Subject: Re: [PW!] Missing: $XXX.00 Reward Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 23:01:23 -0500 From: Continue <> Organization: MindSpring Enterprises Newsgroups: Nick -New and Improved- ( wrote: >"That spoon wasn't in a battle, but it was there when Lokon and whatever else >happened. And it saw what took place. It seems that that girl did take Lokon. >But something is different about her than when we met her back in Goldenrod. I >can't tell what, but whatever the reason is, it is why Lokon was taken." > >There was silence after Sarah Jane finished speaking. Next to her, Hito's hurt, >panic, and sorrow began to subside the tiniest bit, replaced by a new feeling. >Anger. How dare that girl take Lokon? What right does she have? > >"... Hito?" Damian broke into her thoughts. "Hito!" > >"Eh? What?" Hito responded. > >"Hato-kun and Pteryx found Lokon," Sarah Jane responded. "Pteryx is keeping an >eye on Lokon's location, Hato-kun will lead us to them." > >Lokon. She'd been found. Hito hoped she would be okay. But as the rest of the >group began to race after Hato-kun, she vowed that Watashi Wa would _not_ be >okay after their meeting. It took a surprisingly long amount of time for Hato-Kun to lead them to where Pteryx circled in the sky, waiting. The builhding may have been a house at the edge of town at some point or maybe a small shop or some combination thereof, but now it just looked boarded-up and dilapidated. When the others got close to the building, Pteryx landed next to Sarah Jane. The Aerodactyl then proceeded to squalk out what she had seen. "The girl that took Lokon is inside," Sarah Jane relayed for the others, who didn't have the benefit of being able to understand the Aerodactyl "She was entering the building when Pteryx and Hato-Kun first spotted her. Lokon wasn't awake, but didn't look injured. Nothing's come out of there since Pteryx started circling, but there's been some sounds coming from inside. Pteryx doesn't what the sounds were coming from, though." Pteryx squalked and nodded to show her agreement with Sarah Jane's translation. Sarah Jane then rubbed the Flying pokemon's head. "Where's the door that they used to get in?" Hito asked, obviously impatient. Another squalk from Pteryx was followed by Sarah Jane's translation "It's on the next side of the building, to the left as you face the building from here." Hito started a barely controlled march in that direction, but slowed as she heard Damian ask "Are there any other doors?" With another short exchange, Sarah Jane told him and Hito "It's on the opposite side, but it's boarded up." In the meantime, Damian had made his way over to one of the boarded up windows. He nodded in response to what Sarah Jane had just said and shielded his eyes as he looked in-between two boards. Hito had just about made it around the building when Damian noted "This doesn't look good..." Hito stopped and asked "What?" "The window's intact and somebody painted it black," Damian explained "That means somebody has been using the place, but just didn't want anybody to know what was going on in here." Hito's mind still raced at the quickest way to get to Lokon "So can we get in through the windows?" Damian pried one of the boards off, but as he reached towards an exposed part of the window frame, Bulletproof gave a sharp "Mag!" from over his shoulder. Damian stopped and looked over at Sarah Jane for a translation. "Bulletproof said that there's a strong electrical current going through the window frame, strong enough to kill." Sarah Jane supplied, then added "Unless this girl is really resourceful, I think someone else came up with this idea of a 'security system'." "We have to go in the door, then." Hito concluded. "That could be too dangerous." Damian warned. Picking up without missing a beat, Sarah Jane suggested "We should go to get help from the local police. I could leave Pteryx to watch for anyone and--" Hito cut in with another burst of emotion "And Lokon could be gone by the time we get back! There might be another way out of the building and the longer we, the farther away they'll get." Damian shrugged "It's not like we haven't gotten into some dangerous situations before..." he suggested to Sarah Jane. "But there was usually five of us, all with our own pokemon." Sarah Jane countered. "We do have a compensation, our original pokemon are much higher level now. I think we can handle it if we're cautious and make sure that we have our higher-level pokemon." Damian suggested. "Alright." Sarah Jane relented. The two experienced trainers took a minute to perform switches via their respective pokegear devices. After that, the trio moved around to the door leading into the building. Upon inspecting the door, it was quickly found that there were a number of locks keeping the beat up-looking door closed. "Bulletproof?" Damian's simple inquiry after looking at the locks was enough for the Magneton to discern what was wanted of it. It swooped in close to one of the locks and there was a click a second later. The magnetic pokemon began moving to each of the other locks, pausing for only a second before there was a click and it moved to the next. After the Magneton moved away, Damian slowly pushed open the door. The interior of the building was a stark contrast to the exterior. The inside walls were all clean and in good repair and there was even furniture among the boxes. There was no more dust to be seen than would be seen in a normal house, suggesting that the place saw a good deal of use. There was a seperating wall halfway through the building which obscured the other half from view. An open doorway near the one side of the building provided a connection, but nothing could be seen through it until someone got close. The trio, now that they were inside, could hear the muffled sounds of conversation coming from the open doorway. <TBC> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately