Subject: Re: [PW!] Maiden's Peak, Revisited Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 01:42:36 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" wrote: > Kitsu suddenly cries out. A glow overtakes her, making her seem incoporial > as she streaks over to the couple. Keaton the Tauros is knocked off of > Famifax the Miltank, and between them stands an irate Ninetales. The > Ninetales growls, her head low and tails extended, seeming to issue a > challenge to Famifax. > > Within the Ninetales, Kitsu tries in vain to regain control of her body. > The supernatural force is still much too strong for her to resist and she > can feel herself blacking out... "It doesn't fail..." Marvin sighs, watching Famifax curl up into a ball, "You meet a nice girl, ask her to have dinner with you, and she turns into a feral Pokemon." "Miru miru!" Famifax the Miltank squeals as she rolls towards Kitsu the Ninetales. Famifax's Rollout attack manages to hit Kitsu, despite the fox Pokemon's agility, but it's a weak strike since the Ditto-turned-Miltank is just warming up. However, Keaton the Tauros, seeing Famifax threatened, takes his anger out on his sister by using his Frustration attack, which is rather strong due to his current altered state so it weakens her quite a bit. With the Ninetales flat on the ground, breathing deeply, the Miltank stops rolling around and kisses the Tauros. Famifax and Keaton then gallop away happily, neither particularly bothered that they hurt Kitsu. Marvin walks over to Kitsu, kneels, and puts his hand on her side, "I guess now's the part where if I was a Pokemon Trainer, I'd go 'I'm gonna catch it' and stuff you into a Pokeball. But I'm not... I'm a magician!" Marvin extends his both arms into the air, shows that his golden sleeves are empty, then waves one of his hands around until a Gold Berry appears on its palm. He feeds the Gold Berry to Kitsu, who sits up soon afterwards, feeling much healither. Kitsu's Pokemon instincts taking over, she licks Marvin on the face to show that she's happy about what he's done for her. Marvin chuckles since the lick tickled him, then frowns a little, "Hey, thanks, Kitsu, but I have a feeling you wouldn't do that to a weird old guy like me if you were human right now... Speaking of which, think you can change back?" Kitsu replies, "Nine." Marvin, not able to understand Pokespeak, scratches the side of his head so that he doesn't knock his crystalline top hat off, "Uhhh... are you telling me that you can't in German or that you can in Ninetalesish?" As if to answer his question, Kitsu stands on her hind legs and puts her front paws up in the air, concentrating deeply until they turn into human hands, then the rest of her body follows, from her wrists down to her feet. Marvin stands up straight and Kitsu does the same. Kitsu sighs deeply and slumps her shoulders down, "I can't believe what I do when I turn into a Pokemon..." Marvin nods, "Yeah, licking old guys' faces, that's really-" "I meant losing control and attacking my brother like that." Kitsu shakes her head, "Normally I don't transform this often, but so far I've changed twice in one night." "Must be bothersome, what with your sword melding in and out of your body like that." Marvin pats her on the back, "So why don't we go get something to eat and maybe we can figure out what's causing all these impromptu transformations... and more importantly, how we can control them so that you can be part of my show!" "What?" Kitsu asks indignantly. Marvin chuckles nervously, hoping Kitsu won't reach for her sword, "...that is, if you want to..." -Marvin