Subject: Re: [PW!] C'mon, Ride The Train! Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:23:32 -0700 From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: SBC Internet Services Newsgroups: Rob wrote: > Marvin leans back in his chair, hands behind his head, and grins, "Many > thanks, Mimic. Not only did we board the Magnet Train on time, but now > Goldenrod City's Nurse Joy must think that I'm the greatest magician in > the world - one able to make himself and three people disappear without > the use of smoke and/or mirrors. I hear she's quite the gossip, so > she'll probably tell the local Radio Station, and once it's broadcast > all over Johto, I can expect a much larger audience when I return!" "Unless Nurse Joy decide just another teleport. Mimic far from only one can do that." Mimic deflates a little, though paradoxically stays at the same height. Xerox notes the slight depression in Mimic's voice at the end of his statement, but before she can inquire, the conductor's call sounds. "All abooOOAAAARD!" For all the high-tech modernity, the conductor stands out as an icon of more classic times. His uniform could have come out of the history books, and his gold-plated fist-sized pocketwatch, complete with chain, is apparently as accurately set as its analog readout will allow. The most significant break with tradition is that he does not check tickets, that function having been assumed by more recent mechanisms. Such as one that informs the conductor of a certain quartet who boarded without actually purchasing tickets...which Marvin realizes just as the conductor marches up to them and clears his throat. "Is there a problem?" "Tickets, please, or I'll have to have you ejected." "Ah...umm..." "You are a bit too late," Xerox notes as the city landscape outside is replaced by forest. "We are already underway." The conductor nods, but does not move. "...I see. Master, I suggest you show him our tickets." #You do not need to see their tickets.# The conductor blinks, then looks at the balloon. #They can go about their business.# He frowns. "*Four* tickets, it seems." Mimic sweatdrops. As does Xerox...until she smiles. "But, sir, there's only two of us here." The conductor nods towards Mimic. "You've got a jigglypuff tryin' to be cute, in a bad way. And I see three o'..." The conductor counts again. "You must be mistaken. Besides, take a look at our pass." Xerox proffers a plastic card to the conductor. "It quite clearly says, 'and guests'. That includes any pokemon." "..." He reads the card. "Well, I'll be. I thought they weren't issuin' any more o' those." He nods. "Not sure who you begged it from, but it's legit. Ok, I guess I can overlook this. Just...board normally and use the doors next time, ok? We had enough troubles five years ago when the number of bodies leavin' the train was less than the number boarding by two - and that was without any ejections. Never did find 'em." When the conductor moves on, Marvin releases a closely-held breath. "Lucky break! Where did you *find*..." The card morphs back into a Nurse Joy wearing a pink kimono and rollerblades. Famifax winks and giggles. "Little bro ain't the only one who can pulls tricks." "Right. Anyway, now we can relax and enjoy the vi-" "NEXT STOP: SAFFRON CITY!" It is Marvin's turn to sweatdrop as another cityscape zips into view outside the train's windows. "You know, it's times like these that remind me of that line about technology and magic." Xerox nods. "'Any technology, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic'." "Was that it? I always thought it was, 'Technology that can be distinguished from magic is insufficiently advanced.'" TBC?