From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Cherrygrove's Groovy Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-18 20:51:58 PST RobfromVoid wrote: > Sarah's also distracted by the squishing noises her sandals are making, > and decides that she should get them cleaned along with her wet wool > shirt and beige skirt. Soon enough, she's standing right before the > place she can get all her clothes cleaned at - the Cherrygrove City > Pokemon Center. "Th-thanks," Sarah tells the old man who brought her > here, then walks inside, holding Mimic in her arms. The Ditto is still > weak from being Thundershocked and from Struggling to stay afloat. Sarah > takes Mimic to the nurse on duty, the first Nurse Joy she's ever seen, > and says, "P-please, ma'am, help. This Ditto... n-needs urine. Can you > help him?" This Joy, being one of the more literal ones, thinks out loud for a moment, "Hmm, I'm all out of urine..." She shifts her legs under the counter. "Oh, wait, I have a bit more." Breaking out of her reviere, she smiles at Sarah. "Ok, hand him over." " need..." Mimic's protests go unheeded as Sarah hands him to Joy, who puts him on a tray. "Your mareep looks a little tired, too. I can heal her back up in no time." "Umm..." Now it is Sarah's protests that go unheeded as Joy puts on a rubber glove, reaches over, lifts Barbie off the floor, and puts the wildly-bleating mareep into a machine. "This will take a few minutes. Why don't you dry off?" She points to her right. "There's some clothes washers and dryers over there. Don't worry about anyone taking a peek: we get trainers through here all the time who've only got one set of clothes, so we set up privacy screens around each set of units. The larger units include automatic sewing machines to repair your clothes as they clean them, but we ask that you please not use them unless you have to. They're a little expensive to operate, and we're a bit short on funds this month." Slightly bewildered, Sarah goes off to take a look as Joy turns her attention to Mimic. Fortunately for Joy, no one else is in the center's lobby - not that this would have stopped her. Tired as he is, Mimic does not manage to get off the tray before Joy has exposed the relevant part of her flesh and puts the tray right next to it. Brock would probably have liked the view Mimic got, even at the expense of being in that position at that moment. Her duty done, Joy sets Mimic's tray aside and restores her undergarments to their original position. Fortunately for Mimic, she put the tray in the loading slot for one of the unoccupied healing machines out of habit, so Mimic just has to reach a bit and push a button. ****** Barbie stands, petrified solid with fear, as mechanical voices sound around her. "INITIAL SCAN COMPLETE. SPECIES: MAREEP. ANOMALOUS READING: MUSCLES INDICATIVE OF ROCK OR STEEL TYPE. SEARCHING DATABASE...90% MATCH WITH STATUS PARALYSIS. APPLYING CURE." Her feet give out from under her as if her legs had been cut off. Though her brain keeps giving out constant signals to stand up and be properly frightened, something keeps jamming those signals. "ORIGIN OF PARALYSIS DETECTED. PSYCHIC ATTACK LIKELY CAUSE. RESPONSE: PSYCHIC CURE." And then her fear melts away, replaced only by formless questions about why this was no longer scaring her. "CONFUSION DETECTED. RESPONSE: NOTHING, RELY ON SELF-CURE. MOVING ON TO NEXT STAGE." ****** It being the middle of the day, most of the booths - with the privacy screens, there was no better term to describe them - are unoccupied. Mindful of Joy's request, Sarah walks into one of the smallest, pulls shut the curtain behind her, and pushes the only button she can see, hoping - correctly, as it soon turns out - that it is the start button. "Welcome to a Silph Corporation Qwiki-Clean. Silph, for all your Pokemon Needs." Why someone would capitalize it like that, Sarah has no idea, but she can definitely hear the capitalization. "Analyzing fabric...wool detected. Anti-shrink protocols engaged. Excessive moisture detected. Please relax and enjoy." "Hu-" is all Sarah has time to say before things - in the dark of the booth, it is hard to tell what, but they look like tentacles - shoot out of the walls, grab her limbs, and force her into a spread-eagled position. The fact that this is strictly for maximum drying efficiency does not occur to Sarah, though she soon can not hear her own thoughts over the whine of hot air. Throughout the process, more of the tentacles prod and stretch her clothes; the treatment to avoid damage to or size alteration of the wool feels very much like someone trying to rip it to shreds. ****** "ID CONFIRMED. POKEMON NAME: MIMIC. REGISTERED TRAINER: OAK. ID NUMBER..." "Yeah, yeah," Mimic snaps with the air of one who knows he is about to once again experience something experienced many times before. "Mimic tired. Need full HP and PP restore." "ACKNOWLEDGED. WARNING: 60% MATCH TO POISONED STATUS. DO YOU WISH ANTIDOTE?" "...? Oh, mean urine. Yes, antidote please. Source of poison still on Mimic; please remove." "ACKNOWLEDGED. APPLYING REQUESTED TREAT-" "Backdooraccessinterrupt." "Your wish, master?" the machine asks in a suddenly very different voice. Mimic remembers that, someday, he was going to find out just who they got to record that obseqious voice, and just who put in this backdoor in the first place. Fortunately, this "glitch" in Silph's software seems to have made it into most of this line of products, as shipped to Pokemon Centers and other places. Since no one ever complained, those with power to remove it could be simply unaware of its existence, if the original programmers were not still around. "Booster scan." "Scanning. Protein: current maximum reached. Iron: lifetime maximum reached. Carbos: one unit below current maximum. Calcium: lifetime maximum reached. HP up: lifetime maximum reached. Happiness: level 3." "Hmm. Mimic thought Mimic at lifetime maximum on all five. And when happiness get added to scan? Oh, well, Mimic not complaining. Alter treatment package: plus one carbos." "Altered. Resume treatment?" "Resume treatment." "-MENT." Familiar waves of change wash through Mimic, removing his lethargy as though someone dunked it in metaphoric acid, without any pain to him. Before his eyes, the urine vanishes; before his olfactory membranes, so does a scent that the better-nosed pokemon could match to this particular Nurse Joy in a heartbeat, provided Joy were also in scent range. And then the special treatment hits - faster and rougher than the other waves, not having had the same benefit of QA and optimizing, but just as effective in its own right: Mimic felt his body respond ever so slightly faster once it passed. ****** The machine opens, allowing Barbie to walk dizzily out on unsteady, but finally again under her control, feet. She sees Sarah leaning on the counter, but something is very wrong - Sarah seems far too calm and collected, idly blowing on her nails with a slight smirk on her face, then wiggling her fingers as if trying out a new hand. If Sarah had an evil twin, this might be it. At least Barbie's sense of fear is no longer restrained. And then Barbie sees Sarah, also swaying on her feet, though less than Barbie, standing some distance away and staring slack-jawed at Sarah. "How...who..." Sarah shakes her head. "Excuse me, miss, but are you, umm...?" 'Sarah' looks up from her nails to Sarah and smiles. "Sarah done? Good, we can go." 'Sarah' picks up Barbie, walks up to Sarah, and hands the mareep over. "..." Sarah backs away a bit, but accepts Barbie. 'Sarah' smiles wider. "No worry. Is just Mimic. Sarah know, one who got Sarah here?" " were the smeargle? And the...umm..." 'Sarah' nods. "Yes. Mimic is many things. For now, Mimic is Sarah. Later, Mimic be something else. Sarah no seem like flying, even though faster, so Mimic think maybe Sarah want walk New Bark City? Mimic told is not far."