Subject: Re: [PW!] Another Past Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 02:34:40 GMT From: Time Lady <> Organization: Mystic Manor Apartments Newsgroups: Continue wrote: > Nick -New and Improved- wrote: > > >"Vulpix! Vulpix!" Came a nearby cry. Very close. From the tree that Lokon was > >behind close.The cry was not a happy one. Not one of joy, but of the exact > >opposite. A cry of terror. > > > >"Lokon?" Hito called out, shoving her past out of her mind and focusing on her > >present. Jogging over and glancing around the tree, she saw that Lokon was > >gone. > > > >Lokon would not leave her and wander off without letting her know. She wasn't > >that kind of Vulpix. And the terror in her voice as she cried out suggested > >that someone had done something to her. > > > >"Lokon?" Hito cried again, louder as panic began to take control of her. Lokon > >was everything to her. Her constant companion. Trusting friend. But she was > >gone now. But where? > > > >Losing control, Hito ran back into the Pokemon Center, hysterical. Back to > >where Sarah Jane and Damian were still talking, the Nidoking beaming as it > >listened to their conversation. > > > >"Hito?" Damian asked as he noticed her distraught face. Although his shirt > >displayed a comment about wondering if she was okay, it was clear to him that > >she was not. It was the first time that he had ever seen the girl display so > >much emotion. And she made no effort to try and hide the panic and desperation > >she felt. > > Without an immeadiate response to Damian's prompting, Sarah Jane directly asked > "What's wrong?" > > "It's, it's Lokon! She's gone!" Hito's speech was choked off at first, but it > started to spill out rapidly like water overcoming a dam. "She went behind a tree > to do her --, so I waited for a minute, but then I heard her cry out. I ran over, > but she was gone!" > > Tracking into the problem, Damian inquired "And you didn't see anyone?" > > "No, no." Hito shook her head, her desperation still obvious. > > Damian glanced over at Sarah Jane to see if she was going to ask anything else, but > she figured just as well as he did what the only possible next step was at this > point. "Hito, do you remember exactly which tree it was?" > > After Hito nodded, Damian started the move with the simple instruction "OK, let's > go." > > The group started to hurry, but didn't make it out of the Pokemon Center because > Sarah Jane looked back. Another voice interjected before she could say anything > and the others turned to see the source of it. > > "Later," Drake told them. Memuyo's head and paws hung out of the Dragonite's > leather bag as the Meowth slept. "This looks more immeadiate, so I'm following the > example of a friend." > > With that, the group left the Pokemon Center and Hito re-traced her steps. > "There's the tree," said Hito as she became increasingly agitated. Nodding, Sarah Jane adjusted her pokedex, then took out two of her pokeballs. "Pteryx, Hato-kun, Go!" "AWWWKKK" squawked the young Aerodactyl as she stretched her wings. A few trainers back away cautiously. "Pidgeot?" Hato-kun tilts his head and looks at his trainer expectantly. "Hato-kun, Pteryx, Hito's Vulpix is missing. Would you fly up and see if you can get an aerial perspective?" "Awk, awwwkkk." Pteryx flapped her wings and took off. Hato-kun lifted off as well. "Don't worry Hito. Hato-kun has very sharp eyes. He and Pteryx should be able to find some sign of Lokon," said Sarah Jane. "Ummm, Sarah Jane, where's Spunky?" asked Damian. Sarah Jane tenses a moment, then relaxes. "He's still in the Pokemon Center." --- Yawning, Drake looked around the Pokemon Center for a place to stretch out. It was funny, but despite the five year time travel, at first glance Damian and Sarah Jane seemed to have changed little. Both were taller, though Sarah Jane wasn't that much taller than in the past. He'd see if the two had changed once they finished helping the other human find her Vulpix. "Do?" Drake froze. Cautiously he turned around and found a rather large Nidoking standing behind him. "Um... hello..." Then Drake saw the red collar and tag. Suddenly, the five years lost suddenly became rather significant. "Oh Goddish no... it can't be..." "DO!" Drake suddenly finds himself glomped and slurped. > > <TBC...> > > Jeff Hauser* > *Sig Sold Seperately -- It's not PMS. I'm always bitchy. 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