From: Time Lady ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Destination: ? Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-28 18:03:22 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Dee smiled, shook his head, and adjusted his voice to one that sounded > like a mix of Damian's and Sarah Jane's. "Ok, ok, I made that one up > to sound the part and win your trust. But I really do know this land, > and I really do want to see if my objective is with this 'Drake' > fellow. You're the best bet I have to find him." Looking back and > seeing that they were out of sight of town, he gestured for the others > to climb the fence. "Say, I don't suppose you know how to teleport, do > you? I could give you an, umm, accurate 'description'" #picture# "of > New Bark Town if you could make this trip real easy for all of us. > Unless you'd prefer to walk?" He hoped Sarah Jane had heard his > psychic whisper, and got the hint. A walk along this route would > almost certainly be objective-free for all concerned, and the less of > his true powers he could give away, the better. #Sorry# returned Sarah Jane, startled by the ease with which she could communicate with this stranger telepathically. Other than Sabrina and one or two of the stronger psychics at the gym, she could normally only achieve this ease of communication with her Pokemon. #I don't teleport. My Alakazam and Hypno are far past the teleport stage. Had you said something back in Goldenrod, I could have asked my grandfather to send me a Teleport TM and could have taught it to my Exeggcute.# With that, Sarah Jane looked around cautiously, then climbed the fence, followed by the others. The farther they walked from the city, the wider the area became along sides of the rails. "Magneton," Sarah Jane said to the Pokemon hovering by Damian, "could you sense if the rails become charged?" "Mag? Mag ne ton." "Please warn us if it does." Hito stared at Sarah Jane for the ease of which the girl understood the Pokemon. "I think I'm going to let Pteryx loose, so she can watch from the sky for the train as well." "You mean she's finally flying on her own?" said Damian with a smirk. At Dee's and Hito's quizzical looks, he explained "Sarah Jane's baby Aerodactyl was taken on a rather impromptu flight by a Haunter, taking everyone on a wild Farfetch'd chase. By the way, what ever happened to your mother's Haunter?" "I have Fantasma now," said Sarah Jane as she pulled a pokeball out of her pocket. "She's evolved to a Gengar. Pteryx, come on out," said Sarah Jane as she released its inhabitants. "AAAWWWWKKKK!!!" called the Aerodactyl as she appeared. "That's a baby?" asked Hito as she gawked. The Aerodactyl, who was slightly smaller than a Pidgeot, but larger than a Pidgeotto, landed next to Sarah Jane and began nuzzling her. "Umm... well, it _has_ been five years since I saw her...." admitted Damian, surprised by the size of the Aerodactyl. "By Aerodactyl standards, she's still pretty young," explaned Sarah Jane as she stroked the head of the still fearsome appearing Pokemon. "She won't reach her full size for another 10 years." She turned to her Pokemon. "Feel like flying for a while?" "Awk!" replied Pteryx with a flap of her wings. "Good. Then let me know if you see anything on the tracks." "Awk awk awk!" agreed Pteryx, who took to the sky. <tbc>