Subject: Re: [PW!] Missing: $XXX.00 Reward Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 22:16:32 -0500 From: Continue <> Organization: MindSpring Enterprises Newsgroups: [NS]: Yeah, it's been way too long since I replied to this one. 200 Rarely given points to anyone who can spot the not-commonly-known game mechanic employed in the battle in the story (Yeah, I know points are ridiculously out of fashion now, but I had a twinge of nostalgia over when people used to do this). Nick -New and Improved- ( wrote: >>"Bulletproof?" Damian's simple inquiry after looking at the locks was >>enough for the Magneton to discern what was wanted of it. It swooped in >>close to one of the locks and there was a click a second later. The >>magnetic pokemon began moving to each of the other locks, pausing for >>only a second before there was a click and it moved to the next. After >>the Magneton moved away, Damian slowly pushed open the door. >> >>The interior of the building was a stark contrast to the exterior. The >>inside walls were all clean and in good repair and there was even >>furniture among the boxes. There was no more dust to be seen than would >>be seen in a normal house, suggesting that the place saw a good deal of >>use. There was a seperating wall halfway through the building which >>obscured the other half from view. An open doorway near the one side of >>the building provided a connection, but nothing could be seen through it >>until someone got close. The trio, now that they were inside, could >>hear the muffled sounds of conversation coming from the open doorway. >> >Marching forward, Hito headed towards the doorway, only to be stopped by a >sharp whisper from Damian. > >"Hito, WAIT!" He hissed. > >"What?" She shot back, keeping her voice low. "Lokon is just past that door. I >just know it!" > >"We should check out the situation before we go charging in," Sarah Jane >supplied from her place next to Damian. > >"Yeah," He agreed. > >After a moment of silence, Hito agreed. "Sorry. I'm just... worried about >Lokon. I'm not thinking clearly. Maybe you guys should be in the lead." > >Sarah Jane and Damian moved towards the open doorway. After reaching it, Sarah >Jane stayed glued to the wall as she slowly peeked it, and relayed the scene to >Damian. > >"That girl's back is facing us. She's standing in front of a table. I think >Lokon is on the table, but I can't really tell. At least one other person is in >the room with her. The room has a lot of boxes scattered throughout, we could >use that for cover if we snuck in, then took them by suprise." > >Damian tapping on her shoulder interupted Sarah Jane's train of thought. > >"What?" she asked him, not turning her face awya from the room. > >"Sarah Jane," Hito whispered, an unfamiliar ring to her voice. "Look." > >"Eh?" Sarah Jane replied as she turned to face the room the three stood in. >"What?" > >Watashi Wa's Kadabra stood before them, grinning as his eyes narrowed at the >trio. "Kadabra," He called loudly to his master. > >"Why didn't I sense his presence?" Sarah Jane wondered aloud as the >conversation in the room behind them stopped. Footsteps were soon heard coming >towards them. "Hide!" Damian hissed at the others. Hito and Sarah Jane hesitated, but picked out spots behind boxes after Damian found one. The footsteps stopped and there was silence for a moment as the trio stayed in place, waiting for something to go right or horribly wrong. A voice with a mix of authority and arrogance pronounced "I don't see anyone. Tell you what, newbie, since your Kadabra seems to think it's seen something, why don't you take it and your partner and see if you can find what it saw." "Alright." Another voice agreed, Hito recognizing it as belonging to Watashi Wa. Footsteps could then be heard walking through the room heading over towards where Hito and Sarah Jane were hiding. Damian scrambled out from his hiding place and threw a pokeball at the doorway while giving a traditional shout of "Go, Quake!" "Huh?" Watashi Wa and her partner turned in confusion at the sound coming from behind them as the Kadabra led them on. "I think you should be turning your attention to us," Sarah Jane said as she removed herself from her hiding spot "After all we're the ones your Kadabra was leading you to." "And we're the ones who're going to beat you senseless." Hito added with a snarl as she jumped out of hiding. "Quake, Curse!" Damian ordered as he rapidly tossed out three more pokeballs. The Rhydon had materialized in the doorway, which was just a little too small for it. The stone rhino seemed almost not to need the order to begin dark mutterings while the wood around him creaked from the pressure exerted upon it. "I got it covered, guys." came a voice from the other room. Damian knew it was one of the four Rockets he had seen before Quake cut off the view. "Go get 'em, Ursaring." After the light and sound that accompanied a pokemon materializing poured past the blocking Quake, Damian heard "Ursaring, send that thing scurrying with a Roar." Damian had just finished giving Remy the order for a Belly Drum while the Snorlax was sheltered from harm, but countered what he heard from the other room with "Quake, let them know what a Roar really sounds like." The four Team Rocket members saw the Ursaring step up to within a few hairs of the muzzle of the Rhydon before it bellowed the loudest angry yell that it was capable of. Quake trembled, but it was apparent that it wasn't from fright when shards of the doorframe shot past and embedded themselves in the wall as the bipedal rhino burst out of what remained of the doorframe. Quake took a step forward and opened his mouth, wide enough to fit around the Ursaring's head. After several inches of the Ursaring's muzzle was within his maw and amid the resonating bass of a Snorlax's Belly Drum, Quake let loose a furious roar which could quite literally be seen blowing back the Ursaring's fur. The bear-like pokemon didn't even wait for the Roar to finish before trampling one of the Rocket members in a mad dash to escape, clawing at one of the walls after it found nowhere else to go in the corner. In the meantime, Sarah Jane had just about beaten the Kadabra with attacks from her own Alakazam and Gengar, Sigfried and Fantasma, when the other Rocket produced a Houndoom from one of his own pokeballs. Sarah Jane tossed another of her pokeballs between the Houndoom and its owner, telling Hito "Duck!" as the spherical pokemon materialized. The Rocket only had enough time to say "Oh, cra---" before Sarah Jane ordered "Cherry Bomb, Explosion!" and the Electrode eagerly complied. The Houndoom was lofted into the air and sent spinning end-over-end to land in a corner. Its owner didn't fair as well, being bounced off the wall dividing the rooms and hitting the floor, looking like he wouldn't be doing anything anytime soon. Watashi Wa fared better since her partner and his pokemon soaked up most of the blast. She sat against the wall where she had hit, her eyes looking somewhat glazed in her currently dazed state. Her Kadabra lay fainted beside her, not having been far from that condition before the Explosion. Beyond the wall, one of the Rocket members who wasn't currently lying flat on the floor after being run over (literally), had released a Gyarados. Damian's response to this was "Bulletproof, Lock-On to that Gyarados, then hit it with a Zap Cannon." Each of the Magneton's three pupils glowed red and a triangular formation of red dots appeared on the Gyarados' face. It moved down the body, stopping at the midsection, at which point a ball of electricity began to grow at the empty center of the Magneton, bolts arcing off the magnet-tips to feed it. The Rocket controlling the Gyarados had ordered it to use Surf on Quake and pipes underneath the floor could be heard groaning. Damian gave the only command that he thought could spare his Rhydon the damage and get him setup to use an effective move "Quake, get outside!". While this was going on, the other two Rocket members had produced some of their own pokeballs and had started to pop them open. As these other pokemon began to appear Damian told his Snorlax "Remy, Defense Curl." Quake smashed into a section of wall with a window and electricity blasted into his hide, but did no harm. Quake didn't make it more than a few steps outside before a pipe burst through the floorboards and hit him square in the back with a jet of water, instantly felling the titan. Just as the shockwave was felt from Quake hitting the ground, a column of electricity shot from Bulletproof to the Gyarados. The aquatic flyer hit the ground immeadiately, its charred hide making it look like nothing more than a gigantic version of badly-barbecued eel. Between them, the other two Rockets had managed to produce an Espeon, Rapidash, Scizor, and Tentacruel so far. They were reaching for more pokeballs when Damain gave the instructions "Remy, time for a Rollout, aim for the Team Rocket members first. A nearly incoherent set of commands were issued at panic speed while a ball of flesh with the power of a Mack truck destroyed what was left of the doorframe. The four pokemon that were active took hurried swipes, but did little damage as ball passed. The two Rockets with active pokemon tried to dive out of the way, but one still had his legs caught. His reaction couldn't be heard over the din as the ball rolled over the Rocket who had controlled the Gyarados and burst through one of the exterior walls before being able to turn around. The Ursaring that had been clawing at the wall took this new opening as an exit just as Remy re-entered the building through the last undamaged exterior wall for the room. No orders were issued through the confusion and pain felt by the remaining Rockets, leaving the rolling Snorlax free from assault as he rolled over the less mobile of the pair, then lined up and bowled over the other. After the seemingly unstoppable ball of flesh created another rough exit from the building, the remaining Rocket pokemon nervously darted their eyes about looking for where the attacker would re-enter. "Where's Lokon?!" Hito yelled over the kind of noise usually only put out by construction equipment as she shoved Watashi Wa back into the wall. "Why should I tell you, little girl?" the junior Rocket member sneered. As her emotions boiled over, Hito drew back to hit the girl in front of her but Sarah Jane's voice and the words it carried made something worth more apparent to her. "Don't bother with her. Something's changed after all the damage that was inflicted. Lokon is on the table like I thought. I can sense that she's scared. You should go get her." Hito stood up and ran over to join Damian at the hole in the connecting wall as the rolling Snorlax made his exit from the building just after having taken out the Rocket members. Watashi Wa started to get up, but Sarah Jane warned her "Sit back down. My sensei taught me that we shouldn't harm others unless we have to, but between stealing Lokon and forcing me to have Cherry Bomb use Explosion, you're pushing the line of have to." "Let me guess," Watashi said with no attempt to conceal the contempt in her voice "You went to that ridiculous dojo in Saffron, right?" "It's ---" Sarah Jane didn't finish as Watashi Wa tried to use the moment of thought of formulating words as a distraction. She tried to hit Sarah Jane in the face, but the arm was caught and Sarah Jane quickly spun and flipped her attacker over her shoulder. Watashi Wa hit the hard wood floor and slipped into unconciousness from her combined injuries. "It looks like Sensei was right." Sarah Jane noted as she looked atthe unconcious figure. After peering through the hole in the wall for a moment, Hito moved as if she were about to dash through. Damian stopped her asking "What are you doing?" "Lokon's cage is too close to the water coming out of the pipe, she could be hurt." She offered as an explanation, then pointed out. "There's no one around her." "I guess, now's as good a time as any." Damian shrugged and followed Hito as she dashed through the debris and destroyed boxes of stolen goods. The Rocket pokemon focused on the sudden movement in the room, keeping them from noticing just long enough as Remy re-entered through a previously-created hole. It was too late by the sound caused them to turn. The Rapidash, Scizor, and Tentacruel were all flattened as the Snorlax barrelled through. Only the Espeon was still left to watch the fleshy wrecking ball enlarge one of his previous exit holes on his way out. Damian didn't even examine the lock on Lokon's cage, simply telling the metallic pokemon floating above his shoulder "Bulletproof, open the cage." "Mag." Bulletproof acknowledged. Within seconds, an unseen force caused the bars of the cage to move far enough apart to open a hole for Lokon. The Vulpix leaped into Hito's waiting arms for a joyful reunion. The groaning of stressed wood gave a clear signal to Damian. "Time to go. Bulletproof, teleport us to Sarah Jane." Damian said with urgency in his voice as he grabbed Hito. Appearing in a flash of light in front of Sarah Jane, Damian quickly asked "Have you recalled your pokemon?" "Yes." was the only answer that she had time for before a loud crack drew everyone's attention. "I don't think we have anymore time." Damian quickly nodded his head and grabbed onto Sarah Jane's hand "Bulletproof, teleport us outside." The Espeon was oblivious to the flash of light signalling a Teleport in the other room. It only knew it needed to get out. Deciding on the only exit which the rolling terror hadn't made, it sprinted towards it, seeing an unconcious Rhydon just at the mouth of the opening. Mentally noting the large mass, it gracefully leaped through the opening and soared over the rocky obstacle, just barely managing to cleanly making a landing on the other side. In the moment that it took for its senses to adjust to the outside, it missed the Snorlax quietly rolling through the grass on his way to meet his trainer, who had suddenly appeared outside. The Psychic pokemon was unceremoniously squashed. Officer Jenny pulled up to the scene of the disturbance that had been called in just in time to see more than half of the roof collapse on what had been thought to be an abandoned house. She approached the only three people in sight as Damian recalled Quake and Remy. Using the abrasive voice of authority that Jennys normally start out with, she inquired "What's going on here?" <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately