Ecruteak. Where to from there?" "A little town called Olivine," Nori states apocryphally. "Olivine?" "Yes, Olivine." She stops walking and turns to face him, "Say, you haven't been to Olivine before, have you?" "No..." "Ah. Good, good." Andrew stares at her in confusion, "Why is that good?" "Uh, we'll probably be doing a bit of sightseeing while we're there, and I'd hate for you to be bored. I mean, if you've seen Olivine once, you've seen it a thousand times." "I see. Well, you won't have to worry about that. I just arrived in Johto a couple of days ago, so I haven't seen much of anything--unless you count the inside of the Magnet Train and that herd of wild Electrodes. I was hoping to catch a Weird Alakazam Yankovic concert while I was in Goldenrod, but those Electrodes ran me out of town before it started! They really had me in a bind. It's a good thing you guys came along when you did." "Hmm, yeah, funny how that worked out..." Nori bites her lip, thoughtfully. Although Andrew has quelled her major fear--that he might recognize Mahogany Town when they come to it--she still doesn't want him intruding on her little game of cat and mouse. "Can we talk?" "We have been." She places her hand on Andrew's back, and gently pushes him, until he's a little bit further away from Andy and Enimuram. "Look, you seem like a decent guy, so I'll level with you." She tosses her head slightly to indicate the Bashers, "Now, I'm not one to judge people, but something about these two just doesn't seem right. We all have our idiosyncrasies, granted. And they DID save you from those Electrodes, which was nice. But in case you haven't noticed, these guys are proponents of GENOCIDE. Not to mention, they have some pretty clear ties to Team Rocket. What I'm trying to say is, these guys are trouble, and it would probably be better if you didn't get involved with them. If I were you, I'd bail as soon as we reach Ecruteak..." "Hang on..." Andrew cuts her off, "I admit their anti-Electrode leanings are a bit extreme, but I don't think they're out to hurt anybody. And as for their ties to Team Rocket, well, if anything, they're anti-Team Rocket." Nori rolls her eyes, "Anti-Team Rocket died years ago. These guys are just capitalizing on a trend." She continues a bit more earnestly, "Team Rocket already attacked us once, and they'll probably do it again. If worst comes to worst--and in my experience, it usually does--I don't want you to get hurt." "Heh, don't worry about me." Andrew replies, "I've got nothing against Team Rocket, but if they attack us, my Pokémon and I'll take them. After all, Rockets aren't that dangerous--from what I hear, most of them are pretty stupid." Nori scowls at this comment--since she's a member of Team Rocket, naturally it's okay for HER to say they suck, but Andrew's an outsider, and he doesn't have that right. "I think I know a little more about Team Rocket than you do." Andrew starts to respond, but he's cut off when a man leaps out of the bushes, and thrusts a dousing rod in his face. "Hotcha! I've got you now, you slippery little Nugget of joy!" The man blinks when he gets a good look at the two teens, "Hey! You're not an item!" Andrew responds, "No. We're not." "Not that it's any of your business," Nori adds. The man continues, "According to my Item Finder, there's an item around here! But it doesn't show the exact spot, so I have to look myself. If you understand the true spirit of adventure, you'll hunt for items too!" Having given that piece of unsolicited advice, the man disappears through the trees, and back into NPC limbo. "What an idiot." Nori snorts, "We're in the middle of nowhere. There aren't any items out here. There aren't even any Pokémon." THUD. THUD. With two great stomping noises, the biggest, bulkiest, meanest-looking Sudowoodo to ever hold a sack full of Nuggets steps out onto the path in front of them. "This here's a Toll Road. And I'm a Toll Taker. You bozos gonna pay me, or what?" OOC: Why did the Sudowoodo block the road? Now you know the answer. TBC -Beth, of the ever changing sig.