Subject: Re: [PW!] Maiden's Peak, Revisited Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 08:53:59 -0700 From: "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" <> Organization: CompuServe Interactive Services Newsgroups: "Rob" <> wrote in message > > "...and take THAT!" Marvin sticks the final sword into the now completely > sword-covered spherical basket that has two Tauros horns popping through the > torn lid. Once again, when the sword is inserted an annoyed grunt comes from > within. There are now fifteen swords stuck through the basket at different > angles. > > Kitsu, who has been walking in circles around the basket gesturing towards it, > drawing a crowd by waving her nine tails, asks Marvin, "Are you sure he's okay? > This looks like a pretty dangerous trick..." > > "Trick?" Marvin asks, one eyebrow raised. When he sees Kitsu reach for her black > sword, he figures it's not to jam it into the basket that Keaton is currently > within, so he puts the palms of his hands up and says, "I'm kidding, I'm > kidding! Of course he's okay. Might have a hard time drinking water without it > streaming out of the holes on his body, but..." Kitsu starts to pull her sword > out of its sheath, so Marvin shakes his head and repeats, "KIDDING!" Marvin > reaches down and pulls out one of the swords he stuck in the basket, then shows > it to Kitsu, "See? No blood... unless Tauros' have invisible blood. Help me take > these swords out now." > > Keaton's muffled voice is heard coming from within the basket, "Hey, hurry it > up! It's hot in here!" > > "Ya thinks I'm hot?!" The basket happily exclaims in a squeaky voice, confusing > the audience. > > Marvin sweatdrops and hurries to pull more swords out of the basket, with > Kitsu's help. He assures the audience, "Hey, you saw the guy who went into the > basket. It's obvious he's got multiple personalities. You could say that he's a > real basket case!" Marvin nervously grins, hoping Keaton doesn't take that > remark personally. > "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" Keaton demanded. The basket begins to wobble about wildly as Keaton tries to break free. "Keaton!" Kitsu scolds. "Not now!" As she says this, she finds that the last sword seems to be stuck. She puts a foot on the basket to gain leverage only push the basket forward as she jerked the sword out. The crowd backed off as the basket toppled off the stage and began to roll down the hill quite fast. "Wow, they're really picking up speed," Marvin notes. "And they're going to head right off that cliff!" "I'll stop them!" Kitsu says. Wrapping her tails around herself, she changes to her quicker Ninetales form and takes off after Keaton and Famifax. As the basket still manages to elude her, she disappears in a blur and reappears in human form farther down the road. Nine more of her appear successively behind her in a triangular pattern. 'I might not be strong enough to stop the basket on my own,' Kitsu thinks. 'But maybe my Double Team technique would help slow it down. I wonder why this seems familiar...' *CRASH!* The rolling basket slams full-force into the Kitsus, scattering most of them as the illusions dissapate. "Oh, man!" a spectator laughs. "That one's a classic! I love that gag!" The real Kitsu finds herself on top of the basket, running to try and keep from being thrown off. Glancing over her shoulder, she sees that she'll have to think quickly before they all go flying off the cliff. She spins around and runs opposite to how the basket is rolling. Famifax slows down. They slide right up to the edge before traction takes hold and rolls them away from it. Kitsu hops off the basket as it transforms back into a kimono-wearing Nurse Joy with rollerblades underneath a dizzy Keaton. Keaton rolls off her onto his back. Everyone is pretty much out of breath. "So," Famifax says, glancing at Keaton. "Was it good for you, too?" To be continued... [Well, I hope I didn't have anyone say anything too out of character. If I did, try to ignore it.] -- Chet "Tech" Weaver's Basic Sig I'm just a figment of your imagination. "Meanwhile, the Japanese government announced that it was already well on its way to creating a three-headed soldier with wings and cybernetically implanted machine guns. They are promising to pour milllions into further human cloning projects with the hope of 'Making real life more like our really, really cool cartoons.'" --Boondocks, 8/23/01 "Where's the other daddy?" -- Random girl, A Family Attraction "Your enemies haven't won until you hate them." -- Richard Nixon (I think) "No ride is complete without a clown in an electric chair." -- My brother E-mail: AIM: PanGatomon, Rorschach Mask, NemesisWolfHelm MSN Messenger: ICQ: 122744531 My Bio on FanFiction.Net: d=40019 Join NeoPets here!: