From: Foratog5 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Innocent Greed Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-03 15:49:55 PST > "I'm taking you with me!" He reached for her, but she quickly moved out of > the way. The tendril wrapped around a rather large rock, which Charlotte > pushed. > > "Wha-?!" Three hit the side of the canyon, causing him to crash back and > forth between the extremely close walls. He fell into the river, scraped and > beaten, as the rock crashed onto him. And meanwhile, Jessie was drunk off her ass. "Sweat Child of Mine" was playing on the radio whilst Jessie was sprawled on the bed, sobbing wildly. Having lost her newborn child had destroyed her, so the only thing she felt she could do is cry. Nick was franticaly pacing around the patio outside; baseball bat in hand, waiting for the return of the kidnapper. The ransom note stated that he'd be back by now. Nick started to grow more anxious, randomly spewing various curse words. "Where the MOTHERfuck is he?!," he mumbled under his breath. "Nick.." He turned around to see Jessie standing in the doorway. "We need to go out and look for Michael," she whined. "Right." TBC?!?!?1 ok.