Subject: [PW] Ever Get That Funny Feeling That You Forgot Something? Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 20:47:14 -0700 From: "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" <> Organization: CompuServe Interactive Services Newsgroups: "Here are you're Pokemon," Nurse Joy said with a smile as she returned Yolei 's PokeBalls. "We hope to see you again." "Thank you," Yolei replied. She walked over to where Lynkeru and Mamoru were sitting around the television and sat down in a chair. "So this is T.V., huh?" Lynkeru remarked. "Freaky... Yet, strangely pacifying..." "I can't believe Halloween is almost here," Yolei said. "I remember when me and..." "You get the feeling we're forgetting something?" Mamoru asked. "Yeah," agreed Lynkeru. "Seems like we forgot to do something for about a month. Maybe more." Yolei thought about it for a moment. "Shouldn't we have left town by now? You'd think there'd be nothing left to do around here after we beat..." Then it dawned on her. "Aw, crud..." "What is it?" asked Lynkeru. "I just remember we haven't fought Bugsy yet!" Yolei replied. She got up and grabbed her back pack. "*You* haven't fought Bugsy yet," Mamoru said. "I beat him and I have the Hive Badge." "We know, we know," Yolei said, rolling her eyes. "Lord knows you haven't stopped talking about it." She put on her back pack and said, "Off I go! Wish me luck!" "Good luck," Lynkeru said disinterestedly. "Anyway, there I was..." Mamoru started. Lynkeru exchanged glances with Indi the Fairy before bolting out of her seat and calling out, "Hey! Wait for me!" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "We're almost to the gym," Yolei reported. "How in the world could I forget to challenge Bugsy?" "It happened something like this," began Lynkeru. "We had just gotten back from trying to catch the shiny Unown on the roof..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- "It doesn't feel like I was frozen in place for a while," Lynkeru had said an indeterminable amount of time ago. "It might have something to do with why that other Unown dropped off my radar so suddenly," was Yolei's reply. "We'll probably never know for sure, though. Not even if we caught it, unless we were able to talk with it." Yolei was reaching for the gym's front door when it suddenly opened. Mamoru stepped through with a smug look and the Hive Badge. Mamoru said, "Guess what! I beat him!" "Really?" asked Yolei. "What happened?" "It didn't get interesting until after you left," Mamoru started to explain. "His Skylord had just knocked out my Funbeedon..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- "Wait," interrupted Yolei. "Skylord? Funbeedon?" "Bah, I don't remember what their names were," Lynkeru said. "I blocked him out after the first twenty times he told the story." "He hasn't told the story twenty times," Yolei said. "Well, whatever. I'm just tired of listening to it. If I wanted to sit around with a braggart, I would've stayed in Kokiri Village with Mido." "Who?" "Never mind." Indi had zoomed ahead when they saw a group of people hanging around outside the gym. She fluttered about them unnoticed for a while before returning to Lynkeru and Yolei. "What's she saying?" Yolei asked. "She hasn't said anything," Lynkeru replied. "She just got here." Indi weaved about, making twinkling sounds that made no sense to Yolei. "Locked?" responded Lynkeru. "Are you sure?" Indi mad some more twinkling sounds. "Good point," Lynkeru said. Turning to Yolei she explained, "The guys outside the gym can't get in because the door is locked. One of their friends got in, but it was through the front door and it closed behind her." Yolei thought for a moment before saying, "I think I saw an access door on the roof when we were up there. We might be able to get in that way." "Why didn't we use that when we got off the roof?" Lynkeru asked. "Eh," Yolei replied, heading for the alleyway behind the gym. "What? That's not an answer! Hey! Wait up!" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "See? I told you I'd get us in," Yolei said. "You said there'd be stairs," Lynkeru complained. Lynkeru kicked the grate off an air vent and climbed out of the duct. "No, I said there was be an access door," Yolei replied as she climbed out after her. "Besides, you're an adventurer, right? Didn't your adventures ever lead through narrow passage ways?" Lynkeru dropped and landed on her feet. Yolei toppled out and landed on her shoulders. "Yeah, but they weren't so long and dusty," Lynkeru said. "You okay?" "Yeah," Yolei answered. "Hey, you are wearing shorts!" "Don't look up my tunic!" Lynkeru exclaimed, backing away from her. "Sorry." Yolei got up and looked around. "Funny," she said. "I don't remember there being hedge-walls last time we were here." "Maybe you missed them last time," Lynkeru suggested. "I guess. C'mon, let's go this way." To Be Continued... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver's Basic Sig I'm just a figment of your imagination. "Meanwhile, the Japanese government announced that it was already well on its way to creating a three-headed soldier with wings and cybernetically implanted machine guns. 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