From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Destination: ? Newsgroups: Date: 2001-06-07 20:45:06 PST [NS]: For everyone involved inthis, my apologies. I decided that after the second day of trying to break the mental block on this one, I'm just going to put it up and let someone try to pick up where I've stopped. I really should've just done this yesterday. Adrian Tymes wrote: >He pointed to Damian. "The company that made his gear murdered almost >everyone I knew." Letting his arm fall to his side and walking on, he >continued, "I don't use pokeballs." > >The others made sure to follow beyond arm's length. Damian's shirt now >read, "Strike two." After a few more moments passed in uncomfortable silence, Sarah Jane decided that some of the tension needed to be defused. She moved closer to Dee to make it clear that she was addressing him. ?You sound like you?ve traveled this route several times before. Care to let us in on what to expect?? Easily slipping back into the role of guide, Dee laced his fingers together and resting them on the back of his head. ?Well, the bridge here is fairly short, not more than a hundred meters. The tunnel isn?t too far after that. We?ll be hopping the fence once we get out. We should make camp around there. It?s pretty close to route 46, but still about a day?s walk from New Bark Town.? ?What about the area we?ll be camping in? Are there any wild pokemon to be concerned about there?? Sarah Jane continued her questioning. ?We aren?t in Ursaring mating season anymore, so we?re fine if we don?t leave out any food for them to catch scent of. There isn?t too much else to worry about. Just make sure any fallen branches you pick up for firewood are really wood. Sleeping Sudowoodos can get downright irritable when you toss them in the fire, and they don?t burn well either.? Dee?s last comment earned a round of sweatdrops from everyone. Within a minute, they reached the bushes that concealed the other end of the walkway part of the bridge. Some of them had grown over far enough that everyone had to squeeze through single-file to avoid wading through the brush. ?Have they not been keeping up the regular maintenance here or what?? Damian remarked as he made his way through the mix of natural and unnatural passage. ?Not likely,? Dee shot back, already having made his exit ?It?s more likely that a couple of grass-type pokemon recently started to make their home there and used some spores to make it more comfortable.? There was a moment?s pause before Dee added ?I just remembered. Avoid any bramble bushes when we make camp.? Hito beat everyone else to the punch ?Why?? ?There might be Skarmory nesting in them, and they?re very defensive about their nests. They normally nest in the mountain areas, but they?ve ventured further out because more and more trainers keep coming through and disturbing them.? <TBC...> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately