Subject: Re: [PW!] Maiden's Peak, Revisited Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 21:48:50 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" wrote: > Famifax giggled and said, "My hero," before planting a big wet one on his > cheek. > > Kitsu groaned inaudibly and sank into her chair a bit. > > She looked at her PokeGear, which happened to display the time and date. > Interestingly, it seemed to be nearly a month since they met that gypsy... "Wow, no matter how many times I see it or hear the story about it, that painting never gets old!" Marvin exclaims, standing up to applaud for the old man who has just finished telling the story about the painting of the Maiden that was unveiled. He then mutters, "I wish the same could be said about me..." Keaton, who is still kissing Famifax even as the crowd gathered around them leaves the area, is tapped on the shoulder by a cane. He pulls his face away from Famifax's and turns around to face a short old woman in a purple robe who says, "Heed my warning - a young beautiful woman will lead you to your doom!" "No kidding." Kitsu smugly remarks from her chair, her arms and two of her tails crossed. Marvin comments to Xerox, who is sitting on the chair next to his while staring at the palms of her hands, "Hey, that voice sounds familiar..." When he speaks, the old woman turns to face Marvin at the same time Marvin turns to face her. The moment they see each other, they both point at each other and shout, "YOU!" The old woman puts her hands on her hips, "Well, if it isn't the old man who ruined my fun six years ago..." Marvin says, "I was trying to facilitate your having fun, not ruin it - and what did you do? You knocked out my Exeggcute! Well, guess what - they evolved and now my Exeggutor has a bone to pick with you..." He reaches into his tuxedo's coat pocket, searching for a Safari Ball, "No, wait, scratch that. What he has to pick is even bigger than an ordinary bone - he has a Thick Club to pick with you!" Once he finds the Safari Ball, he pulls it out of his coat and tosses it on the ground. In a flash of red light, a large seemingly schizophrenic Exeggutor emerges. Two of the coconut heads are smiling, but one of them is frowning and the other one seemed enraged - that is, until they see the old woman. Upon seeing her, all of the Exeggutor's heads appear furious and they all angrily shout, "EX EGG UTOR!" "Ahhh!" The old woman turns into a male Gastly. Knowing that he's weak to psychic attacks due to its Poison type and afraid that his Hypnosis won't affect such an angry Pokemon, the Gastly floats away from the enraged Exeggutor, commenting, "It's times like these I wish I were a Misdreavus..." "EGG!" The Exeggutor's heads all agree on the course of action since they have a common enemy and a Leech Seed shoots out of the Exeggutor's fronds. The small seed flies through the air before landing on top of the Gastly, who gets covered in small vines. The energy-sucking Leech Seed slows Gastly down as he floats away. Exeggutor doesn't know that the Leech Seed will stop draining Gastly's energy once he's far enough from its source, so when Gastly is out of sight, Exeggutor begins to celebrate, figuring that Gastly will eventually faint from the attack. Exeggutor Stomps back and forth happily until Marvin calls him back into his Safari Ball. "Maybe now Exeggutor's heads will realize that four heads in agreement are better than two sets of two..." Suddenly, the Safari Ball begins jerking back and forth violently in Marvin's hand, signifying a heated quarrel within it. Marvin sighs and says, "...or maybe not. So, what should we do now? Got any ideas, Xerox?" Xerox, who has been staring at her hands since the painting was unveiled, completely oblivious to her surroundings ever since Mimic disappeared, asks, "What?" "Never mind." Marvin looks over at Keaton, who is now worried about Famifax due to the old woman's warning, then glances at Kitsu, "Got any ideas, anyone?" -Marvin