From: Kanji Moder - San Dimas High School Football Rules! ( Subject: [PW!] Everything you need to know in life you learned in Kindergarten (But apparantly Shikaku never went) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-13 05:38:44 PST When we last left off - Mary left Shikaku on the train accidentally, leaving him on his way back to Goldenrod. Somebody is going to get their ass kicked, huh? And now... "Everything you need to know in life you learned in Kindergarten (But apparantly Shikaku never went)" ------- Frantically searching for a cellular phone in her purse, Mary kept thinking about what the hell Shikaku was going to do to explain himself. Her opinion of him had come to an all-time low, considering the circumstances and length of their aquaintance. However, she was going to break_his_fucking_neck when she got a hold of him. between Goldenrod and Saffron... Shikaku was woken up by the train conductor. "Sir, may I see your ticket?" Shikaku reached for his bag and dug around for his ticket. He held the ticket up, so the conductor could see. "Here you go. While you're up, if you see a woman walking around outside, tell her to come back in, will ya?" "There's a slight problem, sir. Your ticket..well, you were supposed to get off of the train almost an hour ago. Your wife is in Saffron City and apparantly left you here on accident." "Hey, wait a second, slick. My wife?" Shikaku was even more confused at this point. "Mary Saseko, sir." "My w--yeah, thanks, gotcha. How the hell am I supposed to get to Saffron City?" "You're going to have to get out and walk." The conductor chuckled as Shikaku let out a sarcastic laugh and opened the window. "Asshole." Shikaku jumped out. "No, wait! I was only kidding!" --- "What? He jumped out the train?" Mary was shocked. She didn't think Shikaku was this stupid. "I told him that he was going to have to get out and walk, and I was joking, of course, because, who in their right mind would..." The train conductor went on and on, and Mary shut the phone. She concentrated her mind on what the hell she was going to do when Shikaku got to Saffron. "Where the hell does he get off doing something like this? What a moron! It's no wonder he almost blew himself up." -- Shikaku had walked a few miles before he remembered something important; he had a third pokemon and he didn't even know it. He reached for the pokeball on his belt, and threw it on the ground. Sure enough, a Magmar appeared. It stared at Shikaku and waddled around. "Mag...mar?" Apparantly the pokemon is as confused as Shikaku at this point - neither of them knew what. "Uh...sit?" Shikaku had never really seen a Magmar up close, much less did he know what the hell they did. The Magmar looked curiously at Shikaku as a small flame appeared in it's mouth. "Whoa whoa whoa! Easy there!" "Mar mar mag mar." The Magmar sent Shikaku running around in circles when he set him ablaze. It apparantly found it humorous as it decided to sit down and watch him while it laughed. After several attempts at "Stop, Drop, and Roll", Shikaku was finally normal again. Except for the fact that his clothes had been destroyed by Magmar's fire. He looked at the Magmar in the eye. "Did you find that fucking funny, you asshole?" The Magmar looked strangely at Shikaku and nodded. "Yeah, I guess it was. Hahaha." The Magmar looked surprised and confused at Shikaku's acceptance. "So, do you have a name?" Shikaku looked at the Magmar once and then retracted his statement. "Wait, what the hell am I talking about? Of course you don't. I'm going to call you Travis. Now, c'mon Travis, we have to get to Saffron, or else Mary is going to be very pissed." Shikaku and Travis started to walk to Saffron. Even though Mary had been a total bitch to him so far, Travis would be a good partner to have.