From: Pipian ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Azalea Bound Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-25 20:01:57 PST "Heihachi Ohashi -san: CHOKISLAMU!!!" <zigthezigoverzig-powererzig@webtvzig.netzig> wrote in message news:9c4nqo$5iv$ > "Oh, sorry," Yolei apologized. > > "Why'd you run off?" > > "I thought I saw someone come through here, but I guess not. Hey, look! > Union Cave!" > > "What about it? It's not like we need to go through there or anything." > > "No, but I may need some Rock Pokemon..." "Well then, let's go," said Yuki. "I don't need any Rock pokémon because I prefer Steel-types... Like Steelix." "Steel-types?" Drake asked. "There are new types of Pokémon?" "Yeah," said Yolei. "A few years back, when the started to discover the new pokémon, they noted that several of them had properties that were different from previous pokémon types. The scientists noted two patterns, which they named Steel and Dark." "Hmm..." "As I was saying, I don't need Rock-types, because I like Steel-types, like Steelix." <But doesn't Steelix evolve from Onix?> asked Mamoru. "Err... OK, I'll make exceptions for Onix," Yuki added. "So let's go!" Lynkeru made no objection, but then she had no idea what the others were talking about anyway. The group entered the cave. "Hmm... Doesn't look like Union Cave as I remember it..." said Yuki to no one in particular. <Though it was a long time ago when I last came through,> she thought to herself. Suddenly, Lynkeru shouted. "Hey! What are these tracks?" Yuki, Yolei, and Drake walked over to where Lynkeru was. "Looks like Sandshrew tracks to me," said Yuki. "Nope. A Rattata," said Drake, as he pointed to the rodent twitching its whiskers several yards away. "Eh. They're both rodents." The group walked deeper into the cave. "Hmm... Don't you find it odd that there really aren't any signs of pokémon?" asked Drake. "It is a little strange..." Yolei gasped. "YES! I found something!" Yuki jumped in surprise at Yolei's remark and started to slide. "Whoah! I'm sliding!" Yuki attempted to correct and try to walk out of the slippery trough she had slided into, but she was far in the slippery algae to grab on anything not wet or slippery. "WAUGH!" Everyone turned around to the sound only to note that Yuki wasn't there. Lynkeru noted a hole in the floor at the end of the trough and everyone rushed over as close as possible without slipping in themselves. "YUKI!" yelled Yolei into the dark hole. Suddenly, a sound of surfacing in water and heavy breathing reached their ears. "Yuki? Are you OK?" called out Yolei. "Yeah, I'm fine..." called a deeper masculine voice. "Oops." "Who was that?" asked Lynkeru. "Who are you?" asked Yolei, peering into the darkness below and making out only one singular figure. "Uh... Well... I'm Yuki..." said the voice. "WHAT?" "Well, not really. I'll have to explain to you later. But I AM a guy as you've probably figured by now. Just call me Mamoru. I'm gonna try to find an exit down here to back up there. Any of you got a light? I left my bag up there so it wouldn't get lost after I started slipping." Everyone thought for a moment. "I've got Mera... Maybe he can help," said Yolei, tossing down a pokéball. "Give him back when you're done." "Thanks," said Mamoru as a light appeared in the cave below. "Hey! Whoa! OK... You can stop sniffing me... Please?" Mera eventually got off Mamoru and started walking ahead, making the light in the cave gradually dimmer. "I'm going ahead with Mera for a little. Be back in a bit." The figure ran off. Suddenly, a voice called out from behind. "Ah! So it's YOU! You and your friends seem to have stumbled upon my secret hideout... Well, I guess I'll just have to dispose of you before you alert the authorities." The trio turned around. "The Masked Rocket!" gasped Yolei. TBC? Pipian P.S. If you want to find a pokémon, you can just look for it as the 'thing' Yolei found. It'll still be there if you want. I just decided to throw in the Masked Rocket and the throwing down of Mera to add to the dramatic tension. If you want, you can either have Mamoru have deciphered the puzzle when they arrive or not... (He'd do it either way with Yuki's mental guidance as they can speak to each other mentally).