Subject: Re: [PW!] Like Mother Like Daughter Date: 15 Oct 2001 15:56:21 -0700 From: (Adrian Tymes) Organization: Newsgroups: Rob <> wrote in message news:<>... > Omelette chases after Marcia and Aerie slowly follows her, trying to sort out > in her mind what Marcia's been telling her. Upon arriving outside the cave, > Omelette sees that Nurse Marcia has placed a white blanket on the floor, has > set the Unown eye-up on it, and has released her Crobat. She blinks, "Bliss?" > > "Crobat, lick the blood off that Unown's face, stat." Marcia watches as the > giant Bat Pokemon's long tongue slides out of his mouth and in one sweep sucks > up all the blood that has gushed out of the Unown's punctured eyeball, then > asks him, "Can you tell which blood type it is? You're the expert." Crobat > grins at Marcia's comment, then nods, "Bat." Marcia pulls a large cotton ball > out of her sack and places it on the Unown's eye wound, now visible since the > blood has been cleaned off, and she holds it there as she tells her Pokemon, > "Crobat, fly back to the Pokemon Center and bring me the transfusion kit with > the appropriate blood. Hurry." Even after Crobat has flown off into the > distance, Marcia holds the cotton ball on the Unown's eye, successfully > stunting the Pokemon's blood loss, "Hang in there." Aerie almost staggers out of the cave, awe and confusion as evident on her face as in her tone. "'re not just acting, are you?" "Of course not." "But, you used to..." "I said that was a mistake. And now, I'm trying to make up for it." "Oh." The quietness of Aerie's voice, and the silence that follows, speaks in place of words. While continuing to apply pressure to the eye wound, Marcia examines the numerous smaller stab wounds along the pokemon's skin, at least what she can see of them underneath the bandages. None are much more than skin deep, though a few could, if treated roughly, peel off down to the muscle. The skin would become dead tissue, possibly taking months to painfully regrow. It would be quite some time before this unknown could be released from the center, assuming it made it there alive. At that moment, the only hope Marcia knew of was Crobat. And in the next moment, her ears picked up a high pitched humming, barely on the edge of her perception range. Soft footfalls and rusty battle instincts told her of Aerie's approach. "What do you think you're doing?" "Making up for my mistake." Aerie hesitantly places a hand on one of the smaller wounds and concentrates. To Marcia's eyes, the unown's flesh seems to melt slightly, then reform once Aerie's hand moves away, whole once more. A corner of her mind remembers seeing an article about the ultrasonics behind a Heal Bell, though the content was far too dry and academic for her tastes. Slowly, gradually, Aerie works her way down one limb and up another. As she shifts to the other pair, Marcia intercepts her hands and guides her daughter to the most critical wound: the eye. Aerie gulps then nods, and moves to start closing that up as Marcia removes the cotton. The center of the eye melts, as expected, and reforms with visible irregularities. Aerie frowns, concentrating harder, smoothing out the ridges without touching them...then suddenly collapses. "BLISS!" Omelette rushes forward, catching Aerie before she can hit the ground. As she slowly lays Aerie flat, Marcia sees in an instant that Aerie is out cold, fainted from exhaustion. Returning her attention to her patient, Marcia sees that the effort made some difference. Instead of mere minutes, the unown probably now has at least a few hours left to live, limited now by the blood it has already lost. Wounds still cover two of its limbs, though they will heal. The eye seems to be in good shape, though only time will tell if this pokemon will have normal sight again. Only then does Marcia stop to wonder how she will get both Aerie and the unown to proper medical facilities. Getting help would mean explaining what has happened, and she doubts the local authorities would be as forgiving as she towards her daughter if the truth came out. TBC?