Subject: Re: [PW!] Like Mother Like Daughter Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 03:45:48 GMT From: Adrian Tymes <> Organization: Prodigy Internet Newsgroups: Rob wrote: > Marcia grabs Aerie's hand, "My shift's over. How would you like to pay a > visit to the Ruins of Alph? They have an exhibit there that features > prehistoric Pokemon." > > "Oh, old Pokemon. Woo hoo. How fun." Aerie doesn't look too excited, > until she thinks of all the mayhem she could cause for the scientists > who work at the Ruins, ", seriously, woo hoo! Let's go, mommy!" > Marcia pulls out a card with her free hand, "First I have to..." Aerie > whines, "I saaaaid let's gooooo!" Using the strength she inherited from > her father, Aerie drags Marcia out of the Pokemon Center, but not before > Marcia hands her card over to her Blissey. Omelette runs over to the > front desk, slides the card in a slot there, then follows Aerie and > Marcia, ready to provide healing services on Marcia's tugged arm if > needed. Fortunately, none are needed. Although she runs around as if each step just makes her ever more hyper, as is usually the wont of children her age who have been cooped up too long, she does not actually pull her mother's arm from its socket. Nevertheless, it is a short run from the center to the Ruins. Omelette waits to make sure Aerie has come to a stop, then hops off of Marcia's back. Marcia takes a moment longer to react, but slowly regains her footing. Aerie is already looking and listening at the side cave she stopped in front of. "Hmm...I don't hear anybody else nearby. The sign back there said tour groups leave every hour on the half hour, so we should have this cave to ourself for..." She glances at a nearby clock. "Fifteen minutes. No problem. Plenty of time." She dashes into the cave. "What...? Aerie?" Marcia walks into the cave. "Aerie, come back here!" Marcia frowns when she hears a brief scuffle within. "Aerie!" "Blissey?" Omelette follows, equally concerned. "Honestly," Marcia mutters. "She gets it all from her father." "Bliss-" Omelette's disagreement is choked off. "Hmm? Do you see...oh, *there* you are, Aerie." Marcia barely makes out her charge's form as her eyes adjust to the light, but something is not right. "Don't run off like that again. There could be dangerous pokemon in here." "Of course there are, mommy. *erg*" Aerie struggles with something below her. "That's why *grunt* I came in here..." "Well, you shouldn't. I don't care if you *do* have Doppler's powers, you're still my daughter and I won't have you worrying me sick. Besides, there's things even Doppler has trouble fighting..." Not that she can think of any off the top of her head, but she is sure there are. "...and you don't...umm, what *are* you doing?" "What's it look like? NNG!" With one last thrust, she sighs, wiping some of the dark fluid from one hand onto the floor. "Mommy, how do you skin a pokemon?" As Marcia's eyes fully adjust, she can see that beneath Aerie is a cross-shaped unown. Although difficult to see for certain in the low light, its skin seems a bit shiny - perhaps Norwegian Blue, or "pining for the fjords" as some call it. But it is definitely a X unown...and one with multiple stab wounds that would have embarassed Minax at the height of her insanity. As it is, Marcia's eyes are fixed on the blade that the end of Aerie's arm has morphed into, dug straight into the unown's eye. Omelette, whose eyes adjusted immediately and who saw the whole spectacle, sheds a single tear for what has happened, and what she fears is about to happen... TBC?