Subject: Re: [PW!] Another Past Date: 04 Sep 2001 04:34:28 GMT From: (Nick -New and Improved- ) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: >"Nido do ni," he said to Sarah Jane, who rolled her eyes. > >"I don't care if you are hungry. If I've told you once, I've told you a >hundred times, don't just come out of your >pokeball like that," said Sarah Jane sternly with her hands on her hips. >"What if we were in a little space, like >an elevator? You might have crushed someone." > >"Do ni do," returned the Nidoking as he scratched his head in embarrassment. > >Damian stared at the Nidoking in front of him. "Don't tell me that's. . ." >Damian didn't get any further. The >Nidoking turned around, took one look at him, grabbed him excitedly in a huge >bear hug, and licked him across the >face. "Ewwww.... Nido kisses..." read Damian's shirt. Bulletproof took one >look at what was going on and moved >behind Sarah Jane. > >"Yep. That's Spunky." > ><TBC> > While Damian marveled over how much Spunky had grown since he had last seen the pokemon, Hito focused her attention elsewhere. She was a newcomer to the group, and as such didn't share any such memories of the past with either Sarah Jane or Damian. Pausing to tell the other two, still engaged in conversation about the past, that she was stepping outside for a moment, Hito and Lokon headed towards the door of the pokemon center. Once outside, Lokon jumped off of Hito's head and scurried off to do some private stuff on the other side of a large tree, hidden from Hito's view. Vulpix like their privacy too, you know. Walking over and sitting down on a park bench coincidently placed near the tree that Lokon was by, Hito's thoughts began to wander. Wander back to _her_ past. But she wasn't ready to deal with that yet. Not now. Not here. "Vulpix! Vulpix!" Came a nearby cry. Very close. From the tree that Lokon was behind close.The cry was not a happy one. Not one of joy, but of the exact opposite. A cry of terror. "Lokon?" Hito called out, shoving her past out of her mind and focusing on her present. Jogging over and glancing around the tree, she saw that Lokon was gone. Lokon would not leave her and wander off without letting her know. She wasn't that kind of Vulpix. And the terror in her voice as she cried out suggested that someone had done something to her. "Lokon?" Hito cried again, louder as panic began to take control of her. Lokon was everything to her. Her constant companion. Trusting friend. But she was gone now. But where? Losing control, Hito ran back into the Pokemon Center, hysterical. Back to where Sarah Jane and Damian were still talking, the Nidoking beaming as it listened to their conversation. "Hito?" Damian asked as he noticed her distraught face. Although his shirt displayed a comment about wondering if she was okay, it was clear to him that she was not. It was the first time that he had ever seen the girl display so much emotion. And she made no effort to try and hide the panic and desperation she felt. TBC --------------------- Comes crawling back to AGNP with his tail between his legs. --------------------- AIM: ncnc123 e-mail: --------------------