From: Nick -New and Improved- ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Destination: ? Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-31 20:15:36 PST >"By Aerodactyl standards, she's still pretty young," explaned Sarah Jane as >she stroked the >head of the still fearsome appearing Pokemon. "She won't reach her full size >for another >10 years." She turned to her Pokemon. "Feel like flying for a while?" > >"Awk!" replied Pteryx with a flap of her wings. > >"Good. Then let me know if you see anything on the tracks." > >"Awk awk awk!" agreed Pteryx, who took to the sky. It was about noon now, the sun high in the sky. As the group continued walking along the railway, Pteryx's shadow faithfully stayed steady, shielding them slightly from the unusually hot, blazing sun. "It really got hot today," Sarah Jane remarked as they marched along. "Yeah," Damian replied from Sarah Jane's left. He was the only one to offer a response before the group fell into silence once again, even if it was only for a moment. Hito was about to speak up from her place a few steps behind the other three, when Pteryx let out a loud cry and Magnemite started to speak up from Damian's shoulder. "Maybe a train's coming," Hito forced out. It sounded increadibly stupid. Of course a train was coming. "I think your right," Dee said, turning his head slightly to smile at Hito from his place to Sarah Jane and Damian's right. "We should probably keep a little closer to the middle than how we are now. Sarah Jane and Hito, your fine. Damian, you should probably move a little closer to Sarah Jane." Having said that, Dee squeezed in between the two girls. After a few moments, the train flew by. When it had passed, the group resumed their original positions. "Hey Dee," Hito said, hoping the others wouldn't notice her alterior motives. Even if it wasn't really anything to be worried about, they could still be considered alterior motives. "This line goes from Goldenrod to Saffron City back in Kanto, right? The same line that Sarah Jane and Damian just rode on." "Yeah," Dee replied. "And it goes past New Bark Town as well, even if there isn't an actual stop there, right?" "Yup." "So how long until this line heads underground?" Hito asked. "Underground?" Dee echoed. "Yeah," Hito answered. "If I remember my geography correctly, no routes for Pokemon trainers actually are clouded with the view of the train tracks. But from where we are now, we are totally surrounded by routes. So, how long until this line goes underground." "...It doesn't..." Dee replied with awe. "I wonder how they managed to do that." "Yeah," Hito replied. After that, Hito tuned out to the conversation Sarash Jane and Damian were having. She did note, however, that after a few minutes, Dee joined in on their conversation. When the talking subsided for a bit, Hito spoke up again. "Hey, Dee, I know a little bit about Sarash Jane and Damian, but I don't know anything about you. Care to tell us a little about yourself?" TBC......?