Subject: [PW!] Links to the Past Date: 06 Sep 2001 02:30:57 GMT From: (Dan and his army of Kirbys) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: [ Well, here we go. My first PW post in or 4 months. Maybe not the best one to start off with, since I don't think it's that great compared to my others, but you might not think so. In other news, I'm not sure when I'm going to upload my personal archive, if ever. AOL's FTP isn't really that great, and I have over 50 files of stories, so it'd really take a while, if ever. Oh well. But anyway, here's my latest story... ] PW!: Links to the Past "So, let's see what this thing is," Dan said. He was in his room again, holding the book he had retrieved from the house in Saffron. Dan opened the cover and flipped to a page with writing. "'s a logbook of Dad's," he said. "He was a scientist? That explains the picture..." He flipped to the next page and began to read: "8/15/1 My first day here at Cinnabar Labs. They've assigned me to some genetics projects. The supervisor is...very demanding, to say the least. Our project objectives have not been issued yet." "9/3/1 We've been studying certain genetic patterns in Pokemon. Our test subject is a Bulbasaur who uses small, controlled Solarbeams. The chemical responsible for collection and conversion of solar energy was identified two weeks ago. We are looking for the..." "Yawn...this is really boring," Dan sighed. "Why did he want me to read this stuff?.." He flipped through a few more pages... "1/27/2 Word is that the higher-up projects are working on formulas for immediate adjustment of genetic structures. Our supervisor, Dr. Maxwell, is very excited about the latest developments. I need to find out more later." "2/9/2 The high-up projects are getting a little dangerous. If they succeed in finishing these formulas, who knows what they could do? My friend Sam has informed me that they think the project could be finished in as little as three months..." "2/28/2 Solar-absorption gene indentified in Bulbasaur. Next phase of the project is to find this in other Solarbeam-using Pokemon." "3/17/2 Sam has informed me that the genetic modification formula project is predicted to be finished by next week. I know that this cannot be allowed to finish..." "3/24/2 The project has been completed, and the results have been entered into the databases. Now's the time for..." The entry would've gone to the next page, but it was missing. A small, jagged edge was all that could be seen in the binding. "I really should have seen this coming," Dan said. "Just like in the movies..." "5/3/2 Our cell samples are being studied. Over 50 pokemon DNA samples are being analyzed in the labs. Our basic objective is to determine the structure of the genes. If this is accomplished, it could well be one of the biggest achievements in the history of Pokemon research!" "6/5/2 About half of the analysis results have been given to us. Can't draw any conclusions yet; not until the complete results are released." "6/30/2 Complete results have been released. Most of us here have noticed one thing: many of these pokemon have incredibly similar genetic structures. For example, we've found the Solarbeam chemical in such Pokemon as Lapras, and the energy-builders needed for Selfdestruct are found in Snorlax. How exactly these findings can be exploited is unknown as of yet. Our results and theories will be published soon." "7/6/2 Our published results have spread very quickly through the Pokemon research community. There's talk of an award for finally finding this! Incredible!" "7/20/2 The research teams that worked on the genetics projects, including mine, were just given the Maple Award for Outstanding Research! The whole lab is having a celebration for us. I never dreamed that anything like this would ever happen!" "Well then," Dan said with a tone of realization in his voice. "This must be when that picture was taken. So he was an award-winning scientist...what else hasn't he told me?" He flipped through the pages again until he found a very interesting entry... "12/13/4 I can't believe how the labs are treating the experimental Pokemon nowadays! I complain, but they never listen. So, I once again took things into my own hands. I took an experimental Pikachu and released it near Pallet Town. I hope nobody misses it..." "1/21/5 They haven't gotten the hint yet. I took another Pokemon, a Bulbasaur, and sent it to be released at Cerulean City." Dan skipped ahead a few more pages... "7/14/5 I released yet another experimental Pokemon. This one is a Clefairy with modifications in its Metronome ability. It was released at its home, Mt. Moon. But there's no time for this now. My new son has arrived today! I'm taking a few weeks off from work to get everything adjusted." "That must be me," Dan said with a smile. "8/2/5 They're getting suspicious. They must have linked my complaints and the disappearances. Maxwell has been out to get me for some time now, and he may finally have something substantial now. I've informed Sam of my plans, and have sent word to my wife to pack up and get out. I will be following shortly." "8/15/5 Settled in Saffron. With my background, I was able to get a position in Silph Co. The latest word around the research areas is that a new type of Pokeball is due to come out soon." "8/26/5 Considerable development made in the healing department with my knowledge of Pokemon biology, we've been able to create many much more powerful potions. At least here, I'm making the Pokemon world a better place." "9/3/5 This is impossible! Someone tipped off the Cinnabar lab that I was here! My wife and son have to leave...I've sent them to Pallet Town, while I hide this book. No one can find it until its time. To the one who finds this: Use this information well. If you can help..." It ended there. "Well, that certainly was an interesting read," Dan said, slamming the book shut. "Who'd have thought Dad was a great researcher?.." He just stared at the wall for a few seconds, trying to think of what to do next. "...I have to find him," he decided. "But where?... The letter...?" Dan threw down the book and grabbed the envelope from his desk. The return address was probably fake, but the postmark... "Violet City! He definately left there already, but this is a good place to start!" Suddenly, his door swung open and Mom appeared. "Mail for you again!" she said, holding up an envelope. "Again? Who's this one from?" He snatched the envelope from Mom's hand and looked at the address. "Ditto Bubblegum Corp.?! It took them 5 YEARS to send this?!" He ripped open the envelope and pulled out a small letter and a strange-looking computer disk. "Dear Sir," the letter began, "Congratulations for finding the WINNING pack of DITTO BUBBLEGUM! Sorry for taking so long to send your FABULOUS PRIZE!!, but the technology was classified at the time of your winning. So, enjoy your new copy of Porygon Upgrade 2.0! It's on the disk that was enclosed with this letter. Congratulations, and keep buying DITTO BUBBLEGUM! James D. Ganger, CEO Ditto Bubblegum Corp." "Well, it's about time!" Dan shouted. "5 years of putting up with that Ditto, I'd better get something!" "Huh?" "Never mind, Mom," he muttered. "Could you go now?" Mom turned and walked back down the hall. "So, let's see how this works," Dan said, picking up the disk. "Let's go, Porygon!" A pokeball opened and out came the computerized Pokemon. Porygon let out a strange squawk, as usual. "You need an update!" Dan held out the disk, and a slot appeared in Porygon's beak to accept it. The Pokemon's features disappeared with a flash, and were replaced by a series of floating 1s and 0s, rearranging themselves. They began to multiply and form a new shape. Finally, with another flash, the numbers disappeared. In their place, was a new, improved, more streamlined Porygon, sitting before its trainer. "All right! Let's see what this thing can do!" He looked at his newly upgraded Pokemon, then to his computer, then to the Pokemon again. "This search may be easier than I thought..." TBC... -Dan "Life isn't fair, Calvin." "I know, but why couldn't it ever be unfair in my favor?" -Calvin and his dad, "Calvin and Hobbes"