From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Another Past Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-30 21:58:26 PST Continue wrote: > With his direct question deftly dodged, Drake's attention was focused solely on the one whose presence > had led him here. "I'll tell you all I know if you tell me the complete and honest truth of who you > are." The Dragon pokemon's tone became contentious as he said "After all, how can I trust you enough to > give you information on a friend of mine when I don't even know who you are?" "Fair enough. I suppose I have no reason to hide from you..." Dee's flesh melted over his jacket and hat, covering them up as he turned into a growing blaze of energy. The blob soon reached and lifted Drake, though otherwise flowing around everything nearby, soon resolving its support into legs and feet that stretched above most of the local buildings before merging into a torso. Mass screaming and general chaos broke out even before the morph was complete, though the trio who had come with Dee were among the few remaining calm - for now. Memuyo climbed a nearby tree and leapt from its top into the same grip that hefted Drake, barely making it in time. As Dee's form settled down and turned back into flesh, there was a slight pause in the screaming - followed by even more intense panic as some of the locals remembered where they had last seen this form...on TV reports, in newspapers, in various shaky footage but definitely recognizable as that which wreaked havoc on Celadon and other Kanto cities many years ago... [1] #I am Doppler,# he not-spoke, letting his telepathy echo but avoiding the verbal blast of wind which would have inconvenienced Drake at this short range. #I am looking for my brother, for in his sorrow over what happened here, he may be about to do something worse than I have ever inflicted on this world.# TBC? [1] One Historian point for anyone who first joined PW! in 2000 or 2001 and can say which PW! story post (by number, counting from Reg's/Spectre's first) this first appeared in. And yes, this is a bit of a trick question... ^_-