From: Kanji Moder ( Subject: [PW!] Everything You Need To Know in Life.... Pt. 2 Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-21 18:03:47 PST In the last story... Shikaku and his new Magmar, Travis, were heading back to Saffron City. However, they know not of the troubles that will meet them when they meet up with Mary, the psycho-bitch from hell. And now... Part two of "Everything you need to know in life you learned in Kindergarten (But Shikaku apparantly never went)" -- It was after dark by the time Shikaku made it back to the train station. Mary had made several phone calls by the time Shikaku finally walked in. She walked up to him and immedietly got in his face. "What the hell did you do? Are you a god damned retard? Do you realize how much you've set me back? I've been here for like four hours WAITING FOR YOU because you're an idiot!" She seemed genuinely angry, which was something that Shikaku had come to expect in the short time they had been together. "Hey, hey, hold on a second. I can explain." "THERE'S NOTHING TO EXPLAIN. You had me worried! You could have been killed!" Shikaku reacted a little strangely to this statement. She might actually have feelings for him. "Wait a were worried? About me? The person you hate so much for being a sexist pig who thinks with his penis?" He cracked a smile. "I think you're falling for me." "What? NO! I was worried about you because I would have been out of a job! As far as I'm concerned, you're just another failure that I've been assigned to fix! Your feelings mean nothing to me, and there's no way in hell that I'd fall in love with anyone while on the job, especially a jerk like you!" "...ouch..." Shikaku took a step back, and she turned her head away and sighed. "Ok, sorry. My mistake." "Whatever. Let's just get to a hotel and get some rest. We'll make the rest of our trip tommorow morning." She turned around and dragged a bag behind her. "You don't have any luggage, do you? No matter..." The next morning... Shikaku rolled over in bed as a loud banging on his door refused to stop. He finally got out of bed and walked up to the door to unlock and open it. Mary was standing at the door with a cup of coffee. She looked at him and began to laugh. "Oh my god! Don't you wear anything when you sleep?" "I am wearing something. It's my birthday suit." Still groggy from the abrupt awakening, Shikaku rubbed his eyes. "Whatever, captain commando. Get some clothes on and meet me downstairs in 10 minutes. We're taking a walk." She smiled and looked down before walking down the hall. Shikaku slowly walked back in and slipped on some clothes. He put on his belt and released his Magmar. "Hey, we're going for a walk with that lady I told you about. You know, Mary? Yeah, well, she's taking us somewhere. I don't know where yet, but she's starting to act kind of decent now so it can't be that bad, right?" He looked at his Magmar who was examining his new surroundings. "Yeah, that's what I thought. C'mon." Shikaku grabbed a small hand towel from the hotel room and put it in his jacket before leaving the room. Travis followed him to the elevator. "Now, if she's acting a little bitchy, don't blow her up with fire or anything. Technically she has authority on everything I do, and if she's in a bad mood, it's probably just PMS." Travis nodded as the elevator door opened. They found Mary sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. She looked stunning that morning, and Shikaku found himself pondering a new hobby- pondering about Mary. "You know, there's something about you." Shikaku looked at Mary, who hadn't noticed their arrival yet. "And what would that be? Hey, is that yours?" Mary pointed to Travis and smiled. "It's so cute! I've never seen a Magmar before!" "Yeah, his name is Travis." Shikaku kind of grimaced. "Hiya Travis! I'm Mary. Keep your trainer in check for me, ok?" Travis stared at Mary. He seemed to like her, and Shikaku started to feel a little jealous. She smiled and stood up. "Are you ready?" "Yeah, let's get going." He recalled Travis back into his pokeball. They left the hotel and started a trip outside. Mary led them to the threshhold between Saffron and the path to Cerulean. They walked for about an hour and a half before they got to a small, stone cottage hidden in the woods. There was an area cleared around it and there were several small trees surrounding the . The scent of white plum filled the air, and the mid-day's sunlight shot through the leaves of the trees over which the cottage rested. Mary took a small key and opened the door to the cottage, and slowly walked in. "I used to live here. It's a great place to just sit and think...and it's always a great place to train." She smiled and walked around, picking up pictures and such. "Don't get nostalgic on me, please." Shikaku sat on a couch and looked at his watch. "Yeah...well, we should probably start your training. Grab a broom and help me out." Mary walked outside to a clearing and Shikaku brought a few brooms. He looked at the clearing for a second, and realized it was a small Pokemon battle area. He began to sweep and handed Mary a broom. After about 10 minutes, the area was clear and ready for battle. "Now, let's go. Choose your pokemon." She threw out a pokeball which revealed Corsola. "Uh...damnit...Travis, go!" Shikaku pointed to the Corsola and threw a pokeball. Travis appeared. "Um...use...shit..." "Corsola, earthquake!" Mary's Corsola jumped high into the air. "Fuck! Travis, Flamethrower, quickly!" Travis opened his mouth and flames exited quickly. They spiralled around, however, they missed Corsola, who slammed into the ground, causing a tremor around Travis, and surrounding him in dirt and earth. His tail flame reduced to a small ember, and Shikaku called him back. "Heh...well, at least it's cute." Mary winked at Shikaku as he thought about what pokemon to send next. "Mark, kick it's ass." Shikaku released his Murkrow, Mark. "Use Faint Attack!" "Corsola, defense curl!" Corsola curled into a ball and hardened itself. The Murkrow flew at a tremendous speed, disappeared, and reappeared in front of Corsola. It's claws, although sharp and fast, were deflected by Corsola. "Mark, use Toxic, and then Fly!" "...what?" Mary seemed shocked by this. "Uh..Toxic?" "..." "Your Murkrow has fly." "Yeah..right?" "And you walked all the way to Saffron?" "Er..ha..ha ha?" "You are such a FUCKING IDIOT. I was so worried." "Uh..haha..I guess that was kind of stupid of me.." "Oh my god.." Mary ran straight at Shikaku and jumped on him. She rammed her fists into his face as he desperately tried to get her off of him. He eventually succeeded. "What the hell?!" He wiped the blood from his mouth. She ran at him again, screaming, and hitting him. They rolled around on the ground for a second, struggling, while Murkrow and Corsola sat and watched. Eventually Shikaku pinned Mary to the ground. "My god, calm down." He smiled. "You know, you're really pretty when you're angry." "..." She threw him off of her and ran inside, locking the door. "What the hell?" He looked at Murkrow and Corsola. "What the fuck are you looking at?" Shikaku is locked out of Mary's cottage because he's an idiot. Is Mary going to kick his bitch-ass the entire month, or will he figure out some way to get on her good side? TBC.