From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!] Gotta Catch Up Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-08 13:11:29 PST [Ok. This marks the *third* day I have tried to post this. None of my other posts have had any trouble getting through, just this one. Anyone care to guess why? -_-] Rob wrote: > Mazey walks into the room with Barbie Mareep and her Slowpoke just in time > to answer Sarah's question, "Uh, Mimic said something about 'things to be, > places to meet, people to do,' then he left! I think ya should go check out > the local Pokemon Center if ya wanna find him." Barbie joins Sarah at her > side. > > " Thanks again, Kurt. You too, Mazey. You've all been a great help!" Sarah > shepherds her Mareep outside. She walks a few steps, then stops suddenly, > "Waitaminute... people to do? Uh, maybe we shouldn't disturb Mimic right > now..." Barbie nods her head more enthusiastically than ever before, "Reep!" Especially when a trainer drenched in blood runs by, yelling his head off. The mere sight of blood does not faze Sara. When one works on a ranch or a farm for long, one sees blood sooner or later, and gets very familiar with exactly where food comes from. However, she does know that this particular appearance of the sticky red substance is not a good sign. Given as the trainer was running away from the pokemon center, Sara decides to do likewise, following Barbie's enthusiastic lead into the forest. Meanwhile, Drake returns from playing basketsnorlax, to see his companions picking at the remnants of breakfast inside the center. He recognizes each face, and only sees one of each. "Where's Mimic?" Lynkeru glances up. "One of the locals suggested he get out of town." She snorts. "Some gratitude. Once they found those two slowpokes who died just for being in the way of that fight, their attitude changed in a heartbeat, but Mimic was gone by the time they came back to apologize. I think he went off to the forest. He looked like he'd calmed down enough to be ok, but I couldn't be sure." Yolei stares at her. "You seem awfully calm about this. What if he killed that poor trainer?" "He didn't." Lynkeru shrugs, bites off and chews another piece of ham, and swallows before continuing. "I know the type. He was serious about needing to get him to the hospital, and exactly how long things would take, but it looked like that pokemon was willing to do exactly as told to me." " believe he knew death would come in exactly five minutes?" "Hey, I once knew a chemist who knew, to the second, how long his potions would take to spoil without proper storage. You could shake the bottle, pour it around, even go into an active volcano or through an ice cave, and it'd be fine...but take just *one* second too long to deliver and use it, and *poof*." She gestures to emphasize her point. "This Mimic sounded like he knew what he was talking about to the same degree. Though I wonder why he would know it." She looks at Drake. "You don't strike me as the type to hang around with trained assassins." TBC?