Subject: Re: [PW!] Maiden's Peak, Revisited Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 04:57:08 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: Adrian Tymes wrote: > On a hunch, he gripped with both hands and pulled harder, and was soon rewarded > with a *pop* as the thing came free. He tumbled in a classic one-man wheel into > the bushes, safely out of sight as Xerox recovered just in time to be pounced > upon by Kitsu. Though only his ears informed him of the activities outside: his > eyes were focused on the ditto in front of him who could only possibly be one > individual, though from the looks of it a rather thoroughly unconscious > individual. "Mimic!" Marvin exclaims when he sees the unconscious Ditto. He scoops up the wobbly Pokemon and peeks out of the bushes, just in time to see Xerox the Ursaring knock Kitsu the Ninetales aside with a swing of her arm. Marvin hears her say, "My battle is not with you, so leave me be. Doppler, show yourself!" Marvin watches biting his lower lip as Keaton the Tauros and Famifax the Miltank begin to approach Xerox, about to attempt to subdue her since Kitsu was unable to. Marvin shakes his head and comments, "This has gone too far. It's late, I'm sleepy, and I want to go home." He stands up and walks into plain view, "Xerox!" "Doppler." Xerox turns to roar in Marvin's direction, then blinks, "I see you have Mimic as your hostage. I suppose you will only release him if I pleasure you?" Marvin raises an eyebrow, wondering if Mimic's time attached to Xerox has transferred some Ditto hormones into her, "My name's Marvin, Xerox - you know that. And I may be lonely sometimes, but I don't want you to pleasure me! I just want you to stop attacking me and change back into yourself. I want to go home." Xerox narrows her eyes, "So you wish to trick me into thinking that you are my master, so that you can have your way with me and my sister when we fall asleep?" "What's gotten into you, Xerox?" Marvin shakes his head, then continues, "Way back when Famifax used to attack us, you said you'd never ever attack me..." One of Xerox's Ursaring eyes relaxes, while the other stays narrowed, " did you know that? I thought the rumors of your omniscience were an urban legend." "Uhm, I'd never heard that rumor." Marvin holds Mimic in one hand as he scratches the side of his head with the other, "If it makes you feel any better, the rumors that I have a huge Pokeflute are an urban legend. I should know, I started them myself in the hopes of using the power of innuendo to get more dates!" "..." Xerox's tensed eye relaxes and she stares at Marvin in disbelief as he smirks in a rather goofy way, "Doppler may have the power to level cities and destroy people in the blink of an eye, but that kind of perverted cheesiness could only belong to... Hey, wait a minute, this might be a trick of some kind..." "No, THIS is a trick of some kind!" Marvin's silver bowtie begins to spin wildly just below his neck, the Sea Ruby Badge attached to it spinning along with it. He smiles, raises his eyebrows up and down, and exclaims, "Ta-da! I wish I could do something more impressive, but seeing as how I'm not this 'Doppler' fellow..." Xerox recalls that she bought that spinning bowtie for Marvin on e-Bay as a gift for his 44th birthday, so she melts down from a menacing Ursaring into a sad purple Ditto, "Oh, master, I am so sorry that I attacked you! It is true that I promised you I never would, but I thought you were someone else. Is you arm all right?" "Nothing that a little going home and going to sleep won't fix." Marvin walks over to Xerox and picks her up with his free hand, then cradles his arms, holding both Xerox and an unconscious Mimic up against his chest. Marvin addresses the Miltank, who is currently keeping the Tauros from ramming into Xerox now that she recognizes her, "Famifax, I want you to take us all to the Magnet Train Station in Saffron, so please turn into that Onix we saw on our trip through the Onix Tunnel." "But Marvy, I don't wanna looks like that in front of... you know." Famifax says, holding back a snorting Keaton so he doesn't attack Xerox for tossing Kitsu aside. Marvin swings his arms gently as he explains, "You know I'd normally ask Xerox to do the grunt work, but she's had a really rough night, so it's your turn to help." "Oh, fine." Famifax rolls her eyes and says, "Listen, bully, like... don't hurts Xerox or yer not gettin' some tonight." Keaton the Tauros immediately stops struggling, walks over to where Kitsu the Ninetales is sprawled, and sits down peacefully to watch Famifax Transform. The Miltank shrinks down to a pink Ditto wearing a Pink Bow for a second before shimmering red and growing outwards right in the center of the Maiden's Peak festival grounds, finally settling on the form of an Onix. She roars very loudly, then giggles when she hears the echoing and car sirens going off, "All aboard the Famifax Express! Heehee, I can't waits to say that tonight!" Every conscious person and Pokemon in the vicinity except Keaton, are disgusted by Famifax's last comment. Marvin steps onto the Onix's back, followed by Kitsu and Keaton, both of whom are trying to turn back into humans but are finding it rather difficult. As Famifax slithers away from Maiden's Peak, Marvin notices the Tauros and the Ninetales are straining to do something. Correctly figuring that they're attempting to assume their human forms again, he looks down at Xerox, "Hey, Xerox, you've been in the Transformation business for a while now... Maybe you could show Kitsu and Keaton how to control their powers?" "Perhaps." Xerox looks at the distressed expressions on the faces of the Ninetales and the Tauros, then suggests, "Relax. It is quite difficult to Transform when one is stressed." She smiles when Kitsu and Keaton listen to her and stop struggling. She continues, "When Transforming, one should calmly focus one's mind on one's extremities first. Since one is about to expand or contract one's form, the outer edges of one's body tend to be the first to be changed. Do not struggle to Transform, but imagine the form that you wish to take, then try to stop thinking. Stop willing. Close your eyes if it helps you do this. The Transformation should flow naturally." "Tales..." Kitsu closes her eyes and imagines her human self, albeit without any tails since she's more familiar with that form, then focuses on her front and back paws. She stops willing to become anything and her mind's eye just stares at the image of herself. Before she knows it, her front paws are hands and her back paws are feet, and she opens her eyes, to see that not only has she become half-human and half-Ninetales, but that her brother has successfully changed back into his half-Tauros half-human self. Kitsu smiles, "Thank you Xerox." She then looks up at the cloudy late night sky and sighs, "I just wish I didn't have to transform at all..." "You know what?" Marvin asks seconds before answering his own rhetorical question, "There's plenty of very strange sideshows back in Goldenrod City. I should know - I'm one of them! I've seen a couple of gypsies there in the past. Maybe you'll find that gypsy you're looking for there, or some other gypsy who might be able to reverse the spell. Want to head over there with us?" Remembering what Famifax commented earlier, Keaton all too eagerly nods at Marvin's question. Kitsu, hoping to find that gypsy in Goldenrod City, also nods. "Great!" Just as Marvin exclaims this, the Onix below him shrinks down into a pink Ditto, dropping him, the two Ditto he's carrying, and the half-Pokemon siblings right in front of the Magnet Train Station. When Famifax whines about being tired, Marvin adds her to the cradle he's formed with his arms, right next to Xerox. Marvin then faces the Magnet Train Station and almost drops the three Ditto he's carrying when he sees a sign on the Station's door that reads, "MAGNET TRAIN CLOSED TEMPORARILY FOR REPAIRS, OPERATION TO RESUME IN 7 DAYS." Marvin frowns and sarcastically asks, "Oh great, where's a Time Traveling Pokemon when you need one?" Suddenly, in a flash of green light, night changes into morning. Marvin blinks, "Whoa, the sun rises quickly around here!" "No it doesn't. We're in Kanto." Kitsu explains, "Johto's where sunrise occurs in one second. Something very weird just happened. Just look at the Station's door..." Marvin looks over at the Magnet Train Station's door swung wide open, no sign in sight. He raises an eyebrow, looks down at the unconscious Mimic in his arms, looks around to make sure he's still in Saffron City, not Goldenrod, which he is, then shrugs. He faces Kitsu and says, "You know what I say? Never look a gift Horsea in the mouth, or else you might get squirted with ink! I don't care what just happened, I'm just glad it did - do YOU still want to get on the Magnet Train?" Kitsu and Keaton face each other, looking confused, just as a green elfin Pokemon floating high above them chuckles at their confusion and disappears from sight. -Marvin