From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Neo Genesis Evangémon Newsgroups: Date: 2001-02-06 20:45:15 PST Bandraptor wrote: > Shrapnel cold cocks her before she can finish this statement, then stomps off > after Panopticon, scowling, "My abilities are completely squandered on this lot > of weaklings. I can only hope that the wild Pokémon in Johto provide more of a > challenge." > > "Calm yourssself, my dear," The saurian's slit eyes get a faraway look--but > only for an instant--as he fantasizes about the day when Shrapnel and her > siblings will gut the meddling Jessica Sullivan, "I can sssee that you are > eager to move againssst our enemiesss...and I can assssure you, we will sssoon > dessstroy all thossse who oppossse usss. But firssst, I mussst rehearssse > thisss ssscene." He marches purposefully towards the shaded area where the rest > of his Pokémon, and much of the tech crew have set up camp, fishes a dog-eared > script out of a large, cardboard box, and starts towards his fellow actors, > mumbling his lines under his breath. Peace. Quiet. Tranquility. Not things one usually finds much of in an alley next to a busy street, but better than being on the street itself. The buildings soaked up enough of the sound and discouraged traffic enough that, if one turned one's back on the street and faced the alley's dead end, one could find calm enough conditions for some meditation. And exactly one soul was doing so right now. #They betrayed me. My own I can never trust them as fully as I once did. But I must not lose heart. Justice may be tougher, now, but I refuse to believe it is impossible.# Said soul might have taken better care to disguise his physical form, if his thoughts were not wrapped up in themselves. As it was, he was in what his body had adjusted to as a natural form: a gray robe hiding a form that was, in fact, not there. It was this that the trainer standing at the head of the alley smirked at. "Ah-ha! Found you at last, Doppler." The robe started, then whirled in its sitting pose to face the intruder. "My apologies for being hard to find." "Just so long as you stayed away from everyone else." The scarred, scrawny looking youth plucked six red and white spheres from his belt. "The bountys on your hide are still being offered - both of 'em. I figure I can collect 'em both if I give half your corpse as evidence for each." Doppler rose to his "feet". "And what makes you think you can collect? I have earned much of my reputation." "Oh, I'm sure you know my associates. I choose all of you!" Six balls cast to the ground. Six flashes of light. Six largish forms crowded the alley's entrance. Six stirrings of recollection as Doppler recognized each one. "You?!?'re part of the high council, all of you!" The trainer snickered. "My moles, each and every one of 'em. They've been setting you up for a fall, 'Doppler'. Or should I say, 'Ditto'? You ever wonder why you couldn't remember Doppler's past?" "I know why. Because the ditto you recruited after Doppler almost died, and tried to brainwash into thinking he was Doppler, wasn't there." "Yeah, that's...huh?" "Fortunately, your brainwashing turned him into the perfect host for what was left of me. Thank you." "'re lying! I *SAW* DOPPLER DIE! THERE'S NOTHING LEFT OF HIM! THERE CAN'T BE!" "Nothing..." Doppler swept a hand over himself. "...except everything that matters." " good." The trainer pulled out a gun. "One way or another, you die toda-" "EXCUSSSE me." A scaled snout intruded on the trainer's personal space. "Sssome of usss are trying to rehearssse." The likely-soon-to-be lunchmeat sized up the newcomer, and sneered. "It'SSS none of your buSSSineSSS, SSSo pleaSSSe butt out," he mocked. Panopticon frowned. "If I heard right, you're planning on sssiccing your pack on whoever'sss in there." He gestured to the alley, then to the gun. "Sssix to one isss bad enough, but I sssee you planned to join them." "Yeah, what of it? You wanna die first, freak?" "DUCK!" Panopticon did not bother to look before becoming one with the ground. Rolling an eye towards the alley, he just caught a glimpse of the broken bottle that tumbled over the heads of the herd blocking the alley entrance and embedded itself in the hostile human. "The balls! Destroy the balls!" For a moment, the saurian considered crushing the human's reproductive organs, but he could tell from that target's lack of movement and from the akward angle with which it had hit the ground that it was either dead already or soon would be. Not even standing up, he rolled over to, and over, the open poke balls behind the former trainer's herd. Instantly, he heard sounds of confusion from the six released pokemon, as if they had simultaneously been released from the same mental fog. A few seconds later, as he got up, a girl on a skateboard shot up one wall of the alley, steering over the pokemon blocking her way and out into the street off the wall, tumbling in a three-quarters somersault before landing on her board with a flourish. She turned and kick-stopped to a halt barely one decimeter short of Panopticon. "Thanks for the assist, dude!" Panopticon, for his part, merely smirked and gestured to the body. " this the firssst blood on your handsss, or wasss the ssshot made easssier by experienccce?" He paused, as if for her to continue, then started again. "I mussst admit, I had wondered if you were a pacccifissst, Doppler." Doppler blinked, cautiously rolling back. He recognized Panopticon, though barely, and wondered for just a moment if his one time enemy might be bluffing. "I heard your assssailant'sss wordsss, and I am pleasssed: I had wondered how one sssuch as you could fall ssso easssily asss rumored." TBC?