Subject: Re: [PW!] Another's Past Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:17:34 -0400 From: Continue <> Organization: MindSpring Enterprises Newsgroups: Nick -New and Improved- wrote: >>"Don't worry Hito. Hato-kun has very sharp eyes. He and Pteryx should be >>able to find >>some sign of Lokon," said Sarah Jane. >> >>"Ummm, Sarah Jane, where's Spunky?" asked Damian. >> >>Sarah Jane tenses a moment, then relaxes. "He's still in the Pokemon >>Center." > >"Will he be okay there?" Damian asked her. > >"Of course. He'll be fine," Sarah Jane said before turning back to Hito. "I'm >going to look at the tree, maybe we'll find something there that could be >useful." > >"Good idea," Damian replied, following her. > >Tears still running down her face, Hito followed them. As Sarah Jane and Damian >began looking on the ground surrounding the tree, and the tree itself, the red >haired girl stood there, too upset to do anything. > >Lokon was gone. She didn't know where. But she did know that the Vulpix did not >leave of her own free will. And that made it harder. Hito's only reassurance >was her two traveling companions. Searching hard to find her friend. > >They didn't really know her, but they still wanted to help her. Why? Why was >that? > >Now wasn't the time to think about it. First she had to find Lokon. After that, >there would be time to think. Wiping her eyes with her sleeve, she went over to >help look for her friend. > >"I found it!" was the call Hito heard from Damian as he crouched in the ankel >high grass. Proudly holding up a silver spoon, he turned to face the two girls. >"This is the type of spoon that a psychic pokemon uses. Pokemon like Kadabra >and Alakazam. Do you know anyone with one of those Pokemon?" > >"... Yes," Hito replied after a moments hesitation. "That girl who attacked me >when he first met in Goldenrod." > >"That's right!" Damian exclaimed. "I'd forgotten about her!" > >"But would she have followed you all the way here?" Sarah Jane mused. To >herself she continued, "And why didn't I notice anything if a psychic attack >had been used?" The group pondered the questions in silence. Damian began to turn the spoon over in his hand repeatedly. After seeing something he wasn't expecting, he looked at it more closely using the sensors in the sunglasses to give him more information. The two girls noticed Damian scrutinizing the spoon and Sarah Jane asked "What is it?" "Well, this spoon doesn't have any damage on it, " Damian noted "It really doesn't look like it was just in a fight." Damian paused, then mumbled "It would be helpful if we had an expert on this, though." With that Damian looked at Sarah Jane "You have an Alakazam, right?" "Sigfried, he's back in Rosetta." she confirmed with a nod. "He might be able to get some impressions from this spoon and tell us what happened, at the very least he could confirm whether or not it was in a battle." Either in synch with Damian or a few steps ahead of him, Sarah Jane had already taken out her pokedex and was going through the procedure to swap her pokemon. Meanwhile, back at the Pokemon Center... >>--------------------- >>Yawning, Drake looked around the Pokemon Center for a place to stretch out. It was >>funny, but despite the five year time travel, at first glance Damian and Sarah Jane >>seemed to have changed little. Both were taller, though Sarah Jane wasn't that much >>taller than in the past. He'd see if the two had changed once they finished helping >>the other human find her Vulpix. >> >>"Do?" >> >>Drake froze. Cautiously he turned around and found a rather large Nidoking standing >>behind him. "Um... hello..." Then Drake saw the red collar and tag. Suddenly, the >>five years lost suddenly became rather significant. "Oh Goddish no... it can't be..." >> >>"DO!" Drake suddenly finds himself glomped and slurped. >>---------------------- "Ok, ok! It's good to see you too! Now stop licking me!" As Spunky released Drake, the Dragonite thought to himself "This is what I get for agreeing to stay behind after I said I would help." Grabbing a towel from under Memuyo while it slept inside his bag, since you should never travel without one, the Dragon pokemon started wiping himself off. To keep Spunky engaged while he dried off Drake said in Nido "<You've certainly grown since the last time I saw you. What have you been doing for the past five years?>" Without quite the same concept of the complications in life, Spunky finished up relating everything that he remembered in only a couple of minutes. Drake was deciding on whether or not to dispose of the towel he had just used in favor of a new one when he was glomped by Spunky again. With an annoyed expression on his face, Drake thought to himself "At least he hasn't started trying to bite my tail yet." The Dragonite's expression quickly lit up, a light bulb practically appearing above his head. He then patted Spunky on his head and suggested "Hey, why don't we find something fun to do? Would you like that?" The Nidoking nodded and the Dragonite told him "Okay, let me go talk to Nurse Joy." Spunky released him and followed the Dragon pokemon as he went up to the front desk of the Center. "Hi, do you have any information about local tourist attractions or sites of interest?" Drake inquired of Nurse Joy as she looked up at his approach. "Sure," she replied, with no surprise in her voice after having seen Drake on a few occassions already "I have a couple of brochures if you want to read them." The Dragon pokemon looked at the pamphlets he was handed for a few minutes before a glint appeared in his eye. "Perfect!" he quietly proclaimed. He handed the papers back to Nurse Joy and told her "If the trainers we were with earlier get back here before us and ask where we are, tell them we've gone to the Ruins of Alph." "I'm sorry, I don't really remember who you're talking about. Could you describe them?" "How many people are going to come in here and ask about a Dragonite and a Nidoking named 'Spunky'?" Nurse Joy's joyful expression was replaced with a withering glare. "Ok, ok!" Drake proceeded to give a description of the three trainers, then left with Spunky after Joy happily wished them a good time. <TBC> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately