From: Kanji Moder - San Dimas High School Football Rules! ( Subject: [PW!] How many times will you get your ass kicked? Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-15 06:34:20 PST In the last story... ' "Did you hear anything I just told you? It's because of your stupid hormones that you got demoted, and that's why I'm here to make sure you don't screw up anymore! But instead, how about I put you back in the hospital, you asshole?!" Mark kicked Shikaku in the nuts and started to walk off. "Now hurry up, we've got a train to catch. Your next stop is Saffron City." Shikaku slowly inched his way behind her. It was going to be a long month. ' Ouch! Shikaku just got one of his testicles stolen by a bitch who's PMSing her way into his life! Will he survive? Find out now, in the lastest installment of Shikaku's journey in the pokemon saga... "How many times will you get your ass kicked?" --- Mary dragged a small bag of luggage around the train station. Shikaku wasn't lagging too far behind; unfortunately, all of his belongings were in baggage heaven, except for his pokemon and weapons. "Mary, can I ask you a question?" Shikaku shrugged. "What is it?" She turned around quickly, causing him to flinch.and guard his testicles. "Er...where are we going?" He slowly stepped away to a safe distance before she continued walking. "We're taking you to Saffron City. Then we're going to make a little trip to Fuschia." She hands their tickets to the conductor. "You could use some discipline, so you're going to win some badges. Maybe it will refine what skills you may have as a trainer as well as make your pokemon stronger." "Er..yeah, I've been meaning to ask you a question about my pokemon." Shikaku looked at his belt, which held three pokeballs. "What were in the pokeballs you gave me?" "A Murkrow, a Scyther, and a Magmar." While boarding the train, she gave Shikaku a strange look. "..why, exactly?" "Oh..uh, just making sure they were all there." Shikaku's face cracked a smile as he put his baggage away. "Saffron City, eh?" "Correct. You should have been there before." Mary was surprised that he was taking the assignment somewhat seriously. "Oooh yeah, I've been there. Heh heh heh..." Shikaku put his arms behind his neck and made himself comfortable in the seat. "In fact, I've visited all the Joy's at one point or another, if you know what I mean." "Is that all you think about?!" Mary looked at him in disgust. "When are you going to grow up and join the real world, you asshole?" "Haha, are you attracted to me, Mary? Is that why you don't like hearing about my experiences with other women?" Shikaku went a little overboard, and Mary was shocked. She hadn't ever met anyone with the audacity to be as persistent as he was. "Don't talk to me right now, pig. I'll leave you castrated, beaten up, and without clothing on the side of the track." Shikaku smiled and put a book over his eyes for a nap. ---- Two hours later, the train finally came to a stop. Mary, who was up and aware, immedietly exited the train. There were things to do, after all. Mary immedietly went to a payphone to make hotel reservations for the night. She looked around. "Where the hell did he go...?" Noticing Shikaku wasn't with her, Mary dropped the phone and started to look around. The conductor of the train yelled an 'All aboard!' and the train left. "Oh my god...I'm going to kill him. That's what I'm going to do." Shikaku woke up soon after and noticed Mary wasn't there. "Heh...she can't stand to be in the same room with someone as hot as me for that long and not be tempted to do something bad." He smiled again as perverse thoughts filled his head and went back to sleep. TBC