Subject: Re: [PW!] Another Past Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 21:08:36 -0400 From: Continue <> Organization: MindSpring Enterprises Newsgroups: Adrian Tymes wrote: >Doppler looked at him, a little annoyed, then returned to his brooding. >"What can I say but, 'ouch'? Your words sting all the more because I >can not deny their truth. Mimic...sure, he's helped me, but...'trust' >is not a word I would use to describe it, at least without >qualifications. Aside maybe from 'trust me to be myself'...and perhaps >I deserved that, after what I've done." > >"..." > >"Look," he sighed, "I don't want, even to *say* it would be to >imply hostility. I..." > >"Look, whatever it is, just say it. I promise I won't get offended." > >"Perhaps you're right." He faced Drake, his face full of the same >pleading that entered his voice. "You've known Mimic far better than I >have of late. How is he? *What* is he...what has he become, inside?" "Y'know," Drake sighed "I'm thinking that you really have forgotten the time that you were under the care of Mimic and I." The pronunciation naturally elicited a response from Doppler of "What do you mean?" Hearing what he expected, the Dragon pokemon expressed what, from both his tone and expression seemed obvious to him "When Mimic took responsibility for caring for you it was because he cared for you as a brother and another living being. Even with the possibility that you might never be restored to a fully-independent person, he was determined to give you what you needed so that you wouldn't be going around like you had a Beedrill up your butt." With a half-grin on his face, the Dragonite added "Although he probably wouldn't phrase it or think of it that way. More like relieving you of the pain that causes you to be needlessly destructive." There was an audible 'klunk' and the pair looked over to see that gravity had won the fight against Memuyo's still-rigid form. The Meowth was still from being up that high and seemingly in even less control than ever. Since the feline seemed uninjured, Drake continued "I don't think he's really changed, at least as far as that goes, since the seperation at the concert. Something like that takes an important event to change, or several lesser ones, but none of that's happened. While it's been roughly five years since that concert for you and everyone else, it's only been a couple of weeks for Memuyo, Mimic, and I. Just a little problem with teleporting on a bullet train while going through temporal instability." There was a momentary flash of surprise on Doppler's face "Mewtwo didn't tell me about that, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised on either count. It doesn't seem that unusual for Mimic, and if he simply wasn't there, nothing could track him or tell where he's been, at least without the proper equipment." Seeing a distinct grimace on Drake's face, Doppler asked "What's wrong?" "Mentioning Mewtwo just reminded me that I have a debt with another ridiculously-powerful psychic that's been compounding for those five years that we skipped. I think I'll be avoiding any return trips to Saffron if I can avoid it." The Dragonite paused to regain his composure. "Mimic didn't seem to have radically changed for anything else, either. From what I heard when he was talking to Professor Oak, he's still just as curious from his time with Oak and still subscribes to the 'Saving the world one person at a time' philosophy." Appearing to be a little bit more in control than he had for a few minutes, Doppler surmised "That's why he was with that trainer when he visited Professor Elm, then?" The Dragon pokemon nodded "She popped up shortly after we got to Johto. She seemed like she barely had enough courage to ask for directions to the local Gym. Mimic thought she needed help, so he went with her. I didn't see her with Mimic at the Pokemon Center, but I was told that she was seen going after him when he went into the woods after that little display. It sounds like he had some real problems dealing with what he did, but I'll think he'll be alright as long as he can find someone that he can help." "I hope that this trainer he has been travelling with was enough for now." Doppler's voice wsa harder, but the sincerity was still clear. His question held only the tone of wondering "Do you have some way to locate or get in touch with him?" "Mostly no, but maybe a little yes." Drake replied. Light snoring stopped his explanation and both he and Doppler looked over to see that Memuyo, in typical feline fashion, had slipped from extremely tense to not-so-tense to relaxed and finally to nearly-amorphous-furball-that-was-poured-into-a-convienient-resting-place. The Dragonite picked up the Meowth and it stopped snoring, letting him elaborate on what he had said. "Assuming he's still with that trainer, then they probably went to the next city with a Gym. Trainers also usually stop at the Pokemon Center of a new city. If you have the name of that trainer that Mimic has been travelling with, then you could ask the Joy at Azalea's Pokemon Center to check with her counterpart there about whether or not that trainer has been there." <TBC> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately