Subject: [PW!] C'mon, Ride The Train! Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 05:19:16 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Marvin awakens to find himself facing a blonde young woman on his bed with her eyes closed. He gulps, wondering if the cantaloupe he ate last night was spiked and if eating it had lead him to have a wild and crazy night with this young woman, but once consciousness really sets in, he realizes who she is, "Famifax! Wake up!" "Wha?" Famifax's blue eyes open up and she leans forward to kiss Marvin on the forehead, "Good mornings, Marvy!" "Famifax! I told you to not sleep in my bed!" Marvin rolls out of bed quickly, leaving Famifax laying there alone, then kneels down at the side of the bed with his arms crossed, "I bought you and your sister twin size mattresses, and neither of you have been using them. I even put yours in the clothing racks so you'd..." "The clothing racks are totally scary at night!" Famifax begins to tremble, despite having a thick purple comforter over most of her body, "There's like, monsters... and... and uh, a boogers man... and... the outfits come to life! And they like start dancing around and around - IT TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT!" Famifax trembles so much that once she's finished with her rant, she's not a human teenager - she's just a wobbling pink Ditto who has her small black eyes wide open. "Calm down..." Marvin stands up and pulls Famifax into his arms. He coddles her for a moment, then sets her down next to her rotating clothing rack, found in the east end of his bedroom. He pushes a button and the clothing racks start to slowly rotate, displaying all the various outfits, "There's nothing to be scared of, Famifax... These are just our old costumes and the new outfits you've been buying lately. Take it from a professional illusionist, what you see at night is just your imagination running wild!" He smiles at Famifax, who is now calm and trying to figure out what to wear as it spins past her. He walks into his bathroom. Half an hour later, Marvin steps out of his bathroom, looking quite refreshed, wearing his normal golden tuxedo. The moment he sets foot outside the bathroom, a Nurse Joy wearing a pink kimono rollerblades out of the clothing racks, winks at him, and heads out the bedroom's door. Marvin follows her into the living room and sees two Ditto, one wearing a Scope Lens glasses, standing before the computer in the corner of the room. He walks up to them and says, "Hey, you two, enough computer games. Famifax is all ready already, wearing the same outfit she does every time she visits Maiden's Peak! You two should be getting ready too..." "Very well, master." Xerox pulls her glasses off, turns off her computer, and begins to shimmer. When her Transformation is complete, she's a dirty-blonde hippie girl who has blue eyes. She's only wearing a kimono with psychedelic colors on it and small purple specs. The kimono proudly announces, "I went to Celadon City's Pokestock '99 and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!", even though the article of clothing is not a t-shirt. When she turns to look down to see what Mimic's going to Transform into, she sees a Jigglypuff balloon tied to her wrist and smiles, "This is just like last time." Mimic, the balloon, nods. "Oh yeah, now I remember - Mimic turned into a balloon for a time that first time we went to Maiden's Peak." Marvin adjusts the crystalline blue top hat on his head, getting ready to step out of his apartment, "No wonder you wanted me to buy you a Jigglypuff balloon those last two times we went, Xerox!" Xerox noticeably sweatdrops, but she wipes it off her face and changes the subject, "We must hurry, master. The Magnet Train shall be departing in ten minutes and we still must visit the Pokemon Center in order to ask Sarah if she wants to accompany us to Maiden's..." Xerox's surroundings change. She is now standing in the lobby of the Goldenrod City Pokemon Center, a dazed Marvin and a confused Famifax standing next to her. She looks at the Jigglypuff balloon at her side, "Mimic!" "Marvin say no teleport to Maiden's Peak, not here.." Mimic's blue eyes scan the lobby, despite being simply paint on rubber, "There Sarah." He ever so gently tugs Xerox in the direction of a blonde teenage girl sitting on a bench who is trying to convince her Mareep to get examined by Nurse Joy. When Xerox walks up to her, she is not the one who speaks - the Jigglypuff balloon bumps onto Sarah's head, "Hi Sarah. Is Mimic." At that moment, a little bit of pent-up electricity escapes the nearby Mareep's fleece, and the static that is produced attaches Mimic to Sarah's blonde hair before he asks, "Want ride train to festival in Maiden's Peak?" "Tr-tr-train?! No way!" Sarah looks up to see a hippie chick in a kimono standing directly in front of her, who she assumes is Mimic. Marvin walks over to Sarah and puts his hand on her shoulder, which makes her jump in her seat, "C'mon, ride the train!" "...and ride it!" Famifax the kimono-clad Joy adds, echoing Marvin's statement since she thinks Sarah should come along. Sarah closes her eyes and shakes her head. When she opens her eyes again, she's sitting on a chair in the Magnet Train, next to the kimono-clad hippie, and across from the tackily-dressed magician and the nurse who had just spoken. It takes her a moment before she realizes where she is. When she does, she shrieks! "Oops." Mimic notices that he's still attached to Sarah's blonde hair, which is why she was teleported along with the group, "Static cling. Xerox please yank Mimic." "Pardon?" Xerox asks, before realizing what Mimic meant. She pulls on the string tied to her wrist that is attached to Mimic, but by that time, Mimic's already floating free beside her. Seconds after Sarah realized she was on the Magnet Train, the most technological device she's ever heard about, she ran outside. Marvin leans back in his chair, hands behind his head, and grins, "Many thanks, Mimic. Not only did we board the Magnet Train on time, but now Goldenrod City's Nurse Joy must think that I'm the greatest magician in the world - one able to make himself and three people disappear without the use of smoke and/or mirrors. I hear she's quite the gossip, so she'll probably tell the local Radio Station, and once it's broadcast all over Johto, I can expect a much larger audience when I return!" -Marvin