Subject: Re: [PW!] Maiden's Peak, Revisited Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 04:45:34 GMT From: Rob <> Organization: EarthLink Inc. -- Newsgroups: "R. Tech Weaver - Biggest Dreamer" wrote: > Kitsu hops off the basket as it transforms back into a kimono-wearing Nurse > Joy with rollerblades underneath a dizzy Keaton. Keaton rolls off her onto > his back. Everyone is pretty much out of breath. > > "So," Famifax says, glancing at Keaton. "Was it good for you, too?" Marvin sweatdrops, figuring that Famifax has now fallen 'madly in love' with yet another person she's only known for a few minutes, "It happens without fail - once a guy is inside of, sits upon, or even shakes hands with Famifax, she immediately falls for him. If only there were more women like that in the world..." Keaton turns his head to face Famifax and blinks, "Whuh? You've fallen for me?" "Yah, and not just down the hill, my totally cutie bully!" The Nurse Joy rolls onto Keaton, leans forward, and kisses him on the silver gem on his forehead. Marvin and Kitsu roll their eyes at about the same time. Marvin steps forward and asks, "Uh, Famifax, don't you usually violently dislike people who rough me up?" "HEY! He apologized n' like that shows just how biggofa man he is!" Famifax argues with her eyebrows lowered, then pauses for a moment before adding with a grin on her face, "Besides, he's totally buff! Fersure!" She sits up on Keaton and begins to massage the thick brown fur on the bare part of his chest. Kitsu, who is used to being the one who is admired, not the other way around, isn't sure how to react, "Brother, don't you even care that she's an actual Pokemon?" Right now, Keaton's attention is focused entirely on the woman sitting on him, so he doesn't respond. Bothered by awkward silences, Marvin speaks up, "I wonder what Xerox will think of Famifax's new boyfriend. I mean, usually she's bothered that Famifax goes out with humans instead of Pokemon, but I wonder how she'd feel about Famifax dating a half-Pokemon. We'll ask her later. Now it's time to party down... or in any other direction, for that matter. I'd like you and Keaton to join us. I just hope Xerox will have as much fun alone with Mimic as we're going to have playing all the games available at the festival! I doubt it, though... what could possibly be more fun than bobbing for Berries and pin the tail on the Smeargle?" * In Mimic's Mind * Adrian Tymes wrote: >Xerox jerks back again as the guard star, having crept up on her, moves to block >her connection. It hovers warily in place, as if aware of an interloper but not >yet able to see it. Nearby, other similar specks, apparently alerted, swivel >towards her and begin to converge. Xerox attempts to Transform into one of the artificial guard stars, figuring that it would not attack one of its own kind, but fails and remembers that she is unable to Transform in this state. She turns around to run away - not sure where to - but after taking her first step, she bumps into another normal star that strayed from the cluster while the guard star was occupied with zapping Xerox. She gets a glimpse of the memory stored within this stray star... --- "Ditto! Dit-TO!" Xerox immediately recognizes the pink Ditto talking to her as her sister Famifax, though she looks years younger and is apparently trying to seduce her. It only takes Xerox a moment to realize why this is - in this memory, she's taken the place of Mimic. Fortunately, Mimic looked around the room as Famifax made her advances on him, so Xerox gets a glimpse of the location Mimic is remembering. The setting is a familiar lab - one of the many labs in a Mansion on Cinnabar Island. The owners of the Cinnabar Mansion rented lab space to various organizations, including Team Rocket, but this lab belonged to Professor Oak. Xerox is surprised when Mimic looks past the pink Ditto making mating noises towards a purple Ditto conversing with a pinkish-purple Ditto. The pinkish-purple Ditto says, "I've enjoyed our conversation thus far. I so rarely get to socialize ever since I was captured. I'm called Doppler. What's your name?" "Ditto." The purple Ditto, who Xerox recognizes as a younger version of herself, answers Doppler's question, then adds, "...dit, dit to dit dittodit dit to." Doppler smiles, "Well, Xerox, you'd better get used to that name, even though it was given to you by the scientists instead of your parents. See, that's how the world works. As a Pokemon, you go by the name you were given by your parents you until you are captured by a human. Once you're captured, the human is allowed to give you a nickname, which you must accept, even if you don't like it. I like the name Doppler, so I'd probably keep it even if my human trainer decided to release me some day. Maybe I'd feel differently had I been named 'Blobby', but that's not the case. What name did your parents give you, anyway, Xerox?" The younger Xerox replies, "DITTO." The older Xerox's view of her younger self and of Doppler is obscured when the young Famifax gets so close to Mimic's line of vision that she blocks the entire room from view. Famifax attempts to kiss Mimic and the older Xerox watches from Mimic's perspective as Mimic's purplish-pink limbs embrace the Ditto, feels Mimic's feeling that such affection should be returned, then sees darkness when Mimic closes his eyes. That's when Xerox gets a glimpse of Mimic's imagination - he's pretending that the Ditto he's kissing is Xerox. Xerox is flattered, but also offended at the same time... she then feels pain that Mimic would do such a thing... --- ...or is that just the pain of being struck by a cluster of guard stars? Xerox rolls up the sleeves of her kimono and closes her Ditto-like purple fingers into fists, "I am rather glad you all bunched together. That will make it multiple times easier for me to attack your posteriors!" She punches two of the guard stars at the same time and they spin out of control. The sentinels were built to combat unintelligent cells and ions, not intelligent life, so the attacked couple explode soon after being hit! The explosions destroy a few more guard stars, setting off a domino effect that destroys the entire cluster! Xerox wonders if there are other guard stars anywhere in Mimic's mind, hoping that there aren't and especially hoping that they aren't programmed to replicate. The stars that were being herded by the guard stars begin to tentatively float away from their groups. One of them floats over to Xerox and taps her on her head... --- Mimic timidly approaches Xerox. Both Famifax and Doppler aren't around right now - Mimic figures that they are currently being experimented upon. Mimic isn't sure - all he is sure about is that there are finally no Ditto coming between him and the Ditto he's so attracted to - not her sister nor his brother. He notices that she's crying, frowns, and wonders what's wrong with her. He clears his throat and says, "Mimic wonder what wrong. Why Xerox cry? Sad Doppler no here?" Xerox sobs, "Dit dit dit to..." Mimic, his usual self, jokes, "Yes, Mimic could say that. Mimic just did!" When Xerox doesn't laugh, Mimic grimaces, "Sorry. Serious, what Xerox mean?" "Ditto dit Ditto dittodit," replies Xerox. Mimic asks, "If Doppler no Doppler, who Doppler?" "Todit." Xerox says the name, then cries even louder. Mimic is confused, "How Doppler is Mewtwo?" "Ditto todit to Ditto. Ditto dit ditdit." Xerox sighs, slumping down to the floor, "Ditto dit to ditdit to dit. To dit dit todit dit dit Todit." "Mimic did too." Mimic dismisses Xerox's theory, "Mimic not hate. Xerox no worry. Mimic sure Doppler no hate for ever. When Doppler stop hate, Xerox and Doppler be friends again, maybe more. Mimic be friend til then. Mimic be friend after then, too." Mimic gives Xerox a hug... --- * On the Cliff at Maiden's Peak * Xerox pulls away from Mimic's hug and smiles, "I am glad that you remembered to be my friend despite Team Rocket's efforts to make you forget me, Mimic." "Mimic glad Xerox help Mimic remember." Mimic looks focused, his mind quickly sorting memories that have been released, "It all coming back to Mimic." Marvin steps onto the cliff and grins, "Yeah, including me! Let's go, you two - the painting's about to be shown outside the cabin! Kitsu's found seats where we can watch the unveiling while Famifax makes out with Keaton, her new boyfriend, without drawing much attention." He picks up Mimic and Xerox in his arms and carries them down the cliff side to the cabin, where an old man is standing next to a covered canvas. Marvin sits down at a row in the back, next to Famifax, who is sitting next to Keaton, who has Kitsu on his other side. Marvin places Xerox on the chair next to his and Mimic on the chair next to Xerox before sitting down. Mimic and Xerox are both too short as Ditto to see the canvas. Mimic Transforms into a blue-haired young man and Xerox shapeshifts back into the dirty blonde kimono-clad hippie chick. Being much less ostentatious than Famifax is with those she claims to love, Mimic and Xerox discretely hold hands with each other. Marvin and Kitsu are watching the canvas and listening to the old man re-tell the legend of the Maiden intently, but the Ditto present are all thinking about love and Keaton is still debating within his mind if he should allow Famifax to be treating him like a piece of meat or not. Marvin, not used to being part of an audience, gets restless waiting for the painting to be unveiled, so he puts his hands at the sides of his mouth and shouts out, "TAKE IT OFF!" When people sitting in the rows in front of Marvin turn their heads to look at him, he chuckles, "Ehh heh heh... Sorry, force of habit." -Marvin