Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Halloween Murder Mystery In The Sprout Tower of Terror Date: 31 Oct 2001 11:06:43 -0800 From: (Adrian Tymes) Organization: Newsgroups: Rob <> wrote in message news:<>... > The Sage asks if anyone saw who was it that killed Doppler, but no one > replies, so he looks around at the rest of the people gathered there and > asks, "Who else wants to tell us where they were, before we have to > force the information out of you?" "Mimic giving giant sprout night off." Quite a few of the people present know the James-wannabe on sight; the rest have little trouble identifying him. "Was reviewing prize locations, though Mimic disagree topmost floor prizes better than below. No worry, Mimic no take prizes: Mimic no have need." Drake makes the connection first, and immediately examines the central column. It is no longer making any noise. "Who's there now?" Despite all his time with Mimic, Drake can not quickly remember any prior time he has ever seen Mimic frown. "Take wild *guess*. No is Mimic." Mimic's tone indicates an unwillingness to divulge further details. "Un...uncle Mimic?" Aerie peeks out from behind Marcia. "I-is Daddy coming back this time?" Mimic smiles a sad smile at her, then looks to the Sage. "Mimic think may help if know how Doppler killed. Most usual methods no work on him." Marcia nods. "That's for sure. Last time, it took a special poison, loaded into a bullet so it'd actually disperse in him. I didn't hear any gunshot. Did you?" Becky glances at Drake and mouths, "'Last time'?" "What about motive?" Yuki adds. "I don't know about you, but *I* don't have any grudge against-" "Hired assassin," Tetsuo interrupts. "I've heard the Pokemon Resistance is using them to go after its enemies, and Doppler's definitely on their hit list. They could have paid any of us, and handed us the weapon." Drake frowns at Marcia. "Or someone could have wanted to collect Team Rocket's bounty on him...*again*." "Whaa..." Yolei blinks. "I'm not a killer! I wouldn' know...just because someone paid me to!" Lynkeru peers at her. "Are you sure? I've seen what lots of money can do to a person. There are dark spots in anyone's soul. I know: I've had to face my own evil side, more than once." TBC? > -Marcia (( NS: Yes, I randomly drew Doppler's name out of a hat. I also > drew out the name of the murderer. Now it's time to figure out who > killed Doppler. The only people who can participate in this thread are > those who entered the Sprout Tower in the other NC thread before I > posted this one. Happy Halloween! )) [NS: For the record, does the murderer's author know who the murderer is? ^_-]