From: Tech Weaver: I Want To Be Your Incubus ( Subject: [PW!F] [LOY] A Tale Of Two Battles Newsgroups: Date: 2001-02-08 10:19:09 PST Lynkeru here. I was traveling through the forest when lightning threw me off my horse, Eponyta. I woke up and this guy in a mask stole my stuff, turned me into a Deku, and threw me in a pond. Fortunately, a girl named Yolei rescued me. Now I'm off to find that thief. There's no telling what damage he can do if he finds out what those masks can do.... PokeWars! Future shock presents... Legend of Yolei Episode Two: A Tale of Two Battles Written by Chet "Tech" Weaver It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. A new adventure faced Lynkeru, and so far it didn't seem as dangerous as Yolei made it out to be. Most of the creatures she found were either distracted by Indi the fairy or ran away as soon as Lynkeru drew her swords. Most creatures, that is. "Ekansssss!" taunted the giant snake as it tightened its grip on Lynkeru. Lynkeru strained to grab her swords, but they remained on the ground, just outside her reach. "Indi," struggled Lynkeru. "Help..." "What do you expect me to do?" asked Indi. "It's a giant snake, for cryin' out loud! Have you tried a Deku Nut?" Lynkeru reached for a pouch on her belt. The thief had failed to notice it when they met. The snake slowly tightened its bone-crunching coils as it stood Lynkeru up. It reared its head back in preparation for the final strike, then lashed out only to be met with a Deku Nut between the eyes. Blinded by the resulting bright flash, the serpent reeled and let Lynkeru go. She scrambled for her swords, then turned to face the purple creature. It lunged at her, but Lynkeru leapt back and struck the snake's head with her sword. It reeled back again and lashed out with it's tail, which Lynkeru knew better than to try and block this time. With an acrobatic flip, she dodged the serpent and prepared to strike once more. Without warning, a bolt of lightning struck out through the forest and electrified the purple snake. The two turned to where the lightning had come from to see... Yolei and a glowing sheep? "Ma-aa-aa!" bleated the sheep. "Ekansssssss," retorted the serpent, now seemingly more concerned with the sheep than the nearby sword-wielding munchkin. It lunged at Yolei and the sheep, but wasn't fast enough to hit either. "BladeRunner!" Yolei announced. "Tackle attack!" "MAA-AA-A!" the sheep, apparently BladeRunner, bleated as she rammed herself into the snake. The snake struck back, getting its fangs caught in BladeRunner's wool. "Thundershock!" commanded Yolei. BladeRunner glowed brighter and crackled with energy. Electricity coursed through the snake on it's way to the ground. Shocked, the serpent dropped BladeRunner and stooped over, on the verge of collapse. "PokeBall, go!" Yolei called out. She tossed the red and white sphere at the snake. It struck, opening along the line where the colors meet. The serpent glowed a dull red and was sucked inside. The ball dropped to the ground and began shaking. Eventually, it settled down with an electronic chime. Yolei ran up and picked up the ball excitedly. "I caught an Ekans!" Yolei declared, holding the ball high above her head. "I think I'll name it, oh, Rob. Or Boris, maybe." Lynkeru sheathed her swords. Yolei suddenly remembered that she was helping Lynkeru, not expanding her own Pokemon collection. She recalled BladeRunner and ran up to her. "Oh," Yolei said. "Are you all right, Lynkeru?" "I'm all right," Lynkeru said, adjusting the shoulder straps of sheaths. "Nothing a red potion wouldn't cure." "Who's this?" said a new voice. They turned to see a green haired girl standing nearby. "This is Lynkeru," Yolei introduced. "She's the girl I rescued yesterday. Lynkeru, this is Yuki." "Nice to meet you," Yuki said, shaking Lynkeru's hand. "Likewise," Lynkeru returned. "It's a good thing I got here when I did," Yolei said. "Or else you could' ve been taking up residence in Boris's lower intestine, Lynkeru!" "I could've taken him. Thanks anyway. I owe you one." As Lynkeru turned to leave, Yolei said, "You owe me two." "Huh?" Lynkeru asked. "I saved you from drowning and I saved you from being eaten," Yolei explained. "I guess you owe me two, then." Lynkeru put her hands behind her head and continued walking through the woods. Though the tracks had been washed away by pouring rain, she was almost certain the thief had come this way. She figured it would only be a matter of time before she met up with him. "Hey, Lyn," Indi chimed. "Don't look now, but we're being followed." Lynkeru glanced behind her. Yolei and Yuki was not far behind. Lynkeru turned around, lowering her arms, and Yolei seemed a little startled that she'd been caught. "Why are you following me?" Lynkeru asked. "I'm not following you," Yolei replied. "This is the quickest way to Violet City." Lynkeru gave her a questioning look. "What?" said Yolei. "It is!" "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to look out for me," Lynkeru surmised. She went on her way once more and Yolei hurried to catch up. "Well, I'm not. I'm just trying to get to Violet City, that's all." "Why?" "There's a Pokemon gym there." Sensing the Lynkeru might not instantly understand she continued, "I'm on a journey to collect badges from major Pokemon gyms around the world by challenging their leaders. If I can get eight badges, I can enter Pokemon League tournaments and become a Pokemon Master! Or would it be Pokemon Mistress? I know! I'll be a Pokemon Mattress!" Yolei laughed too loudly to be considered anything other than nervous. Though just a little girl, Lynkeru seemed to exude great personal strength. It was a strength Yolei wished she could posses, and it just didn't seem right to tell her that she was chasing after some boy. Granted, he was cute, brilliant and an amazing athlete... "Anyway," Yuki said, her and Lynkeru giving Yolei and odd look. "We all seem to be heading in to the same place, so we might as well head their together." "That sounds like a great idea," agreed Yolei. "I suppose," Lynkeru said, shrugging. She then jogged off, saying, "As long as you can keep up!" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ It was late afternoon as the trio set foot into Violet Town. The air was filled with the familiar scents that the city was known for. Scents that brought back memories from afar, even for one who has come as far as Lynkeru had. "Wow," Yolei said after a moment. "So this is Violet Town." "Yep," Yuki confirmed. They all stood around for a moment, taking in the scents and smells as they wafted by in the breeze. Eventually, Indi couldn't take it anymore and slammed herself into Lynkeru's forehead. "Ow!" exclaimed Lynkeru. "What?" "We aren't here for sight-seeing or scent-smelling or whatever," Indi reminded her. "We need to find that thief!" "Oh, yeah," Lynkeru remembered. "Who's she talking to?" Yuki asked. "Indi, I guess," Yolei answered. "That little, glowy-ball bug thing that floats around her." "She's a fairy, actually," Lynkeru corrected. "I'm going to look about town, all right? Why don't you go get that mattress or something. Bye." "Mattress?" Yuki pondered as they watched Lynkeru leave. "Masked thief, I have seen not," the school teacher said. "Not help you, I can." Lynkeru sighed. "Thanks anyway," Lynkeru said. "Help with Pokemon I can give," the teacher said. "Want to be a winner is you?" "No thank you," Lynkeru declined. "Uh, why do you talk like that?" "Stroke I have. Brain damage it cause." "Oh. Sorry to hear that." "Health I still have, but talk funny I must." "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you. Bye." Lynkeru wandered north from the school. She had yet to find out anything about the thief, but she did learn quite a bit about the town. The Sprout Tower seemed like a good place to check out, though she feared she may find nothing. The sprout tower was taller than many structures she had seen around Hyriln, though she had seen larger. There were taller buildings in this town as well as the last one, and it reminded her of just how far from home she must be. Entering the pagoda-like structure, she was greeted by two large statues of a creature she had encountered in the forest. These were much larger, but they had the same bell-shaped head and leaf-like appendages. A sudden hooting caught her attention. She looked up to see a large owl perched atop one of the statues. There was something familiar about this old bird. "Gaepora?" Lynkeru asked of the owl. She heard a chuckling and turned to see a robed man standing behind her. "I see you've taken an interest in my Noctowl," the man said in a voice that Lynkeru thought should've been coming from the owl himself. He looked up at his Pokemon and continued, "I raised him myself from an egg and named him Garrison, after a fellow sage who departed years ago." The owl hooted again, and took off for a higher floor through a gap between the ceiling and green, swaying column. "And that is the Bellsprout after which this tower is named," the sage added. "Or a section of it, anyway. Would you like to know more about the tower?" Entering the gym building, Yolei and Yuki were greeted by two Pokemon statues and a yawning abyss. The gaping hole was dotted with floor-level platforms on columns and a long path leading to a central platform. "THAT is a big hole," Yuki said. "You're telling me," Yolei concurred. "It's so deep, I can't even see the bottom!" "Let's go!" Yuki said enthusiastically. Rather than taking the path, she leapt from one column to another, making her way to the center. "Hey!" Yolei shouted. "Wait up!" Yolei began running down the narrow path. She slipped and lost her footing. She would've fallen if someone hadn't grabbed her. "I got ya," someone said, pulling her up. Yolei looked at her savior. He was about seventeen years old, a blue-eyed blonde wearing a green shirt and white pants. "You all right?" "Uh, yeah," Yolei said, snapping out of her momentary loss of reality. "I' m... I'm fine. Thank you. My name is Yolei." "Nice meeting you, Yolei," the boy smiled. "I'm..." "Hey, Yolei!" Yuki shouted from across the gap. "You're forgetting about Ken already?" "I haven't forgotten about Ken!" Yolei shouted back. "I'm just going to wait here for my turn! You can go first!" "Okay!" Yuki shouted back. (This next bit is written by Pipian and edited by me without changing the content.) Yuki gripped her Pokéballs and prepared for battle. "OK? You're up first versus the MIGHTY FALKNER, so let's GO... PIDGEY!" "Pidgey... Pidgey?!?" said Yuki. "You MUST be joking..." [The Mighty Faulkner? Isn't he just like Brock used to be several years back? Hahaha! At least Brock held onto his balls. Now he's a formidable opponent they say...] [OK, that's enough, Mamoru...] "Oh... Oh... That's too rich... Sorry..." chuckled Yuki. "Now for the match. Now go out and whup his butt... TIDE!" She threw out a Pokéball, and out popped a pink Lapras. "A Lapras? How'd you get your hands on one of those? And a pink one at that? Isn't that one of those illegal Pinkan Island pokémon?" asked Yolei. "Hey! I found it fair and square and it sure wasn't on Pinkan Island. But I've got to get to work..." "PIDGEY SAND-ATTACK!!!" The Pidgey obeyed and began to blow sand up and towards the offending Lapras. "Tide, just close your eyes, quick!" The Lapras closed her eyes and for an added benefit, turned her head away from the Pidgey. "While the Lapras's head is turned! Quick! Tackle it!" "Tide! Quick! Look and evade!" The Lapras began to move her head back forward when the Pidgey slammed into her chest, barely doing anything to the Lapras, but temporarily knocking the Pidgey for a loop. "Tide, finish it by body slamming it!" The Lapras then proceeded to perform a larger tackle and put all her force behind it to hit the Pidgey and have it slam into the wall behind Faulkner. "ARRRGH! OK, you little... It's time to fight ice with ice! Go Delibird!" "OK then... Tide, let's come back, and I'll say... Oh... MALLOW!" A Wigglytuff appeared from the pokéball and looked menacingly at the Delibird, awaiting his next orders. "First off, Mallow, quickly use Thunder Wave and then Double Team until you're maxed out, WHATEVER the Delibird tries to pull." "Mud-slap! Whatever you do, just MUD-SLAP!" Mallow, being a Wigglytuff and inherently quickly started off first with the Thunder Wave, sending Delibird falling to the ground, paralyzed and unable to mud-slap. Mallow then followed up woth some double teams. "OK... You can at least rest and snore!" The Delibird shook it's head. "Uh... Then give it a present!" Delibird threw a present and one of the residual images of the Wigglytuff... And missed. "That's cheap!" "But double team is an attack!" said Yuki, who then proceeded to blow a raspberry at him. "Anyway, try again!" Delibird threw a present again, and this time, Mallow caught it, and opened it to find... "Some Berries! What a nice presnt, Faulkner! Thanks!" "GRAH!" "Now Double-Edge!" Melody came in towards the Delibird from seemingly all sides and then proceeded to whack Delibird from all sides, occasionally hitting itself it moved so fast. The Delibird was thrown back by the blows and landed in the exact same crater formed by the Pidgey. "Game Over," said Yuki, "Do you wish to use a continue? Oh, I'm sorry, you seem to be all out... Anyway..." Yuki walked over to the beaten Faulkner who was walking over to the gym's healing machine with his Delibird and Pidgey and tapped him on the shoulder. "Good battle," she said, shaking his hand. "Yes... And as a token of your good sportsmanship and battling prowess, I hereby give you the Zephyr Badge for having beaten me. I await your battle with Lance with great pleasure, as it will certainly be a pleasure to watch." "Thanks for the complement." "No problem." (And now, back to the important stuff. Me!) "So the giant Bellsprout supports the tower that was built around it?" Lynkeru inquired, watching the giant stem sway. "Exactly," confirmed the sage. "It also allows for greater stability in an earthquake." "And where's its head?" "Ah, yes, the head. We don't allow the general public near the head. Federal regulations. If the Bellsprout wer to awaken, you see, it may destroy the tower and even attack the city. As an extra precaution, the floors above this one have been padded so no sound may reach its ears." "Is it really that dangerous?" "I do not believe so. It is not in the Bellsprout's nature to act violently. Rather it remains flexible, swaying in the wind. There is much we can learn from the ways of the Pokemon." Hurrying on his way, a non-descript delivery boy ran into Lynkeru and knocked the both of them down. "Sorry, miss," the delivery boy said as the quickly picked up his spilt wares. Lynkeru and the sage stooped to help him. Picking one up, she couldn't help but notice that it was round, blue and had a fuse. "These are bombs!" she exclaimed. "These are my bombs! Where did you get these?" "Huh?" the delivery boy replied, looking up from his bomb-gathering. He hadn't expected the young Gerudo to be here of all places. Nonetheless, he played it cool and thought up a reply quickly. He would've been able to use it if the glowing bug fluttering around Lynkeru hadn't chimed in with what he heard as a twinkling sound. "Lyn!" Indi exclaimed. "I think this is the guy that stole your stuff!" Lynkeru's eyes windened in the instant recognition set in. "You!" she exclaimed, drawing her swords. "What did you do with Eponyta?" The delivery boy stood up and removed his disguise with a flourish, revealing the caped, black costume he had worn the last time they met, complete with mask. "The Masked Rocket!" the sage exclaimed. "I don't know how you saw through my ingenious disguise," the Masked Rocket said. "I don't know who you are, where you came from, or what you're doing here, but you won't stop me from pulling off my grand scheme!" The Masked Rocket grabbed the nearby sage and put a pointed device at his throat. "My hookshot!" Lynkeru exclaimed. "Not a step closer," threatened the Rocket. "Or the old man gets it." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ Yolei probably should've paid more attention to Yuki's match. As it was the boy who had saved her from plummeting down the gap that was in place of the gym's floor was just as intriguing, if not more so and more pleasing to look at to boot. Look at yourself, Yolei mentally reprimanded. How she think of another boy like this? Wasn't the point of this journey to find Ken and live happily ever after? "Looks like you're up," the boy said. "Huh, wha?" Yolei stammered, breaking out of her reverie. "Oh, yeah, the match. Right." "You nervous about your first match?" he asked. "Or does the pit have you shaking in your tennis shoes? Need me to hold your hand?" "Of course not!" Yolei blurted out, apparently offended despite being in the proximity of a righteous hunk of which she'd love to hold more than just hands. "I'm going to beat this guy all by myself! Just you watch!" At that, she stomped off down the path to the center platform calling out, "Alright, fly boy! You 'n' me! Right now!" "Keep the sage out of this!" Lynkeru demanded. "This is between you and me!" "I beg to differ," the Masked Rocket said. "This has nothing to do with you." The Masked Rocket pointed the hookshot in the air and pulled the trigger. The pointed head of the device shot upwards, followed by a long chain. It found an unseen purchase and pulled the Rocket and the sage into the upper levels of the tower. "Great," Lynkeru muttered. "He's up there with my hookshot. How am I going to get up there?" There was a familiar hooting as Garrison the Noctowl alighted upon a window sill. This gave her an idea... "Welcome to the Violet City Gym," the Falkner said as Yolei stormed up to him. "I am the Mighty Falkner, the gym's leader. The last match was a just a warm-up. This time around, I'll...." "Yeah, yeah," Yolei interrupted. "Quit with the yappin' and make with the Pokemon." "Hmph," Falkner replied, offended. He pulled a ball from his belt. "If you insist. Go, Spearow!" Falkner tossed out the ball and the aforementioned Spearow appeared. "Go, BladeRunner!" Yolei called out, sending out her own Pokemon. The Mareep materialized before her. "An electric type?" Falkner scoffed. "Don't insult me. You think a little lightning is all it takes to take down one of MY birds? Guess again! Spearow, Sand-Attack!" "BladeRunner, Tackle!" Yolei commanded. Spearow dove and the two monsters charged at each other The Spearow spun in a fast barrel roll, sweeping up sand and dust. It stung BladeRunner's eyes, but at the range she was now she didn't need to ram her head into her opponent. Her attack landed, sending the Spearow spiraling backwards. This is going to be too easy, Yolei thought. This is too easy, the Masked Rocket thought. The sage wasn't even struggling at his bonds. Instead he sat in silent meditation. "You there," the Masked Rocket called out, breaking the silence. "Do you want to know what I'm doing, or why?" The sage looked around. Explosives had been arranged around the giant Bellsprouts's head. The Masked Rocket's Team spirit was adequately demonstrated by their arrangement as a giant letter "R." "You plan to blow up the Sprout Tower's top level," the sage answered. "Thereby simultaneously awakening and weakening the great Bellsprout so you may capture it." "Very observant," the Masked Rocket said. He was a tad hurt. He really felt like gloating. "Afterwards," the sage continued, "You'll present it to your boss in hopes of a promotion and extravagant wealth." "You can stop now," the Rocket said, getting annoyed. "You won't succeed." "Of course I will! My plan is sheer genius, thought up by a sheer genius, namely me! All I need to set my plan into its final motion is to set off the bombs. ANd what better way to do that than with the original bomb ball? PokeBalls, go!" The Rocket tossed out five PokeBalls. The opened in turn, producing three Voltorbs and two Electrodes. The Rocket proceeded to laugh maniacally. "Well?" questioned the Rocket. "Despite the Bellsprout's flexible nature," explained the sage, "It is far too powerful for you to control. As for the tower, it can be rebuilt and the Bellsprout will one day awake as all creatures do. All this is material, and is not of great concern to me. Just be forewarned that the power you seek may be more than you can handle." "We'll just see about that." The Masked Rocket turned with a dramatic flaring of his cape. He then raised his hand in preparation to signal the anticipated move. "Ready..." The bomb balls spun and bounced into formation. "...Set..." They tensed as readying themselves to release their massive energies. "Hold it right there!" Before the Masked Rocket could command the explosion, a Noctowl swooped up through the hole in the floor. From it's clutches leapt Lynkeru, who knocked several of the red-and-white Pokemon out of formation. "What are you doing here?" the Masked Rocket demanded. "Thwarting your evil plans, wrong-doer," Lynkeru replied, drawing her swords. "Now, are you going to surrender or do you want to taste Gerudo steel?" "I never surrender," the Masked Rocket said. "And I never fight my own battles. Voltorbs! Electrodes! Attack!" The Voltorbs and Electrodes spun into formation, surrounding Lynkeru. They then launched themselves directly at her. "Thundershock!" Yolei commanded. BladeRunner let loose with a blast of electricity that downed Falkner's Spearow. "About time," Yolei muttered under breath. She wasn't faring as well as Yuki had. Multiple Sand-Attacks had taken their toll and BladeRunner couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. The Mareep and the Spearow had been going at it for a while without so much as a singed feather. "Spearow, return," Falkner ordered. "Pidgeotto, take 'em down!" "Pidgey-OH!" the bird cried as it materialized. "That's the evolved form of Pidgey," Yolei said to herself. She considered switching Pokemon, but none of the others had an advantage against flyers. She wished she had gone after the Geodudes she heard were just off the previous route. "Pidgeotto, Mud Slap," Falkner commanded. "Thundershock, BladeRunner," Yolei called. "Just keep shooting 'till you hit it!" BladeRunner could just make out the shapes flying towards her. Volleys of lightning lashed out, vaporizing flying mud. "Dive!" Falkner called. Easily dodging BladeRunner's poorly aimed Thundershocks, Pidgeotto dove into the pit. BladeRunner attempted to follow, but the bird had disappeared. "Quick Attack!" "BladeRunner! Behind you!" BladeRunner turned to see Pidgeotto soaring right at her from behind. The bird rammed into her before she could react and the Mareep was tossed off the edge of the platform. "BladeRunner, return!" Yolei shouted. BladeRunner was hastilly recalled into her PokeBall. "That was cheap!" Yuki scolded. "All's fair in love and Pokemon Battles," Falkner replied. "You can use one more Pokemon. Or do you want to quit now?" Yolei growled in frustration and angrily tossed out her next PokeBall. "Pidgey!" the new Pokemon called out. "Tallyhawk?" Yolei exclaimed in surprise. She checked her shirt pocket. "Oh, no! I meant to use my Cyndaquil, Mera! I must've grabbed Tallyhawk's ball by mistake!" "Pidgeotto, Quick Attack!" Falkner commanded. The large bird swooped down upon its unevolved opponent. "Hee-ya, HA!" Lynkeru yelled as she knocked the Voltorbs and Electrodes away with her swords. A couple Voltorbs collided with each other, knocking each other out. "Garrison, Hypnosis," the sage commanded. Two Electrodes Screeched to a halt in front of the Noctowl. Garrison's eyes swirled, and the evolved bomb balls drifted off to sleep. "You are a worthy adversary," the Masked Rocket said. "But you're no match for... This! Venusaur, go!" The Rocket tossed out his sixth PokeBall. In a flash of white light, a large, toad-like creature with giant flower growing out of its back appeared. "That's Venusaur," the sage warned. "It's most powerful attack is the Solar Beam." "I thought I told you to shut up!" the Rocket scolded. "Venusaur, Vine Whip!" From the base of Venusaur's flower's trunk, two vines grew. They quickly extended, lashing out at Lynkeru. She attempted to parry, but the vines knocked her to the ground. The Rocket laughed. "Beat her to a pulp, Venusaur!" The vines lashed out again. Lynkeru leapt up from her crouched position, dodging the attack. This is going to be tough, Lynkeru thought to herself. This is a tough match, Yolei thought to herself. Tallyhawk was holding his own, but his evolved opponent was a superior lifeform. Yolei didn't know how much longer her Pidgey could hold out. "Sand-Attack!" Yolei commanded. "Mud-Slap!" Falkner ordered. Flying sand met flying mud. The heavier Mud-Slap barrage flew through the driving said and hit Tallyhawk square, throwing him back. The Pidgey still stood his ground, er, air. "Quick Attack!" Falkner called. "Gust!" commanded Yolei. Tallyhawk spun in a swirling funnel of air. His Pidgeotto opponent flew into the funnel, narrowly missing the Pidgey. Pigdeotto was dizzied and crashed into the ground. "Tackle, Tallyhawk!" "Pidgeotto, Whirlwind!" Tallyhawk rammed his shoulder into his opponent's back as he got up. The Pidgeotto shrugged it off and attempted the whirlwind attack. The resulting tornado caught Tallyhawk and rammed him into the wall, but he quickly regained his stance. Yolei used the health monitor function on her PokeDex to see how much farther Tallyhawk and Pidgeotto could go. "One more attack should do it, Tallyhawk!" Yolei yelled excitedly with a grand gesture. "Tackle him and victory will be ours!" "We'll see about that!" Falkner retorted. "Quick Attack!" The birds swung about in midair and flew headlong towards each other. "I can't watch!" Yolei exclaimed, covering her eyes. Lynkeru grimaced as the Venusaur's vine whips rammed her into the wall. She slid down and got into a kneeling position. Her whole body hurt so much, it was ringing in her ears. "It's about time to finish you off," The Masked Rocket said. "Venusaur, Solar Beam!" The Venusaur's trunk extended, punching a hole in the ceiling. Rays of sunlight poured down onto its petals. "Veeenuuuus...." the Venusaur growled as it charged up its most powerful attack. Lynkeru's eyes focused on the monster before her. For a moment, it looked remarkably like a Dogongo. "Dogongos!" Lynkeru said. "That's it!" She picked up a nearby bomb and lit it. If their one thing Lynkeru knew, it was that Dogongos will eat anything, even if that something would give it a major case of heartburn. "SAAURRRR-gulp!" The Venusaur's attack, and growling, abruptly ended as a lit bomb found its way down its throat. After a few tense seconds, the bomb exploded. The Venusaur belched flame and fainted. "My Venusaur!" The Masked Rocket exclaimed, recalling his Pokemon. "I suppose that's what I get for stealing high-level Pokemon instead of raising them myself. It matters not, for you have failed to prevent me from succeeding! Voltorb! Explosion!" Having waited in the corner this whole time, the Voltorb merrily bounced back into position, twirled with a flourish, and blew itself to pieces. The Masked Rocket laughed maniacally as the bombs exploded in rapid succession. The Sprout Tower rocked as bits of wood flew everywhere. Slowly, the giant Bellsprout's eyes opened. It yawned, stretching as best as it could in such a confined area. Groggily, it set it's eyes on the four figures in front of it. "WHO DARES AWAKEN ME?" the Bellsprout bellowed. Lynkeru, the sage, and Garrison the Noctowl pointed to the Masked Rocket. "It talks!" the astonished Rocket proclaimed. "HOW DARE YOU AWAKEN BELLSPROUTER!!!" the Bellsprout bellowed louder. "YOU GET NEGATIVE FIVE BWLN* POINTS!!!" (*Bellsprouts Who Like Naps) So great was the force of Bellsprouter's bellowing, it knocked out the opposite wall and sent everyone on the floor flying out into space. "Well, it look like that plan fell through," the Masked Rocket said rather calmly for someone plummeting to their death. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm just not the down-to-earth type." The Rocket blew into a silent whistle and a Charizard flew in and began to plummet along side him. "If this were some corny TV show," the Masked Rocket continued, "This would be the point in which I told you that you hadn't seen the last of me, but judging by your current situation you probably won't. Ta!" The Masked Rocket flew off on his Charizard, disappearing into the blue sky. "I don't suppose you have any of those realm-traversing powers I've seen other sages use, have you?" Lynkeru asked. "Nothing miraculous," the sage replied. "But, I do have one trick up my sleeve. Garrison! Here!" The Noctowl flew upwards and swooped back down, catching them on his back. "Nice save," Lynkeru said. She looked around. Garrison had continued flying upwards after catching them. From here she could see much of the surrounding area. It was a breath-taking view, but none of it was at all familiar. "What are we going to do about the giant Bellsprout?" Lynkeru asked. "It doesn't look like we'll have to worry about that," the sage answered. "It appears to have gone back to sleep." "Well, that's nice and convenient." Garrison began his descent towards the Violet City Pokemon Center. Nearing it, they could see Yuki and Yolei outside. Garrison landed and Lynkeru and the sage hopped off. "Hey, Lynkeru," Yuki greeted. "You find that thief yet?" "Yeah," replied Lynkeru. "But he got away before I could catch him. How about you? Did you earn any badges?" "I got my Zephyrbadge pretty easily," Yuki answered. "But Yolei's Pokemon weren't as powerful as mine, so it wasn't so easy for her." Lynkeru looked at Yolei. She had turned to the door, about to go in. She looked back with sad look in her eyes. "Yolei..." Lynkeru said. "Did you..." Yolei expression brightened as she held up her Zephyrbadge, remembering how Tallyhawk somersaulted under then above the Pidgeotto and knocked it to the ground. "I won!" Yolei gleefully exclaimed. "Way to go, Yolei!" Lynkeru congratulated. Yolei basked in her glory for a moment before something came to her. "Hey," she said to Yuki. "What happened to that other guy?" "Huh?" Yuki responded. "Oh, yeah. He just disappeared during your match. I don't know what happened to him." "Oh. You think we'll ever see him again?" "Who knows. Maybe we will." Will they ever meet that guy again? Will Lynkeru catch the Masked Rocket? Did anyone catch the REALLY subtle Red Dwarf reference? Find out next time, in the PokeWars! Future shock.