From: RobfromVoid ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Cherrygrove's Groovy Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-21 01:01:25 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > 'Sarah' smiles wider. "No worry. Is just Mimic. Sarah know, one who > got Sarah here?" > > " were the smeargle? And the...umm..." > > 'Sarah' nods. "Yes. Mimic is many things. For now, Mimic is Sarah. > Later, Mimic be something else. Sarah no seem like flying, even though > faster, so Mimic think maybe Sarah want walk New Bark City? Mimic told > is not far." "This is... surreal. Like an out... out of body experience." Sarah drops Barbie and stares at her duplicate, eyes open wide. She examines all of the clone's visible body parts, and goes so far as to stand behind Mimic to see what her own backside looks like, "Whoa, I've gotta stop eatin' so many pancakes for breakfast." 'Sarah' turns around, just a tiny bit annoyed at having been ignored, and repeats the question, "Mimic ask question. Want walk New Bark?" "Hehe! Teddy would just freak out!" Sarah's hands go up to her mouth when she giggles after imagining the expression her little brother would have on his face if he got tackled by his sister while trying to wake up his sister without his sister getting out of bed. After a moment, when the giggling subsides, it is replaced by an awkward silence. Sarah looks at Mimic's eyes, which currently look just like her hazel ones, and says, "I-I'm sorry, did you... say somethin'... Uh, Mimic, is it?" "Yes Mimic. Yes say some thing," Mimic says, smiling since Sarah appears to have calmed down and is paying attention to him again, "Ask if want walk New Bark." Sarah nods feverishly, explaining, "Oh yes, yeah! Of course... I want... That's where we're headin', to get the Pokemon from that guy... so yeah!" She stops and looks down at her feet, "I'm sorry... I don't want to offend... I just... I got carried away with..." "Is okay." When Mimic says this, Sarah sees what looks like her fair-skinned hand being placed on her shoulder, "It happen. No problem. Mimic still be friend." That same hand moves from Sarah's shoulder to her own hand, where the very similar fingers interlock. Sarah is escorted out of the Pokemon Center by her twin, and her Mareep cautiously follows, not entirely trusting the Ditto who has assumed her trainer's form even though Sarah seems to trust him. The two Sarahs and sole Barbie walk eastward, through the occasional field of tall grasses. As the twins walk together, they talk, their voices very similar but grammar very different, "Mimic think be at New Bark before night come. Mimic no get what fisherman say. Not getting late. It middle of day." As if to emphasize the Ditto's point, a male trainer Sarah and 'Sarah' were about to bump into, speaks, "I'm waiting for Pokemon that appear only at night." "Y-you're gonna... have to w-wait... b-because..." Sarah begins, but is interrupted by the shrill cry of a small Sentret whose body has popped up out of the nearby tall grasses since he is balancing on his tail. The Pokemon catches Sarah's attention, because she's looking for a new Pokemon to defeat Faulkner with, but not the attention of the trainer who is waiting for nocturnal Pokemon to emerge, "If you don't... mind... can I... can I catch this P-Pokemon?" Since the male trainer doesn't respond, Sarah heads into the tall grasses, leaving 'Sarah' and Barbie behind. When Sarah sees that her Mareep hasn't followed, she calls out, "Barbie, come here!" Barbie looks over at the Sarah who went into the grasses, then up to the Sarah she's standing next to, then back at the one in the tall grass, "Maaa... reeep?" She knows that the Sarah in the tall grass is her trainer, but wants to continue pretending that she's confused so that she doesn't have to battle the scouting Sentret. Mimic is about to shove Barbie, but the Mareep races into the patch of tall grass that Sarah's in before he can because she doesn't want to be touched by the Ditto at all! Seeing her running Pokemon pick up momentum, Sarah takes the opportunity to convert Barbie's fear of Mimic into an attack, "Barbie, Tackle that... uh, Pokemon!" "Reeee!" Barbie Tackles the Sentret right on the white circle on his belly, which conveniently served as a target for the panicking Mareep. Sentret curls into a little ball, then launches at Barbie, returning her Tackle with his own Tackle attack. The Mareep squeals and runs away from the Pokemon who just attacked her! Sarah looks back at her sheep Pokemon as it flees, "That's okay, Barbie, you weakened it just enough! Now I'm gonna catch it!" The shepherdess reaches behind her back and pulls out her wooden crook, swinging it at the curled up Pokemon. It gets stuck in the blunt hook at the end. Sarah raises her staff high, attached Sentret proudly displayed for the male trainer and Sarah-lookalike in the area, and happily tells the world, "I caught a... a... what is this thing?" "Sentret!" The Pokemon answers Sarah's query right before leaping out of the crook's hook. He bounces off Sarah's head and lands safely on his tail on the ground. Mimic is surprised at Sarah's unique technique for catching Pokemon, which doesn't look very effective, but offers moral support anyhow, "No worry, Sarah. Many Pokemon in sea. Grass too. Plenty of time left. Still day time." Although Mimic did not speak too soon, he spoke just in time, because right after he says this, the nearby male Pokemon trainer's Pokegear's watch beeps twice. Daylight is suddenly substituted by darkness. Mimic looks up to see that the moon has replaced the sun. The Sentret that Sarah had attempted to catch stands tall on his tail and cries out to others of his kind. The cry sounds like a whistle blowing at the end of a work shift, and all the Sentret that hear it hop onto their tails, then race out of the tall grasses, into hiding. Simultaneously, a swarm of Hoothoot flies in, and each owl Pokemon sets one of its legs exactly where each Sentret that left had been. 'Sarah' whistles in awe at this phenomenon, "Night fall quick round these parts." Barbie, while fleeing, runs into a Hoothoot that reminds her of Faulkner's Hoothoot. She flees yet again, this time back to Sarah in order to hide underneath her skirt. 'Sarah' faces the trainer who had stated that he was waiting to catch Pokemon that appear only at night, "It night. Guess you catch Pokemon now." The Pokemon trainer looks at 'Sarah' with a confused look on his face, shakes his head, then explains, "I'm waiting for Pokemon that appear only in the morning." -Sarah