Subject: Re: [PW!] Maiden's Peak, Revisited Date: 26 Sep 2001 11:50:03 -0700 From: (Adrian Tymes) Organization: Newsgroups: Rob <> wrote in message news:<>... > Mimic and Xerox are both too short as Ditto to see the canvas. Mimic Transforms > into a blue-haired young man and Xerox shapeshifts back into the dirty blonde > kimono-clad hippie chick. Being much less ostentatious than Famifax is with > those she claims to love, Mimic and Xerox discretely hold hands with each other. For a few seconds, anyway, until Xerox quietly sneaks another peek at Mimic. Her imagination comes up with several possible reasons for his spreading blush, so she tries to think of which particular memory would be causing him to practically glow... ...not just practically. Another transformation? Seems a bit slow... ...and all in one instant, Mimic dissolves into Xerox's hand as if it were a pokeball. "...Mimic?" Xerox stares at her hand, flexing it a bit, but can neither see nor feel any trace of him. TBC? [No, he's not least, not past the point where he can't get better. ^_-]