Subject: Re: [PW!] Another's Past Date: 24 Sep 2001 03:12:03 GMT From: (Nick -New and Improved- ) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: > >"There's the tree," said Hito as she became increasingly agitated. > >Nodding, Sarah Jane adjusted her pokedex, then took out two of her pokeballs. >"Pteryx, >Hato-kun, Go!" > >"AWWWKKK" squawked the young Aerodactyl as she stretched her wings. A few >trainers >back away cautiously. > >"Pidgeot?" Hato-kun tilts his head and looks at his trainer expectantly. > >"Hato-kun, Pteryx, Hito's Vulpix is missing. Would you fly up and see if you >can get >an aerial perspective?" > >"Awk, awwwkkk." Pteryx flapped her wings and took off. Hato-kun lifted off >as well. > >"Don't worry Hito. Hato-kun has very sharp eyes. He and Pteryx should be >able to find >some sign of Lokon," said Sarah Jane. > >"Ummm, Sarah Jane, where's Spunky?" asked Damian. > >Sarah Jane tenses a moment, then relaxes. "He's still in the Pokemon >Center." "Will he be okay there?" Damian asked her. "Of course. He'll be fine," Sarah Jane said before turning back to Hito. "I'm going to look at the tree, maybe we'll find something there that could be useful." "Good idea," Damian replied, following her. Tears still running down her face, Hito followed them. As Sarah Jane and Damian began looking on the ground surrounding the tree, and the tree itself, the red haired girl stood there, too upset to do anything. Lokon was gone. She didn't know where. But she did know that the Vulpix did not leave of her own free will. And that made it harder. Hito's only reassurance was her two traveling companions. Searching hard to find her friend. They didn't really know her, but they still wanted to help her. Why? Why was that? Now wasn't the time to think about it. First she had to find Lokon. After that, there would be time to think. Wiping her eyes with her sleeve, she went over to help look for her friend. "I found it!" was the call Hito heard from Damian as he crouched in the ankel high grass. Proudly holding up a silver spoon, he turned to face the two girls. "This is the type of spoon that a psychic pokemon uses. Pokemon like Kadabra and Alakazam. Do you know anyone with one of those Pokemon?" "... Yes," Hito replied after a moments hesitation. "That girl who attacked me when he first met in Goldenrod." "That's right!" Damian exclaimed. "I'd forgotten about her!" "But would she have followed you all the way here?" Sarah Jane mused. To herself she continued, "And why didn't I notice anything if a psychic attack had been used?" TBC.....? --------------------- Comes crawling back to AGNP with his tail between his legs. --------------------- AIM: ncnc123 e-mail: --------------------