Subject: Re: [PW!] Into The Unown Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 21:40:56 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: [Seeing as my last reply *still* hasn't shown up, let's try it again, see how much I can do from (bad) memory...] Rob wrote: > Marcia is surprised when she enters the room. The bandaged X-shaped > Unown is hovering above its stretcher, flanked at its right side by the > A-shaped Unown and at the other side by the E-shaped Unown. Marcia > touches her neck when she reads that the Unown spell "AXE" and comments, > "I hope they're not trying to tell us something." She glances over at > Foster, who hasn't even looked at the three shiny Unown yet since he's > busy explaining something to Aerie, and snaps her fingers to call his > attention, "Foster, can you tell us all you know about shiny Pokemon and > Unown? Nurse Joy's always raving about how smart you are." "Hmm? Oh, most certainly. As I was explaining to young Aerie here, there's no such thing as shiny unown." Marcia coughs and points to the AXE trio. "...or, rather, there weren't any that had been scientifically confirmed, until now. There are, of course, rumors and legends, like there are about most pokemon. According to legend, shiny unown gather in swarms of twenty-six, one for each letter of the alphabet. It's been said that the unown actually inspired our modern alphabet, along the earlier tradition of using pictures of various things for letters and words. But this, of course, predates written history, or at least history written in our language, and no records written in other languages have yet been found." "Mm-hmm." Marcia nods, hiding her skepticism about the 'scientific' confirmation: surely there were recorded instances of other people seeing shiny unown. "Anyway, the legends also say that if a swarm is ever dispersed, whoever reunites it gains great power. But that is, of course, just a legend. Umm, did the leader of the pack say which way it was going?" "If I didn't know better, I'd say you wanted that power for yourself." "What? How did...I mean, no, no, not at all! I just want to record them for, err, a proper scientific report. Yeah, that's it." "Uh-huh." "Well...ok, would you be satisfied if my first wish was for world peace?" "If anyone asks for that..." Aerie glances towards the X unown. "...we'd probably all wind up with the peace of the dead. *I* won't let that happen." "Aerie!" Marcia frowns. "What have I told you about that?" Aerie sighs. "Yes, mom. The world's not in any danger *yet*, so..." Marcia nods, satisfied. "Anyway, Proctor, there's at least one kid and one dragonite already looking for them, and they've found five. Unless you have some advantage, I don't think you'd get very far looking for them." "Well..." He looks at the unown. "Some shiny unown specialize in certain tasks, each according to its letter. Take, for instance, that X over there. It's currently unconscious, but when it's awake, it could Xerograph to make printed copies of stuff, or X-ray...more powerful than any similar device in this center." Marcia frowns. "Should we seal off this room with lead, in case it is X-ray?" "Yes, yes, that would probably be a good idea." Proctor examines the unown in question a bit more thoroughly, unconsciously prompted by another pokemon who has Engaged his facilities. "From the bandages, its main wound was in its eye, correct? When it heals up, it could be anything from soft diffusion to..." *ZORT* Invisible light burns through the bandages in a blink, and makes a hole in the wall above Aerie's head. "...laser." As one, the AXE trio rise up, tilting on an axis to face the one who inflicted their central member's wounds. TBC?