From: Bandraptor ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Neo Genesis Evangémon Newsgroups: Date: 2001-02-04 12:44:07 PST Karnivax wrote: > "There's a Pokémon around here, Panopticon, I can smell it," >Shrapnel replied. "And I need something for me to sharpen my Metal >Claws on..." > > Blizzard weighed the options. _Persian, perrr? <<Should I stay, >or should I go now?>>_ She realized that this might be her only chance >to get to the promised land that was Johto. _Perrr, perrrsian... <<If >I go, there will be trouble...>>_ She glanced at the imposing Steel- >type. _Persian, perrrsian. <<And if I stay, it will be double.>>_ > > She did not have time to make a decision. Just then, Shrapnel >looked underneath the ramp. Blizzard grits her teeth, then flashes the Scizor a grin that barely masks her agitation over being discovered. <How fortuitous. I had wanted to go to Johto, and I had wanted to eat a Steel-type--now it appears I will get both my wishes.> Shrapnel responds by pinning the Persian's tail to the ground with the tip of an open pincer, and dragging her unceremoniously out into the open. She considers taunting the wild Pokémon, telling it that it has absolutely no chance of defeating her; but decides that this would simply be a waste of her time. Instead, she spreads her wings wide, and snaps her free pincer open and shut several times, "Fight me." <Very well,> Blizzard takes a seat before the imposing Bug-type, <However, I must warn you--do not take me lightly. I am the one who the humans have dubbed 'Blizzard,' and I would suggest that you hold my authoritative presence in the highest regard, or I--> Shrapnel cold cocks her before she can finish this statement, then stomps off after Panopticon, scowling, "My abilities are completely squandered on this lot of weaklings. I can only hope that the wild Pokémon in Johto provide more of a challenge." "Calm yourssself, my dear," The saurian's slit eyes get a faraway look--but only for an instant--as he fantasizes about the day when Shrapnel and her siblings will gut the meddling Jessica Sullivan, "I can sssee that you are eager to move againssst our enemiesss...and I can assssure you, we will sssoon dessstroy all thossse who oppossse usss. But firssst, I mussst rehearssse thisss ssscene." He marches purposefully towards the shaded area where the rest of his Pokémon, and much of the tech crew have set up camp, fishes a dog-eared script out of a large, cardboard box, and starts towards his fellow actors, mumbling his lines under his breath. "Oh, cruel irony." Ransack the Scyther spits in disgust, "We're devoting our lives to a cause that he himself considers a secondary priority, at best." "You should be more gracious..." Bombshell says in a tired voice, as if they've already had this discussion many times before, "Panopticon took us in. He accepted us when nobody else would. We owe him our loyalty, if nothing else." "Indeed." Shrapnel brings one of her razor-edged pincers dangerously close to her brother's face, "And as you can see, loyalty is often rewarded. You'll never evolve into a Scizor, unless you--" Shrapnel nearly recoils in pain, as a horrific Screech permeates her tympanum. "Persian!" Blizzard charges from behind, and throws herself at the slow-moving Scizor, knocking her to the ground. That done, she begins to jump up and down on the opponent's back in a very unrefined manner, <Take that! And that!> She grabs one of Shrapnel's impossibly skinny arms in her jaws, and shakes it around violently, trying to rip it off as a prize, <How dare you attack me in the middle of a speech?> She somehow manages, despite the full mouth, <Ambush attacks are sneaky, underhanded, and above all, unspeakably rude. If I was your mother, I'd--> She feels the muscles of the arm tensing between her teeth, as the still-unscathed Scizor pushes to her feet, <...apparently be sleeping with something that knows Recover...> Ransack smirks, and nudges the brooding Bombshell with his elbow, "She might not be too far off base. The way Panop tells it, Mom's whored herself to half the Pokémon kingdom." Bombshell barely glances at her brother, then lets out a needlessly heavy sigh, "You act as though you're *proud* to be a bastard..." "Better 'n a sheep like you and Sis!" Ransack saunters over to his struggling Scizor sibling, and swings a scythe in front of her snout, "What's the matter? Need someone to put the cat out?" Ignoring him, Shrapnel brings one of her heavy claws around, pries the offending Persian from her arm, and drops her to the ground. "I take it you still want to fight. I hope you weren't expecting me to be impressed--valiant or craven, you're nothing but experience points to me." "Purr," <And arrogant or humble, you're nothing but a meal to me. I'm glad we're on the same page.> Blizzard's body crackles with electricity, as she charges a Thunderbolt attack, <This is the point in battle where Orion usually steps in, and prevents me from devouring my quarry. However, today, there are no pontifical humans to come between us. What luck. What--> "Hold it right there!" The corpulent Stevon Schpielbunk scoops Blizzard from the ground, and carries her away, before Shrapnel can mince her body up like catnip. The director holds the large feline out at arm's length, and examines her from all angles, visually appraising her. "You're perfect!" He exclaims excitedly, "No, you're better than perfect. You're Purr-fect! I want you..." he pauses dramatically, "To be a part of my new movie!" Blizzard considers this proposal, then narrows her eyes. <Do you honestly expect *anyone* to believe that an untrained thespian could waltz uninvited onto a movie set, and immediately be offered a position as a--> "Gaffer!" Schpielbunk gestures towards a harried Raichu, who is using its Thunderbolt attack to power the stage lights, "We could always use an extra generator. Of course, if you were to sign on now, I'd expect you to accompany us at *least* until we get to Johto..." "Persian..." Blizzard shrugs, deciding that even the most dehumanizing post is worth accepting, if it will help her get to Johto. "Excellent." Schpielbunk drops her abruptly, "You'll be my Best Persian! And if we ever need to test gradation, my Persian Girl as well. Now remember--as a member of the stage crew, you're expected to remain low-key. You'll receive no praise, no audience recognition...but if anyone on the set screws up, be it the actors or the caterers, it'll be your neck. Say, that gives me an idea for another movie! I'll get Sudowoodo Allen to play the neurotic technician, with Sylvester Stantlern as his bumbling-but-incredibly-handsome sidekick..." He walks away, formulating his idea. Blizzard waits until he's gone, then struts off in search of her mantid "friends," eager to brag about her new job... TBC -Beth, of the ever changing sig.