From: Heihachi Ohashi -san \(Tech Weaver\): We've Got Pop! (zigthezigoverzig-powererzig@webtvzig.netzig) Subject: Re: [PW!] Introductions (was: Watch Out) Newsgroups: Date: 2001-04-12 21:40:08 PST "RobfromVoid" <> wrote in message > > [Fast Forward] > Sarah is speechless for a moment while she stares into her own reflection in > Yuki's light blue eyes. The bright open eyes remind her of a special kind of > window that she had back at her farm - one side allowed a person to see through > the glass but the other side merely reflected the image of the onlooker. After > the couple of seconds that Sarah spends on this strange, uncalled for thought, > she looks down at the ground and shuffles her feet as she says, "M-my name's > Sarah... I... I'm becoming a Trainer... a Pokemon one... so... so I wanna know > where this city's Gym is... y-you know? I mean, do you know where... where it > is?" > An implied attraction, maybe? Perhaps it's about time I repost Yolei and Lynkeru's WG... [Fast Forward] > Yolei had just seen a clone of herself shapeshift into a man, but Sarah's > exessive amount of shyness still seemed weird to her. However, she had heard the > word "weird" used by some people in the past to describe her own personality, so > she knows that weirdness is not necessarily a bad thing. Yolei continues to > carry on a conversation with the shy shepherdess, "I also have a Mareep! Mine's > called Blade Runner. Would you like to see her, Sarah?" She starts reaching for > a Pokeball. > > Since Sarah had not seen a Mareep standing with the group, she thinks the > question is an invitation to Yolei's house, which she decides to politely > decline without looking up from the dirt that she's swirling around with the > sole of one of her sandals, "N-no, th-that's okay. I just wanna know where > the... the Gym is. Please?" While all this went on, Lynkeru noticed a strange, alien creature enter the Pokemon Center, get his Heracross healed, win a partially-translated PokeDex, then leave to find his invisible space ship. Seeing how no one else noticed the visitor and the shepardess's shy yet excitable nature, she decided not to mention it right now. "Well, okay," Yolei said, a bit puzzled by the country-girl's reaction. "You just head North until you get to the intersection, then head left. I can show you the way if you want..." "N-no!" Sarah blurted out, nearly jumping out of her skin and running to the nearest police officer. "I-I'm sure I can... find my way there... without help... Thank you." "Okay," Yolei replied. "Just be careful. Just having an electric type like Mareep against those guys isn't going to ensure victory. Mine sure didn't." "Thank you," Sarah said hastily, running away from the scary people as fast as possible. "She reminds me of that girl we met at the ranch," Indi said, not really expecting anyone by Lynkeru to hear her. "What was her name again?" Lynkeru shrugged. To be continued... I hope having her run off was okay. I didn't think she was going to live through talking with them much longer.