From: Rob ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Gotta Catch Up Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-09 16:51:00 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > The mere sight of blood does not faze Sarah. When one works on a ranch > or a farm for long, one sees blood sooner or later, and gets very > familiar with exactly where food comes from. However, she does know > that this particular appearance of the sticky red substance is not a > good sign. Given as the trainer was running away from the pokemon > center, Sarah decides to do likewise, following Barbie's enthusiastic > lead into the forest. "Ilex Forest..." Sarah puts one hand behind her neck while reading the sign next to the westernmost structure in town, a building with a gated entrance, "Enter through the gate..." She watches as Barbie the Mareep hops onto her hind legs and pushes open the gate and sees her freak out when motorcycle passes through it! "Eeeeep!" Barbie squeals, no longer as eager to enter the Ilex Forest. She hides behind Sarah's beige skirt. Sarah recognizes the rider of the motorcycle, especially since the green-haired teenage girl isn't wearing a helmet. "R-roxie..." Roxie, the leather-clad biker, likewise recognizes Sarah, so she parks her bike and hops off. She walks up to Sarah and pats her on the shoulder quite violently, "Well, if it isn't my old pal, the dumb blonde hick." She notices the Hive Badge pinned on the strap of Sarah's leather satchel and points at it with her right hand's middle finger, "Hey! I see you got a Hive Badge too. How'd you pull that one off? Did Bugsy make a mistake and send out a Ledyba instead of his Scyther?" Sarah gulps down some saliva, intimidated by her self-appointed rival, and shakes her head, "N-no. He used a Sp-spinarak." Noticing a sarcastic grin on Roxie's face and fearing that she's going to be put down again, Sarah quickly changes the subject, "Wh-what are you d-doin' here still... if you already got a b-badge?" "I was looking for a new Pokemon in the forest. I caught the only Paras that didn't faint when Shaft Slammed it and came back here to buy some potions at the Pokemart for the long journey home to Goldenrod City." Roxie narrows her eyes at no one in particular, "Ohh, I just can't wait to beat the snot outta that self-centered whiny Whitney brat! Amazingly pretty girl my butt." "Don't swear!" Sarah is offended by Roxie's use of profanity, however mild it was, then innocently asks, "Wh-who's Whitney?" Roxie whistles in awe at Sarah's innocent question, "Oh man, you wanna be a Pokemon Master and don't know who Whitney is? Listen, farm girl, if I were you, I'd hate myself, yes, but if one day I decided to become a Pokemon Master even though I'd be too much of a loser to actually succeed, I'd find out who and where the Johto Gym Leaders are." When Sarah doesn't retort and just sadly looks down at the ground, Roxie rolls her eyes, "Whitney's the Goldenrod City Gym Leader." "Then... then that's where I'm headin' too!" Sarah looks up at Roxie for a second, but then turns around, "We'll beat her, right Barbie?" The Mareep hiding behind Sarah gulps, afraid that Sarah's going to make her fight - not just in the Goldenrod City Gym, but against Roxie's Wooper, then meekly answers, "Ree-eep." Roxie begins sniffing rapidly, releasing quiet laughter, then smirks, "I'm guessing that being from the country, you're familiar with the enduring strength of Miltanks, no? Whitney's Miltank is incredibly tough. I'm sure I'll be able to beat her with my latest catch, but I don't see you beating her any time soon, if ever." Sarah's lower lip begins trembling, then she argues, "B-but... but I got a new Pokemon too! Look!" She plucks her Lure Ball out of her satchel and drops it on the ground. The red light that shoots out of it turns into an angry-looking pink Slowpoke who speaks, "Ah, Supergirl, you found Luthor's crown already? Excelle-" Luthor pauses when he sees Roxie. He moves his eyes from her black leather boots to her head, then sees the motorcycle next to her, "How odd. The Punisher is a female in this universe. Then again, it's not as odd at the fact that Lex Luthor is a female child in Metropolis. Anyway - Supergirl, crown Luthor, post haste!" "Are you challenging me to a Pokemon battle?" Roxie asks, "Are you challenging me?" She looks around the area, then stares into Sarah's forehead, since Sarah's eyes are once again sheepishly glancing downward at the ground, "I don't see anyone else around here, so you MUST be challenging me. Seeing as how my Paras has a double type advantage against your Slowpoke, this should be an easy win!" She removes a Fast Ball from her leather jacket and flicks the Pokeball into the air. When it lands, a terrified-looking orange Paras appears, wearing a yellow Focus Band on his head. When the Paras sees Luthor, his eyes go wide and a sweatdrop appears on the side of his face, "PARAS?!" The Bug Pokemon bows his head to the Slowpoke, extending out his claws, "Paras, paras... Parrras paras?" After a few seconds of silence, during which time both Sarah and Roxie sweatdrop, Luthor grins and says, "Exceedingly well, Parasite. While my fellow Slowpoke were too stupid to join our cause, upon leaving their sink hole, I found Supergirl bowing down to my statue. Apparently, in my absence, everyone in the universe realized the folly of their ways and appointed me their supreme ruler. Did you convince any Paras to join our cause or just The Punisher?" Luthor inches forward towards the Paras before him and whispers, "No offense, Parasite, but your pick was quite lame. The Punisher doesn't even have any super powers..." "Parasite? What? That must be my Paras' name." Roxie blinks twice, "It looks like your Slowpoke knows my Paras somehow. Parasite, use Leech Life!" Sarah doesn't look too concerned that Roxie's telling Parasite to attack her Slowpoke, knowing that true friends, like herself and Mimic, don't hurt each other. When the thought of Mimic pops into her mind, she wonders if her friend was disturbed enough by the blood-covered Pokemon Trainer to leave the town, hoping he was so that she can meet up with him soon. Sarah then looks down at Roxie's Paras to see how the Pokemon will react to his new trainer's order. Parasite the Paras' eyes go from Luthor to Roxie, then back to Luthor again. He's once again caught in the dilemma of having two masters to serve, a problem he hasn't had for more than five years. Since he's been at Luthor's side for five years now, however, it's not much of a dilemma. He continues reporting to Luthor, "Parras... Paras, paras... paaaraas." He stands up straight and swings his claws around as he explains, "Paras paaaras, paaarrrraaas paras paras! Paras paras..." He points one claw to the yellow Focus Band on his head, "...paras paaaras paras..." He then points at Roxie, "...parraas paras." He looks quite nervous. Luthor pauses for about five seconds, then nods, "I see. Well, don't worry, The Punisher is better than no one. It's a good thing you were wearing that trinket I found for you or else you would be still laying there with your fallen brethren who weren't quite so fortunate to have a dictator protect them." Roxie crosses her arms and begins tapping her foot, "Parasite, I'm waiting! What's the hold up? I caught you with that Fast Ball, fair and square, so now you're supposed to be my zombie and do whatever I ask you to no matter what. Hmm, maybe that Fast Ball I stole from the senile old jerk is broken or something?" "So you WERE the one who stole those Fast Balls!" Sarah's mouth opens wide, "Stealing is wrong, Roxie!" Roxie simply replies, "MAN, what a dumb blonde." Sarah's Slowpoke notices Roxie bending down to pick up her Fast Ball, so he hurriedly tells Roxie's Paras, "Parasite, I want you to stay with The Punisher for the time being. Monitor her actions. I trusted Poison Ivy to spy on Erika, since Bane was obviously too dumb to do so, and I hope my trust in you is well placed. I've begun phase one of my plan to gain my rightful crown and have coaxed Supergirl to help me carry out phase two. You'll recognize phase three when you see it, at which time I want you to report to Headquarters, where I'll be waiting with Poison Ivy and Bane. Oh, and if you see Clayface, who is still AWOL, order him to report to HQ at once. Also, if you see Dr. Octopus, let him know that he will pay dearly for his betrayal once I'm Slowking of the Multiverse." Parasite begins to nod, but before he can bring his head back up, Roxie's Fast Ball hits him on the back, pulling him into the sphere. While Sarah just stares at her Slowpoke with a confused look on her face, Roxie says, "This has been a complete and utter waste of my time. While I'm sure you're used to just sitting around doing nothing on a farm, I'm not. I'll have Shaft and my Totodile beat you up some other time." She mounts her motorcycle, revs the motor, and just as a cloud of smoke shoots out of the vehicle, Sarah recalls Luthor into his Lure Ball just in time to spare him the second-hand smoke. After Roxie drives off to the Azalea Town Pokemart, Barbie coughs in Sarah's direction even though she didn't take in much smoke, "Maaa... Reeep... Ma..." "Stop fakin' it, Barbie. I'm not puttin' you in a Pokeball." Sarah reaches for her shepherd's crook and uses it to pull the disappointed Mareep through the gate before them, leading her into the building that separates Azalea Town from the Ilex Forest. In there, she hears an old woman ranting to a guard about how the forest's protector is going to get revenge on the girl who just drove a smog-producing motorcycle through the Ilex Forest, but since Sarah's so shy, she doesn't ask the lady any questions and just bolts out through the gate on the other side of the building, adjusting her hazel eyes to the darkness within the Ilex Forest. -Sarah ( NS: I'm considering setting up a small event in the Ilex Forest involving the Charcoal Man's son for people in/near Azalea. Anyone interested? )