From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Destination: ? Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-28 16:13:24 PST Continue wrote: > "If that?s how it is?" the young man seemed to mull it over for a second before > pronouncing "then I think we?ll try New Bark Town." > > "That bein? the case, I hope ya?ll?re ready for a hike," Dee said "because it?s not a > short trip. We can save a little time if we cut through the forest just to the south > of the city, though." With that he led the way out of the train station. > > Damian flicked a switch on one of the pokeballs on his belt and an image of a Marowak > only a few centimeters tall faded into being. As it started to look around > inquisitively Hito asked "You?re going to explain that one, too, right?" And so they walked, heading east towards the town's main square, then east another block, then another, then another... "Didn't you say 'south of the city'?" Sarah Jane eventually wondered. "Ah did. Th' rail officials don' like anyone doin' what we're *really* gonna do, so I didn' say it then, but it does give ya almost a straight line from heah to New Bark Town." Dee gestured to the nearby rail tracks, just one fence away. Hito blinked. "We're not going to sneak on board here, are we?" "Nah. That'd be crazy." "Phew." "We're just goin' walk *next* to th' tracks. Th' gravel's almost as flat as a Route. Has t'be, f'r maint'nace vehicles to get out there an' service th' rails." Damian said nothing, but just pointed to the sign on the fence behind Dee that read "WARNING! ELECTRIFIED FENCE! EXTREME HAZARD! DO NOT TOUCH!" Dee shrugged, and laid a hand on the fence. "D'ya know how many lawsuits they'd get if some kid actually got fried by this? Maybe 'twas 'lectrified at first, but it sure ain't now. An' since there ain't any barbed wire or anythin', we can jus' climb over. Better get a little ways into th' woods before doin' it, though; th' only real danger is that someone'll see us an' tell the train station." "What if someone on the train sees us?" "Bad viewin' angle. Th' windows are constructed t' look out at th' trees, jus' in case any maintenance workers *are* workin' on th' track as the train goes by. Wouldn' want th' passengers t' get worried. Jus' make sure to keep at leas' halfway from the fence to th' rail." Sarah Jane nodded as they resumed their walk, quickly passing from city street to dense forest. "One more question: where did you get that ridiculous accent?" Dee froze. Sarah Jane smirked, and put on an imitation of Dee's recent voice. "Ah've heard milktankboys mahself, an' y'all badly overdid it." Dee smiled, shook his head, and adjusted his voice to one that sounded like a mix of Damian's and Sarah Jane's. "Ok, ok, I made that one up to sound the part and win your trust. But I really do know this land, and I really do want to see if my objective is with this 'Drake' fellow. You're the best bet I have to find him." Looking back and seeing that they were out of sight of town, he gestured for the others to climb the fence. "Say, I don't suppose you know how to teleport, do you? I could give you an, umm, accurate 'description'" #picture# "of New Bark Town if you could make this trip real easy for all of us. Unless you'd prefer to walk?" He hoped Sarah Jane had heard his psychic whisper, and got the hint. A walk along this route would almost certainly be objective-free for all concerned, and the less of his true powers he could give away, the better. TBC?