From: Amber Foxwing ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Mouthwash, please! Newsgroups: Date: 2001-08-10 14:00:27 PST "Marco262, I _am_ the WooMaster" wrote: > Jason turned to Amber. "You want to take this one? The cave's dark > enough." His last statement was vague enough that only Amber could catch > the meaning. He sidestepped and held his arm out, inviting her to take > the chance. > > TBC... "Alllllllrighty thhhhen!" the man said. "Just becaaause you're a girrrl doesn't meean I'll take ittt easy!" "Fine with me!" she said, holding her nose. "Gooooooo Dudette!" he yelled. A Geodude was released. "Ah, shit!" she cursed. "They're all weak to rock..." She thought for a moment. Pocco couldn't electricute him, so that was out...well Fang could use dark attacks. That'd have to work. "Go, Darkfang!" Darkfang galloped out. "Bite!" Fang bite the Geodude. It hurt his mouth, but it hurt Geodude more. "Rooock sliiide!" "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" The Geodude produced several rocks and threw them at Fang. He skillfully dodged them all. "Now, Beat up!" Darkfang looked at the other two Pokemon,and Amber. He attacked four times. "Dooon't take that, Dudette! Hhhhhit hhhhhim hhhhhhhhhard!" "Geo!'' the Geodude punched Darkfang hard in the mouth. "CRUNCH, AND BITE!" Darkfang wrapped himself around Geodude and crunched down hard. Dudette's defense lowered temporarily. He saw his chance and bit the Pokemon. It knocked out. "Ooooh, Dudette! Retuuuurrrrn! Thhhat'sss alllll folks...." he said, as he ran off. TBC