From: Steffan Alun ( Subject: [PW!] Karl in Violet City Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-13 09:02:29 PST This is my first attempt at a PW! fanfic, so please correct me if I break any rules. I've read several fics in preparation for this, so it should be OK :-) *** Karl in Violet City by Steffan Karl Weiser sat down in Violet City's Poké Center. He'd had a tiring day. He took his three Pokéballs off his belt, looking them over. The first one was Iceduck. He'd used it to battle several trainers on the way to Violet City and was getting to be quite strong. Its only real attacks were Confusion and Ice Beam, which Karl realised wouldn't be enough to beat every Pokémon Gym. He didn't care, though - he was quite content to study Pokémon moves. That was what really interested him. He had a notebook in which he wrote down any moves he discovered using his Pokédex. He took his second Pokéball, and freed the Pokémon inside. It was Nomak, his Farfetch'd - this Pokémon was his favourite. Nomak was his childhood pet, and Karl had never personally used it to battle. Karl's father occasionally took it with him for protection when he travelled to the nearby cities, but there weren't many strong Pokémon near Cherrygrove City. The final Pokéball contained an Unown nicknamed Ess - a strange Pokémon which Karl had caught in the Ruins of Alph. It only knew one move, which was Hidden Power. Karl wanted to test this move as soon as possible, but first he needed to heal it. Iceduck's Confusion attack didn't do much damage, but it still needed attention. Karl wondered what type of Pokemon it was - it was resistant to Psychic attacks, anyway. "Next, please," called Nurse Joy from the counter. Karl gave her his three Pokémon. He decided to save a few Pokéballs for later, and stored them in his PC account. Checking how much money he had, he started walking towards the Poké Mart. He saw Earl's Pokémon Accademy nearby, but decided to try and win a Gym badge first. "Good afternoon," Karl called to the shopkeeper. "Hi again," he replied, remembering Karl buying some Pokéballs earlier that day. "What'll it be this time?" "I'd like to buy some Potions," said Karl. "I think I'm ready to take on Falkner." "Right you are," replied the shopkeeper, opening a new crate of Potions. An elderly man queued behind Karl. "Think you're ready to beat Falkner, do you?" the elderly man asked. "May I ask what Pokemon you have?" "Of course," answered Karl. "A Psyduck, a Farfetch'd and an Unown." "Quite a good selection," replied the man. "None of them are weak to Falkner's attacks, but you'll still need to battle hard. None of them have an advantage against his birds, unless Unown's Hidden Power is." "I know Electric is good against flying," said Karl. "I was considering catching a Mareep for the battle, but I doubt I'd want one on my team in the long run. I don't have much money, and I can't afford to waste Pokéballs on one-time-only Pokémon. It doesn't learn any unique attacks, and I'm sure there are many better Electric types out there." "You know best," said the man. "Just be careful." "I will," said Karl. "I'll just have to settle for Iceduck's Ice Beam..." *** TBC? I take it that now someone jst continues th story, possibly introducing more characters :-) If anyone wants to write about the Gym battle, feel free to (as long as you make sure Karl gets a TM if he wins). Steffan (Who's quite looking forward to a continuation)