From: Continue ( Subject: [PW!] Destination: ? Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-25 13:57:55 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: >Dee waved a hand. "Don't worry about it. You haven't had as much >practice as I have. So, who're your friends, and where ya headin'?" Not waiting for introductions to be done for her, Hito said as a quick introduction "I?m Hito, and this is Lokon." and Lokon gave an enthusiastic "Vul!" from atop Hito?s head, after resuming that position. Dee "looked" at her as she said this. Despite the obvious psychic attack that he had seen only moments ago, he could see that this one had a strong mind. "My name is Damian Fox," he gave a perfunctory smile for his introduction "and the my metallic companion is Bulletproof." He jerked his thumb to indicate the Magneton hovering over his right shoulder. "I?m sure we?ll get a chance to introduce all our pokemon some other time. This isn?t really a good place for that." noted Sarah Jane. Damian snapped his fingers. "That reminds me?" He quickly unslung his duffel bag and unzipped it. Hito and Dee peered inside and , for their own reasons, both suppressed a reaction upon seeing how much it looked like the inside of a pokeball. Damian tapped the flat panel strapped to his wrist a few times and a beam of white light shot out of the bag and the glow resolved itself into a belt with pokeballs. A few more taps and a pair of black sunglasses appeared in the same manner as the belt. While Damian replaced the bag and put on the items that had just appeared, Hito asked "What exactly is that?" "Some stuff that I?m doing final testing on while I?m on this trip." Damian explained, then quickly avoided answering further questions about it with "I can explain more after we get on our way." "Well, then," Dee drawled "when ya?ll answer the second part of my question, I can start to show ya the way." Seeing first Hito, then Dee looking at him, Damian turned to Sarah Jane, only to find that she, too, was looking at him expectantly. He sweatdropped and said "I guess that means I?m making the decision?" "It doesn?t matter to me where I start, as long as we travel the full route," Sarah Jane told him "that leaves you to decide whether or not we should start someplace else." During this time Dee had taken the opportunity to "look" at Damian. To his surprise, Dee found that his perceptions were blocked. It was almost like there was some form of interference, as if a hundred flies were buzzing around his ears. He started to wonder if it was all of the electrical devices that the trainer had on him, that perhaps there was a jamming device amongst the items carried by the young man. Within the split second after his initial "look" was blocked and his mind started going through possibilities, Dee saw Damian?s t-shirt change. It now read: "Can?t touch this!" and Dee heard a tiny bit of synthesized music with a beat flow by. He knew that Sarah Jane also hear, so he didn?t try so hard to conceal the slight expression of intrigue at catching music on a wavelength that few humans could "hear". "If that?s how it is?" the young man seemed to mull it over for a second before pronouncing "then I think we?ll try New Bark Town." "That bein? the case, I hope ya?ll?re ready for a hike," Dee said "because it?s not a short trip. We can save a little time if we cut through the forest just to the south of the city, though." With that he led the way out of the train station. Damian flicked a switch on one of the pokeballs on his belt and an image of a Marowak only a few centimeters tall faded into being. As it started to look around inquisitively Hito asked "You?re going to explain that one, too, right?" <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately