From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] Innocent Greed Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-01 14:39:11 PST Pokewars- VSU-0003 "Look, YOU Think of a Better Title" Jose L. Solano with help from Zephyr Warren and Kurt returned, bringing with them more food. Three had just about sobered up, and was busy re-adjusting his leg. "Three," Kurt said, "We're back. I've measured the time, and the ransom money was due about an hour ago." "They should have it by now. Warren, stay behind and guard the baby. We'll be back soon." Three and Kurt walked out of the cave and into the main cavern, on their way out of Diglett's Cave. Charlotte sneaked over to the entrance, careful not to give herself away. What was that thing with the Abra? she thought to herself. Maybe that's the "master" they spoke of. "Pretty unconventional place to hide out..." Charlotte said as she looked around. She spotted the baby. "There's that damn baby, it looks fine. Maybe it is in good hands." The baby suddenly began to wail. Warren jumped and began to panic. "-Oh crap-," he said to himself. "What is that monster doing to the baby?" Charlotte asked herself. She sighed. "Looks like I have to save it. Well I can't run in there screaming with my fists swinging." She began to make a circle in the dirt around herself, still careful not to make too much noise. "-What's that noise?-" Warren asked himself. Maybe Charlotte wasn't being quiet enough. I've trained for five years and the best I've been able to summon is a simple fog, Charlotte thought to herself. She sighed again. "Oh well here it goes," she said and began to chant quietly. Warren stepped out of the cave and took a look around. "-Who's there?-" "Outer winds spread!" Charlotte chanted, "Engulf this creature in darkness, and bring me safe voyage!" Fog began to rise from the ground and swirled around Warren. "-What the-?! Hey!! HEY!!-" Warren yelled. "Now's my chance," Charlotte said. She quickly ran into the cave and picked the baby up. "Don't cry, I'm here to take you away from this hellhole," she said and ran out. Suddenly, the fog disappeared. Warren looked around, coming out of his confusion. Behind Charlotte stood Kurt, with his arms raised, and Three. "What do you think you're doing?!" Three yelled through his speakers. "First of all, who the hell are you?" Charlotte asked. "Second of all, I'm taking this baby away from here. It obviously doesn't belong to you, and even if it did it's been living in that hellhole far too long" "I am VSU-0003. Unless you plan to fork over a small fortune, the baby stays here." "I doubt that 'three'. I have no fortune, and if the baby is worth some then that'll fortune will be for me...and for me alone. So there's basically nothing you can do to stop me" "Is that so?" Three asked. He extended a tendril and waved it around menacingly for a few seconds before sending it forward. "Don't threaten me with your toys," Charlotte said as she jumped out of the way and onto a rock near the entrance, "No matter how technologically advanced you are, you'll never be enough to defeat magic and instinct." Charlotte quickly place the baby in her backpack, careful to still be gentle with him. Three charged forward, with both his arms extended, his sharp blades out in front of him. Charlotte flipped over Three as he charged and sweeped him from behind. Three fell to the ground and rolled backwards, rolled into a ball. He stopped rolling and jumped up, landing on his feet. "Kurt, Psychic!" Three yelled. Kurt raised his arms forward. "Have some honor and keep it one on one!" Charlotte yelled. Three stopped and began to think. He remembered he dishonorably and cowardly his master had been. Did he want to be like him? "Need a puny Abra to fight your battles, aye?" Charlotte taunted. "What a pathetic weakling you are. You don't even deserve the 'power' you have. Don't seem surprised, it's about time you've realized that and I've barely met you." "You worthless whore!!" Three yelled. He extended both tendrilsand launched them at his enemy. "Weapons are useless if you can't hit your target with them!" Charlotte boasted as she jumped from rock to rock, avoiding Three's tendrils, making her way to the top of the cave. Three withdrew his tendrils and jumped after her. "Come on tough guy, am I too fast for you?" Charlotte reached the top and began to back up slightly. Three stood in front of her, having caught up quickly. Charlotte looked back and saw a narrow canyon, with a river at the bottom. It might be the end of the line here, she thought. "I'll give you two choices," Three said, in a calm but clearly frustrated tone, "Hand the baby over, or I'll tear your stomach out." Three brandished his talons. "You're going to tear my stomach out either way," Charlotte said. She took the baby and held it over the edge. "You want your fortune? Then you back the fuck off or your little golden child is going to be eating rock soon" "You won't do it." "I won't, I actually have respect for life." Charlotte put the baby back in her backpack. " Unlike you...even with all those technological enhancements you'll always be a monster. One wth respect for himself and others..." "Monster?" Three yelled. "You've never seen a true monster!" Three charged forward, swinging his claws at her. He stopped briefly as they neared the edge. "Your end will serve as a purpose to others of your kind." Charlotte jumped to the right of Three and roundhouse kicked him. Before Three could recover, she backhanded him and followed it up with an uppercut. "So that's it, huh? You're going to use the cliff to kill me instead of finishing me off yourself? Where's the honor now?" "Honor? It's merely a term people use to glorify themselves for killing someone the 'proper' way. I don't believe in honor, once you're dead, you're dead." Charlotte flip kick Three, sending him flying off the cliff's edge. While in midair, Three extended a tendril. "I'm taking you with me!" He reached for her, but she quickly moved out of the way. The tendril wrapped around a rather large rock, which Charlotte pushed. "Wha-?!" Three hit the side of the canyon, causing him to crash back and forth between the extremely close walls. He fell into the river, scraped and beaten, as the rock crashed onto him.