From: Time Lady ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Destination: ? Newsgroups: Date: 2001-06-21 18:10:27 PST OOC: Sorry guys... my server has returned to a diet of Pokewars and GRIT posts, so I'm a bit behind.... Adrian Tymes wrote: > "I've never measured it myself, but I reckon it's about twenty > kilometers. It's a good two or three hour hike on foot. [1] Just head > for the light, and don't look back." > > "Shouldn't we use a flashlight or something?" > > Hito could hear Dee's grin. "*You* can if you want. Ain't many > obstructions here, and the only pokemon are what we bring with us." Pteryx lands next to the group. She looks at the cave uncomfortably. "Awk, awk awwwwwkkkk." "Are you sure?" asked Sarah Jane. "Awwwkkk." "All right," said Sarah Jane. She held out Pteryx' pokeball. The Aerodactyl disappeared into the ball. "She was nervous about flying through the cave," explained Sarah Jane. "Your Aerodactyl is afraid of caves?" asked Hito in surprise. "She's still very young, Part of it is that she didn't feel like she would have enough wing space if a train came through." "Say, do any of your pokemon know Flash?" Damian asked. "No. But if I would have known it was needed..." Sarah Jane glared at Dee. "Hey, I didn't think of it," returned Dee as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, there _is_ something I can do. I can't light up the entire tunnel, but I can light up enough for us to see the area around us." Sarah Jane fiddles with her Pokedex briefly, then throws out a Pokeball. "Neigh!" whinnied the Ponyta. She trotted over to Sarah Jane. "Glad to see you too. Feel like keeping us company?" The Ponyta neighed and nodded. "Okay, I'm ready," said Sarah Jane. "You know, there a little light in the tunnel," said Dee. "I've fallen and had too many sprained ankles," returned Sarah Jane. "I would rather have a little extra light, so I don't trip and fall. Now, if you would like to lead the way Dee?" <TBC>